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  • Dil Diyan Gallan
    2.5K 144 3

    The one shot follows the journey of an underconfident Ishita and her journey with soulmate Raman.

  • Gali Me Aaj Chand Nikla
    1.5K 68 1

    IshRa One Shot.... Song: Gali me aaj chand nikla Movie: Zakhm Theme: Seperation, Love & Romance

  • Ishra SS: Sanam Re
    2.1K 61 1

    A Couple Blessed From Heaven Both Fall In Love!

  • Pain
    749 45 1

    Guys this is an os of yesterday's episode when ishita throws gulabo out of the house ... In it the condition of raman i m describing just...

    14.6K 477 5

    IshRa & their never ending pending romance!!! <3

  • Now rate me ravan kumar
    609 37 1

    Hello everyone, Back here with an OS after long. Actually the YHM nostalgia gripped me and I ended up writing this on one of my most favourite scenes of YHM, the morning after confusion of ishra, one of the most hilarious post consummation scenes I had ever watched. So here is my take on it since it was never cleared...

  • koi Mujhko yun mila hai jaise banjare ko Ghar
    38K 2.1K 55

    A love story of IshRa ishita runs away from her marriage for subbu she meets raman and he falls in love with her later ishita finds that subbu betrayed her and ishra gets married to each other and their love stories starts from there

  • Bepanah Pyaar Hai
    3.7K 196 5

    A small three shot on our favorite couple Raman and Ishita. Ishra loves each other but will they be able to unite.

  • Desire ✔️
    330K 15.2K 106

    "Not fair" she whispered breathlessly. " You're only supposed to look" "Is that right? " his voice was teasing, but thick with passion. " Well, I don't play fair baby" After meeting unexpectedly and becoming marooned together during a blizzard in the wild South of New Zealand, warring Delhi neighbors Raman and Ishita...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guilt, trust, love
    54.2K 2.9K 37

    This story begins from the scene when Raman sings a song to calm Shagun down and Ishita heard it.

  • Dooriyan ✔️
    25.4K 1.2K 11

    This was my take on the introduction of Mani and Ishita ignoring Raman. Again, posting from my original story in India Forums so that plagiarists don't post it instead.

  • Mujhe Tham Le
    26.9K 1.2K 10

    Reposting from IF. My only short story about Ishra after the 7 year leap. With new chapters in an extended version.

    5.1K 178 3

    A Three Shot I wrote in combination with one of my friend Nidoo.. The rain seq after Ishita's miscarriage where Raman has a break down, followed by some passion & hangover. Part 2 credit solely to Nids.. Nidoo (IF) Hope you guys enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kya
    21.5K 1.2K 25

    This is story is about ishita and her journey from being emotionless, rude and arrogant to acheiving liveliness and happiness back in life. In my story ishita went in mental trauma due to her children adi and ruhi. This trauma leads her to be the one exactly opposite to her personality. She acheived great success in b...

  • Raman ki Jaan..😁
    1.1K 60 2

    This is the story on Current track of YHM...😊The track in which everyone is Thinking Ishita As Shaina Shah...I got the idea after watching Yestrday Episode...Hope U all like it...😀😀

    Completed   Mature
  • Tere Liye
    700 59 1

    This is an OS on yhm current track where raman told ishita that it is because of her that adi is not with them actually it is free from yug adi drama purely based on ishra n their feeling after raman said thoes words to her ..i know this will not happen in show but this is my take on this situation...💕

  • Woes of Past
    713 34 1

  • IshRa Os Our Love story
    613 47 1

    A short love story of IshRa

  • || IshRa || One Shots Compilation ✔
    18.9K 745 14

    Just some one-shots about our favourite couple :) Re-posting my write-ups from India-forums. Please Do Vote and Comment. 〈 Ishita x Raman 〉 ✪ Highest Ranking ✪ - [#6 in IshRa] [#1 in Raman] [#2 in Ishita] [#1 in Karan Patel] [#1 Divyanka Tripathi]

  • Love!!!
    13.7K 746 14

    Portrayal of two people's purest love!!

  • IshRa os Annivesaryy
    783 41 1

    IshRa Anniversary

  • Bonded by a Symbol of Love
    22.5K 1.1K 11

    Based on current track with slight modifications...

  • His Wish, Her Dream [COMPLETE]
    1.5K 102 1

    Have been wanting to write something on Ishita's pregnancy cause the writers of YHM ruined it very brutally. So here's a cute one shot I've penned down. I'm sure y'all will love it ❤

  • Dhadkanein Kehne Lagi [COMPLETE]
    9.9K 573 6

    "Will you love me the way you love your sister?" "I have always loved you! In fact, more than her!" ------------------ Its based on a song 'Na kaho' by Aaroh. Tho I've not added the lyrics of the song cuz I'm not really good with it but y'all will enjoy. This one really holds a very special place in my heart! 😌 I wan...

    2.3K 124 1

    Khamoshiyaan, teri meri..Khamoshiyaan! Just my little effort to write on the current misunderstanding between Ishita & Raman. Their need to talk to each other. I didn't realize how long this became as I kept writing but then i got pretty much all I wanted to, so hope its good.

  • Happily Ever After
    1.1K 68 1

    a weird imagination :)

  • IshRa TS||Meri Ashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho| Completed✔
    3.4K 199 2

    Ishra staying together as room mate....

    10.3K 405 5

    This story belongs to current track of YHM going on..... many wanted me to write an OS, but i couldn't write OS because.... This track needs lots of emotions and lots of words so... I don't know how much parts it will go but it will be a short one only...

    12K 443 4

    This is continuation of ishra consummation track... Where both were fighting with their insecurities of loosing each other but our lovable cvs ended this track in a dramatic way... I wrote this story on India forum long back and posting here again it's not too big it's just in 4-5 parts because i hate dragging....

    5.6K 241 2

    I don't remember when i wrote this may be 1 year ago... When I didn't even exist neither on IF nor on wattpad... While deleting my old files in notepad i found this and thought to delete but then gave a second thought and decided to post.... Param fiasco track.... How I imagined the track....