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  • The way you hurt Me
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    "P-Please help me... Before he hurts me again..." Since Cassie had her first kiss things have been going wrong. She is falling apart with friends, her sister is dying and her so called "boyfriend" is abusing her. If she breaks up with him he will beat the life out of her. °•° "My life is ruined forever..." Evan is a u...

  • Ocean Of Poetry
    3.4K 512 57

    In our life we encounter waves Some are small and pure; Some are big and destructive We should be like the water Be in shape for the future Go with the flow- Follow those things you should follow Face the storm and keep on sailing Know how to swim in the depths of crying Use your pain to make a poetry "In the midst of...

  • The Seven
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    Nobody thinks that a camping program would turn into a game of Life and death. Things turn out to be different for 7 teenagers when they are forced to make the choice of fight or flight...They fight and survive or flight and die ? Read inside...

  • Finding Me
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    Book 1~ #1 Me Series [#161]loveatfirstsight [#1]Midnightawards2018 [#438]humour [#77]Interesting [#115]blackgirl [#68]WOC Im a girl,Ive lived in an orphanage all my life then I was thrown out cause of a guy, I meet three others and I am falling for them all while searching for my mother,the only thing I want now is to...