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  • HOW TO STOP LIKING BOYS ━ Stranger Things ✓
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    ❛ HOW TO STOP LIKING BOYS! ❜ STEP ONE: Don't think about his smile or the way he looks you in the eyes when he talks to you or his laugh FAILED STEP ONE. S1 - 2 MULTIPLE CHAR/MULTIPLE OCS WINNER OF BEST MIKE WHEELER FIC IN @EZRAMIIIERS AWARDS! 1ST PLACE IN @STRANGERTHINGSCLUB'S AWARDS

    188K 11.1K 52

    "i'm richie." "what is a 'richie'?" in which eddie is an alien and richie is a human who got stuck with him, but doesn't mind. *lowercase intended!* *voted #1 in #reddie twice!*

    Completed   Mature
  • The Losers Club™
    52.8K 1.1K 53

    "Welcome to the Losers Club, Asshole!"

  • Breath of Fresh Air ☽ SYATT
    5.2K 243 15

    It's summer 2018. After an exciting, but stressful year chalked full of different projects, a group of young actors and actresses find themselves spending the month of July up at Camp Tahoe Woods - a luxury wilderness retreat for teens on the California/Nevada border. As some of the teens are reunited and others begi...

  • Best Friends - Lumax
    38.2K 1.2K 36

    This story is not a book of me shipping Sadie and Caleb. I do not ship any of the actors in real life. I only ship the characters, Max and Lucas. DON'T OWN STRANGER THINGS (god I wish) Max finally gets accepted into the party! Max and Lucas decide to take things slow though. They already admitted their feeling to each...

  • Lover Boy//Wyphia and Syatt
    7.1K 323 15

    "Hang in there lover boy" "Hang in there lover girl, wait is that a thing?" [COMPLETED]

  • A Kiss For Wyatt | Wophia / Syatt
    5.9K 190 13

    Sophia is in love with her best friend, Wyatt. When the lights go off at his party she kisses him. What will she do when Wyatt wants her help to find the person who kissed him?

    4.1K 139 10

    What happens when, in a parallel universe, a tear in time and space is created and two worlds collide? Things gets a bit stranger than usual for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana when seven unknown teenagers are forced into a world unlike any they've ever seen, except for maybe on TV. [It/Stranger Things Crossover (th...

  • Every Breath You Take
    49.6K 1.2K 56

    The monsters are all gone. So they thought. In a Hawkins where an interracial pair has to deal with family problems, bullying and racism. LUMAX/MUCAS

  • GONE || Sophia Lillis
    14.7K 383 23

    {FANFICTION} ‼️This is so bad, I apologize to those of you who read got a lot more love than I'd expected and I'm grateful for that...but it's written so badly, my other stories are better I swear ‼️ Sophia Lillis lives photography, but one photo session turns into a crime. She's kidnapped and her costars wi...

  • 𝙨𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 [st/it]
    77K 2.3K 18

    the summer of '85 is full of sibling reunions, teen romance, and god knows what else

  • I Hate That I Love You//Syatt Fan Fiction
    7.6K 199 32

    ★COMPLETED★ You read that right y'all, ya girl is righting a Syatt fan fiction. When Wyatt and Sophia are rivals at school but meet up on accident at an audition and catch feelings for each other but still hate each other..will they trail different paths or will they trail the paths together....Oh yeah I guess I'll ri...

  • Concealed (A Sophia x Wyatt Fanfiction)
    24.5K 820 33

    "Dammit Sophia," he sighed. "Why are you so beautiful?" WARNINGS: Swearing, mild violence and blood, a bit of angst, fluff, make out session #1 in Syatt fanfiction as of 7/22/18

  • The Little Things ||Syatt||
    646 15 3

    Sophia n Wyatt. (: