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  • soft, vulgar, angry
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    a collection of poems (my first time trying poetry)

  • Title
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    An anthology on bad verses. (Poetry #1 - 27.6.2016)

  • Balconial Conversations
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    bal-co-nee-al ; of or referring to a balcony \\ in which a cynical girl and a disastrously (self-characterized) aromantic psychology student have daily discussions between neighbouring balconies \\ #1 in short story june & july 2k15 \\ book 1

  • Eleven O'Clock Number
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    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ALLISON REED: THE MUSICAL - release date, SEPT 2013. STARRING: Allison Reed, Lydia Huntington II, and the renowned Toby Martin. LOGLINE: A bitter, intelligent teenage girl (Reed) is paired with a musical aficionado (Martin) to complete an English assignment on musicals. With the help of her strik...

  • Cult
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    His fingers clench tightly around my cuffed wrists. "I don't know whether to murder you or fall in love with you," he whispers. I look into his iridescent green eyes. "Either way you'll cause me pain." **NOTE: story has been discontinued Atlantis94 All Rights Reserved © 2014 Cover art: @SeranadingHarry

  • 3:07 a.m ☠ malik
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    ❝. . . And once the clock froze, all hell broke loose❞ A story in which a young girl who's spirit becomes lost, angry, and confused after a traumatizing experience, and the only way for her to find the light is to fight through the darkness itself. © valleyshire, All Rights Reserved.

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  • Keep the Car Running (Zarry AU)
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    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. That’s what his father always tells him with that smile of his, the one that says, I’ll tell you that much, but the rest will cost you. Harry never knew what he meant, but he gets it now that he’s sitting in the dim bar of another hotel he won’t sleep in, th...

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  • Bitter ⇒ zayn malik [au]
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    ❝If I were to be pushed into the middle of the street and a car was headed directly towards me, I don't know if I would move or stay; and that thought scares me everyday.❞ - © conditions cover by the lovely @sweaterlou