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  • The Alpha's Girl #Wattys2014
    1.1M 24.8K 35

    "MINE" he growled against my throat. I shivered. " Say it! Say your MINE Anna!". My breathing became rapid as I said " Yes, Yes, Travis I'm yours. I'm all yours and your mine! He smiled and ... Copyright c. Sara Hobbs 2014. All Rights Reserved

  • sleeping arrangements.
    7.1M 401K 63

    BOOK i in which taehyung can't sleep and strikes a deal to sleep with his classmate after catching him looking at porn in maths class. ©SHARMILA / nectaerine sept 2016 - nov 2016

  • The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔
    42.5K 1.5K 10

    the 5 are done with Keith and Lances Fighting they put them in the dreaded get along shirt

  • Girlsie (Racetrack x Reader)
    19.2K 318 7

    Rule Number 1: No Girls Allowed. That was law at the Newsies Lodge. No girls. period. That was until Jack Kelly saw the poor girl in the alley way, underneath a tarp stretched between 2 trash cans. One pair of scissors later you could pass as a boy. He tossed you some clothes and told you to follow. Gears. that's wh...

  • Short tempered
    25.5K 619 9

    Short tempered would be a perfect way to describe (Y/N) Kelly, baby sister of Jack Kelly. You try to flirt with her, she'll soak you in the jaw harder then the Delancy's. Now, take a look at Racetrack Higgins - he didn't give a damn, thus he kept going after her after being rejected (and soaked) upon numerous times. ...

  • Don't Call Me That- A Spot Conlon Love Story
    44.7K 982 35

    Hey, I know there's a lot of chapters and there's gonna be a lot more but that's only because there SHORT so yea

  • Unspoken words | Mute Yoongi x reader
    116K 5.5K 21

    He stares at me. I clear my throat awkwardly, my gaze travelling to his moving lips. Ones that produce no sound. My eyes widen slightly as I realize. He's mute. Cover credit to @cloudyjimin

  • MONSTA X Smut Collection
    75.3K 384 10

    For all the thirsty monbebes :)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Suicidal ( Yoongi X Reader )
    1M 32.7K 42

    Y/n is someone who gets bullied all the time. She had two people she thought she could count on. She then realizes she was living a lie with those two. Her best friend and boyfriend were nothing but fakes. Her parents died and she lives with her aunt and uncle. They were very abusive to her and didn't give a single c...

  • annoying || yoongi x reader [ ✓ ]
    1.3M 47.8K 25

    « two different people. same stubborn personality.» You and Min Yoongi never got along. However, little did you two know is that the both of you are more alike than what you thought you were. unedited & cringey | ©liquorss { BEST RANKING ; #38 IN FANFICTION 11.3.19}