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  • Unleashed
    97.9K 5.5K 32

    Ryker Fox is a spoiled, hollywood playboy in need of a reality check. Emma Riley is an independent, no nonsense type of woman unhappy with the way things are going. What happens when their paths cross? *Mature Content*

  • Stone Heart
    3M 97.7K 33

    {Will be taken down for editing on Sept 5th} It's easy to love when you have a normal thumping heart, but it's harder to love when you have a Stone Heart. _______********______ Highest Ranking: #23 in Werewolf. #28 in Teen Fiction (Wrote this at fourteen, didn't edit... don't judge me, it was before it all was clic...

  • Nasty Impulse | ✔
    332K 10.9K 41

    "Come back, Ava. Why did you leave me?" He said looking deep into my eyes. "After what you did, no one can come back to you!" I shook my arm forcefully, freeing myself off of his hold. I kept standing there facing him. I once again looked straight in his dark eyes and hissed, "You are a piece of shit and nothing else...

  • Rockabye, Baby, Rockabye
    1.1K 63 27

    "The last pack that had a human Luna had been destroyed quicker than any pack I have ever seen," "Having a human as a mate is worse than having an Omega as a mate." "Even if she were changed, she would be the weakest, weaker than any Omega." The man picked up a piece of pie. "It would be better to not even have a mate...

  • The Cheating Husband
    674K 14.7K 37

    What happens when Rebecca, wife and mother of two kids finds out that her husband of six years is involved in an extramarital affair? Rebecca does everything to make her kids Lizzy and Drew, and her husband, Andrew happy as a classic housewife. Nevertheless her husband is involved in another relationship because he w...

  • Stages of Divorce
    89K 527 6

    After five years of blissful marriage, Wesley's fairytale comes crumbling down around her. She soon finds herself grasped by the relentless stages of grief for relationship while also being entangled in a complicated love triangle with the comfort of her current life and the possibility for more.

  • What Vincent Wants |✔️
    32M 31.7K 2

    (STERLING SERIES # 1) Daphne Dennings can finally tick off "Have sex with a random stranger" on her bucket list. No one else knows about it except for her childhood best friend. After hooking up with some guy at her cousin's yacht wedding reception up in Saint Tropez, Daphne promises herself that her wild days are ove...

  • My Life as a Walter Boy [Sample]
    15M 79.2K 6

    Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Girls. And that means living with a certain beautiful girl named Jackie. Will old feelings bubble up, or fade out forever? This story is the UNOFFICIAL sequel to t...

  • Best of both worlds
    433K 12.1K 46

    Pregnancy is tough for anyone and after watching the baby's father Nathan cowardly walk away I had to turn to my three friends for support. Jamie, despite his bad habits and some what 'player' ways is determined to step into Nathan's shoes, but that means choosing between two different lifestyles. Nobody can have the...

  • Exposed
    3.1M 53.8K 29

    What happens when you go from being an ordinary city girl to the girlfriend of a superstar? After an article goes viral, revealing Sky Atkin as the girlfriend of multi-platinum singer Jake Caplin, her life changes forever. Being overwhelmed by her boyfriend's fame and a secret she has managed to hide from him so far...

  • The Other Woman
    73.6K 2.4K 12

    Family we are nothing without them. We live for them build our futures around them. Our family is what builds us bind us and keeps us going when nothing else makes sense and we never defy them. Damon McAlister is a rough roughish billionaire with everything at his feet money, fame, and woman. Not that he would ever no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seducing the teacher (Complete)
    182K 3.1K 22

    Amanda was your typical teenage girl: popular, beautiful, flirty, and not good at math. One day she saw the perfect opportunity to finally start having good grades at this subject. How, you might ask? It's all about seducing the teacher. But what happens when the teacher isn't that innocent and he turns out to be the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Virgin Sl*t (teacher/student relationship)
    402K 10.3K 37

    Paris Hudson the name on the tip of everyone's tongue and the most publicised model in the world. She's a beautiful sarcastic 18 year old girl who is still a virgin but is the biggest slut at her school. Rick Evans is the new teacher and a very good looking one at that. Every girl dream guy. He's a player and a model...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Out After Eight Years
    1.6K 36 3

    This is a rewrite. Scarlet Hunters was seventeen years old when she fell pregnant by her older brothers best friend unexpectedly. Feeling she can't face her family or the father, Parker, she leaves without anyone knowing. Until Eight Years Later when she is found and has to face up to the damage, pain and people she...

