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  • Absolute Blessing [Slow Update]
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    LogLine: Sue Marie Asillo,a 34 year old woman who joined the former workplace of her younger boyfriend, has to seek his involvement from a scandal happened in that company,in order to decide whether to wait for him or ending his existence. Summary: Sue Marie Asillo,a 34 year old woman who accidentally met a 24 year ol...

  • Mr.Perfect❤
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    #Wattys 2k18 How am going to tell him❤ being his favourite heroine in my dp❤ his favourite song as my ringtone❤ within one word I cant potrait my feeling on him❤ love u baby❤ his girl❤ am his love❤ will he accept my proposal❤ Our gap kills me💔 awaiting for his response🙄

  • I Fell in Love with my Best Friend
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    He wrapped his arms around me and drew me close to him. I giggled softly and hugged him back. He nuzzled his face down into my hair as I nuzzled my face into his chest. He changed his outfit to black basketball shorts and a white tank top. His arms were warm as I was buried in his embrace. I tilted my head to look at...

  • Deadly Heart [ PAUSE TEMPORAIRE ]
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    "Sois en sur, je te tuerai pour le meurtre de ma mère, même si je meurs pendant ce combat, même si j'éprouve des choses pour toi , je me vengerais..." Rossalia, 23 ans, membre d'une organisation secrète, cherche coûte que coûte les hommes aux tatouages de masques qui ont tués sa mère afin de se venger. Et si une simpl...

  • The Bet
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    The bet is easy , Alexandra and Tristan date for 3 months the one to fall in love loses . Alexandra is a queen bee , she's rich . She can be mean or nice . Get on her bad side and your life in Riverdale is ruined . Tristan , the rich bad boy and player . The boy that can make anyone fall in love with him . Everythin...

  • Bia: through his eyes
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    "You can only fall in love if you have the courage to find comfort - outside your comfort zone." - F Kano Brooke Vanderbilt has never had to worry about a single thing all her life. From her degree to her status - everything was handed to her on a platter made of gold. He...

  • Out of the pan | ✔️
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    "If you wanted my attention, you should have just told me," he went heavy on the smirk. "Don't purposely piss me off, Nathaniel. I'll punch you." **************************** You know what they say, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." **************************** A brave gi...