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  • Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
    15.7M 520K 42

    As the only daughter to one of the most powerful Mafia families, Shay has sought to figure out her own path despite the overbearing pressures from her Family. After a family dispute leads to Shay and her mother to go into hiding, Shay attends Elite academy--her own perfect Hell. With an incredibly awful (or ingenious)...

  • ANEW ||
    52.2K 4.1K 35

    Decades have passed since the day Mari watched her beloved perish in a pile of snow and ash atop a bloody killing field. Decades have passed since the day she dragged talons down her own face. Decades have passed since the day she turned into nothing but white light and turned the god of death into cinders. And eve...

  • MADE
    554K 32.2K 60

    Mari's life is turned upside down when she is left nearly dead in a parking lot by someone who she thought loved her. It was a miracle she lived until the next morning when someone found her frozen to the pavement, bloody, beaten and bruised. A miracle they said. DNA he said. When strangers appear in her life, Mari...