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  • The Killers' Beloved Nightmare (A Female Creepypastas X Male Reader story)
    421K 5.3K 50

    You are (Y/N) (L/N), an 18 year old. Your life has sucked, to put it mildly. Your sister was kidnapped and murdered a while back, which did anything but improve your mental state. Your dad abused you before you lost your sister but it only got worse after. He eventually skipped town and your mom had overdosed on sleep...

  • The Witch and her Bitch (Salem x Cinder) (18+ ONLY)
    1.4K 19 1

    Cinder seeks Salem's assistance on making her powerful. But it comes with a cost...a somewhat painful cost that involves whips.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dokkaebi Insta
    26.1K 479 64

    heyyo this is Grace's Insta. All credit goes to the artist of the pics.

  • Let's Jam! (Kyoka Jirou x Male Reader)
    133K 1.9K 13

    I don't own the cover art nor the chapter art. So I'm going to diverge from cannon quite a bit so if that bothers you, you should probably read another book. Also there's gonna be swearing, so yeah, you've been warned.

  • Rare Kind of Dream~
    27.1K 370 9

    I meet a surprisingly attractive "young" blonde. Besides her murderous intentions, she seems to be dealing with some issues of her own which from time to time result in attempted homicide toward people who annoy her (me included). How did we meet exactly? Well.....literally "pulled her from my dreams."

  • Red Female Medic X Blu Male Pyro
    532 15 1

  • [ Abused " Dog " ] [ Izuku X Toga ] [ COMPLETED ]
    24.5K 356 7

    [ Who knows if it's real love? Or just a really crazy on sided kind of love. . ] Help him . . Save him . . Hehehe. . I'm sorry but I'm afraid. . I can't let my love be saved by someone else. . Hehehehe . . Help me. . Help . . Don't worry! I won't hurt you! Unless if your being bad . . ~ Wait. . No. . I'm going to hur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boku No Hero Academia Rising of the dead
    790 23 1

    Izuku was born with a quirk beyond belief, A quirk that can raise the dead against their will forcing them to do his bidding. With a quirk that defies everything can Izuku still become a hero or more over does he want to become one. sorry I'm not to good at descriptions. Please give it a chance 😊 one sec im a gonna...

  • Glynda x Male Reader (RWBY)
    176K 2.3K 17

    I've thought about it, so why not? Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or you, maybe I can but nahhh Things to know (F/N)- First Name (L/N)- Last Name (H/C)- Hair color (E/C)- Eye Color (F/C)- Favorite Color (S/F/C)- Second Favorite Color (F/F)- Favorite Food

    Completed   Mature
  • -Dodging her Despair- (Junko Enoshima x MaleReader)
    24.8K 252 4

    [F/n] [L/n] gets accepted to Hope's Peak Academy for his skills in avoiding projectiles, obstacles and melee combat attacks. But he didn't know that he captured the Central Antagonist of Danganronpa.

  • The Abused Guardian of the Universe(Abused Gamera reader x RWBY)
    1K 19 1

    (Y/n) was a turtle Faunus. Was. But after his abusive family, the Taurus family, he ends up swallowing a unstable fire Dust crystal. As a result, he became charged with an ethereal energy that forms dust, mana. He leaves his abusive parents and his kind older sister and disappears. 12 years later, a tall turtle Faunus...

  • Pure Golden Anger (Pyrrha X Godzilla Reader)
    9.4K 164 4

    A weird anti-social kid comes to Beacon halfway into the first quarter, nothing is known about him. Little does anyone know that he carries with him the rage of something even larger than humanity.

  • No Need To Hide Them... | Tsuyu X Male Reader | My Hero Academia Fanfiction
    58.4K 638 13

    Asui Tsuyu, a girl with a frog quirk. A girl who hides her feelings meets up with a boy who doesn't just want to help others, but mend the hearts that are broken. Y/n a boy with a unique quirk. A quirk that takes his pain and makes it into strength. Whenever he recovers he keeps a quarter of that strength and then add...

