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  • Carpe Noctem - an applyfic
    468 43 13

    "Don't venture out into the night, my dear. Who knows what cruel fate you'll encounter there..." In which a group of teens put their life in danger to search for a cure for their friend's illness.

  • heroism ~ an applyfic
    767 56 6

    Science has finally come far enough to allow the creation of superheroes. The serums created have only been tested on animals, but it's time to create the world's first superheroes. Ten spots are up for grabs, but the competition is tense - and life after selection is even harder.

    831 111 29

    Moorside's Robots Club, usually just called the AI Club, have an 18 year old secret. What happens when that secret is let out into the wild woods called school?

  • 𝘇𝐞𝗺𝗯𝗹𝐚𝗻𝐢𝘁𝐲 || an applyfic
    59 18 5

    A new world has been discovered, as well as new opportunities along with it. After a world-wide lottery, and as a peace attempt between the kingdoms, two volunteers from each kingdom were selected to explore the new land. But what secrets will this strange place reveal?