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  • True Loves Kiss: Kyle X Reader
    131K 2.3K 18

    Plot: Your character (Y/N) moves to the South Park after your parents get jobs there on your first day you meet a group of boys and immediately become friends with them. After a couple of days of watching them play this fantasy game you decide you wish to join in and create your own character called the Maiden of the...

  • You Have to Choose: Stan Marsh x Reader
    183K 5.5K 21

    This is a Stan x Reader requested by @littlegreenfairy, so if you like it, send a thank you or follow her way. In this story, reader is a new student at South Park High who catches the eye of a certain quarterback, who is currently with his elementary school sweetheart Wendy. If you liked this story, there is a second...

  • Craig X Reader
    10.8K 316 1

    " I can't believe he ditch me again!" What happened?...Please...Love me back... ...Craig... " How could you?!"... " I'm sorry!" I hate cheats... ...I love you...

  • Not as Easy as It Looks: Kyle Broflovski x Reader
    286K 8K 23

    This is a simple Kyle x Reader. In this story, (Y/N) is the top female student in the class, while Kyle is the top male. Throughout the story, the two grow a close bond with each other, but because of miscommunications of feelings, the two end up hating each other. After each of them explore other options, it becomes...

  • (South Park Kenny x Reader)
    211K 4.8K 15

    Reader is gender neutral! But if you find something that says otherwise, let me know :) Hello yes I made a South Park book ? Anyways: Living in South Park, nothing was very surprising to anyone anymore. Seeing everything go down when you were ten or so, nothing was much of a big deal. You're name is (Y/n) (L/n), and y...

    Completed   Mature
  • photobomb // stan x reader
    56.1K 1.5K 10

    Previously titled Please, Love me I don't own the cover photo. Stan Marsh x Reader [South Park] ~ The moon was still out, stars sprinkled about in the sky, and her mind couldn't help but wander. She though of the boy with the black hair and the striking caribbean blue eye. Stan Marsh. You could say she had a little...

    Completed   Mature
  • Craig x Reader - The Love Game...
    83.8K 2.5K 7

    " Wait, what's the 'Love Game'?" " You don't want to play around with love." " Don't worry, I have everything under control." " You'll get hurt." " You have to SMILE! And I have to reveal my deepest secret to the whole school..." I'm already in love so I'll definitely win, it can't that hard could it?...

  • How He Met Me (Craig Tucker x Reader Fanfiction)
    88.2K 2.4K 12

    Craig Tucker, a cold emotionless boy meets (Your name), an adorable weird girl. Will the cold hearted boy fall for her? Will they form a sort of connection? If they did, would it work? How would it end?

  • What's your problem? (Kyle x reader)
    371K 7.4K 33

    You just moved into a new town called South Park to start a new life with new friends and to try to forget about you- Wait. Who's that boy with gorgeous green eyes? 2:nd part: What's your problem now?

  • The Hidden Secret (Reader X Kyle)
    215K 5.4K 38

    Your family moves to South Park, Colorado to get a good start over. No one knows about the secret you carry under your winter hat until you meet someone worth showing it to.

  • South Park x Reader
    271K 4.3K 41

    In this quiet little mountain town. This is where all these troublemaking, yet funny kids in South park have awesome adventures. Now, you're a part of it as well. Just write down below which character(s) you want to request and the ghostwriter is here to make your dreams come true ^_^. I'll also be making my own...

  • The Woods (A South Park Craig x Reader Fan-fiction)
    23.3K 701 8

    After the bus breaks down on a narrow road, some of the kids are less reluctant to abandon the school camping trip and go exploring individually. It's all well and good until the dangers become very known and they realize maybe they should've just stayed put. Abbreviations: (y/n) = Your Name|(f/c) = Favourite Colour|...