  • The Lazy Villain (BNHA x Male Reader)
    26.4K 457 11

    This is my first fanfiction This is a male reader x Toga Himiko and Uraraka Ochako BNHA doesn't belong to me. Raikiri, a name that many Heroes and civilians fear! It's the name that belongs to the number 2 Villain in Japan, a very dangerous Villain that will kill every Hero or civilian in his way.

  • A Decaying Hero
    14.1K 409 5

    Izuku Midorya the greatest hero fanboy is the son of Tomura Shigaraki, Tomura decides to leave the boy to his mother but when Izuku turns four and gains his quirk Decay out of fear for him and his farther Izuku's mother flees this leaves Tomura to take care of the child from a distance little does he know he will have...

  • Quirkles joker male reader x my hero academia
    46.1K 657 8

    all it takes is one bad day. But what really happened that day.

    26.4K 389 3

    Y/N Grimm is the Son of Salem. All his life she has told him that humanity is nothing, but a waste of space. Y/N says other wise. He never knew his father. When Y/N has had enough of his mother he runs away to a place she is not allowed anywhere near. Beacon Academy

  • A Warrior's Heart
    2.5K 69 2

    When Ozpin's best student wakes up after 3 years all hell breaks loose as he desperately fights to survive.

  • Yang Xiao Long X Shy Male Reader: The Man of Bravery
    54.6K 643 15

    "Final Part of Breaking the Shell" After meeting your father, you and your friends set out to Vacuo to see your native home and family. However, like everything there is untold challenge to this little trip of fun. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within...

  • X hero ( wolverine reader x my hero academia)
    37.5K 593 14

    Y/n L/n a man who's been around longer then anyone has he's even older then All for one because he's fought wars seen things not a lot of people have seen why because he's the wolverine .

  • Violets are Red- Yuri X Male reader- DDLC Yuri Fanfiction-Novella
    121K 858 27

    In a realistic version of the Doki Doki literature club universe where the world is never corrupted or ends you go to visit your friend of which you have an ever growing passion for. Yuri. While at her house you are both stuck together while snow piles up around you. While left alone will your heart beat out of love...

  • True Feelings (DDLC Yuri X Male Reader)
    34.2K 263 5

    Back at it again with the Doki stories. This one is all about Yuri, her backstory, and the complications that are her feelings for you, the reader. As always, I'm super open to advice and suggestions, enjoy!

  • DDLC Harem x Male Reader
    107K 686 17

    I don't own DDLC

  • Enemy's Or Lovers? (Female Creepypasta x male killer reader) (Discontinued)
    50K 401 10

    NO 18+!NO CURSING!I HAVE NO MANY COMMENTS ON THAT STUFF!NO NOT COMMENT INAPPROPRIATE STUFF! What happens when Sally and Lazari get kiddnaped?Will the two enemy mansions have to team up to get there youngest members back?

  • Male Legendary Godzilla reader meets monster musume
    183K 2.1K 30

    You are Legendary Godzilla, who has found another godzilla. He is like your baby brother. A corrupt official in the government takes control of the Dimension Tide, a satellite cannon that shoots a mini black hole. After getting hit by said cannon, it warps you to the world of Monster Musume.

  • You're My Only Love (Jealous Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader)
    111K 874 15

    I'm writing a RWBY story just because! Enjoy!

  • Fem Creepypastas x Male Reader
    218K 2.7K 46

    You were an out-casted seventeen-year-old high schooler who never really had may friends. Your mother and father were killed in a deadly car crash when you were only fifteen years old.You were in the car with them yet you survived with a few scrapes and bruises, the doctors said it was a miracle that you survived at a...

  • The New Proxy (Oc x CreepyPasta girls)
    104 4 4

    A boy abused by his parents since he was born gets a chance at a better life when a certain suit wearing being sees his potential to become very powerful. I do not own CreepyPasta or its characters I only own my OC.

  • My Hero Academia: A Spectacular Twist
    132K 2.3K 35

    After a long summer the school year is coming. Although the MHA main character Midoriya Izuku has been training to inherit one for all another hero across seas has been preparing to move to japan to hopefully become a better hero than he already is. In this story Y/N the Spectacular Spider-man moves to japan to partic...