  • Summer Vacation
    83.5K 1.9K 46

    Renne Williams goes to her father's for summer vacation. Her dad is very happy to see her. Her dad has a visitor. Blake Graham, he is tall, has dirty blonde shaggy hair, and brown eyes. Read about the relationships, drama, loss, and much more in this story that might turn into more than just a summer vacation. This wa...

  • Apartment No.4
    12.2M 459K 83

    #1 Teen Fiction - 25.04.18 {Completed} "No one has ever spoken to me like that." "And why is that? Because you're the 'bad boy'?" "Exactly sweetheart. You'd be best to remember it." Ashley Anderson switched apartments four times before she found one that actually looked like it did on the website - no grubby shower...

  • The Doctor's Wife (A Sequel) (COMPLETED)
    3.5M 114K 54

    A sequel to "The Red Side of Dr. Greene". I suggest you read that book first before jumping to this one. You can find the story in my profile. Highest ranking achieved in Romance: #25 GENRE: Romance, Erotica, Drama, Crime, Thriller BOOK DESCRIPTION: Now that Emily Maxwell has gotten her delicious "treatment" from Dr...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Boss's Baby
    237K 7.1K 18

    Nadine works as a secretary of the owner of one of the biggest publishing company in New York. Her boss for three years Douglas gave her an all expense paid vacation to Las Vegas together with her bestfriend Michaela. Nadine has gone clubbing and end up meeting Christopher. After spending a night together Nadine just...

  • The boss's baby
    351K 10.5K 36

    Zoé has always loved her job, maybe it's her amazing love of the law or maybe it's her young sexy boss who makes everyone's mouth water. After spending one drunken magnificent night with her boss, Charles, she ends up pregnant. Will she tell him or just ignore the fact that the baby could very possibly be his?

  • TWINSANITY (Book #1 & 2)
    69.6K 999 7

    "'That smile could have ripped my pants off right there. I was his. I would let this sexy creature do anything he wanted to me right here right now at his command.' Was my first thought when I met Devon Lochlan. Never did I expect after the sudden death of my mother, a drastic move in with a father I never knew, and...

  • The Marriage Bed
    2M 64.3K 50

    Passion. Price. Possession There are only two things Gina Gray loves more than her six inch heels and her penthouse suite: Sex and her family. When her father proposes an arranged marriage to save their family business, Gina is shocked - even more so when she discovers who her future husband is. Knox Warner, her ex...

  • Doctors Orders
    1.1M 29.5K 29

    //Highest Rank: #5 in romance/#32 in teen fiction// He was notorious, seeming to have no care in the world. She was broken, still picking up the pieces of her past. What happens when they bump into each other, literally? An deniable sexual tension that you could cut with a ten blade. Vanessa Williams. A girl with eno...

  • You Slept With My Sister and I'm The One Carrying Your Child? (Slowly Editing)
    645K 17.9K 19

    "After an hour of constantly drinking the liquid, I finally needed to pee. I walked to the bathroom and locked the door; walked in the cubicle and managed to pee on the stick. Waiting three minutes was a long time, to a girl waiting to find out her destiny. The seconds ticked by and I looked at the stick. Then the dre...

  • Unraveling Rosen | ✓
    6.4M 207K 43

    "He said he is scared of commitment, but he has tattoos all over his skin." The day Hazel Stevens moves from Maine to a small beach town in Florida called Walden, she encounters a boy, who's oh-so rude yet oh-so attractive. The only thing that connects the two is their love for dance and their dream of getting into Ju...

  • Faithful Betrayal
    183K 4.8K 23

    having been betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Ciara tried her best to move on though she believes it might be a difficult task as she always is reminded of her past. though she wants to believe that craig, a new found friend of hers is capable of helping her move on but she is shocked to find out that even he...

  • Impulse -- Sample (Book 1 of The Conquest Series)
    269K 1.6K 11

    Book 1 of The Conquest Series Addiction: Webster's dictionary describes it as a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (such as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. There's only one problem: sometimes your addiction isn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Heart's Mistress (Book 1 in His Heart's Series)
    2.1M 79.3K 34

    'The asshole' is back! You first met him in Just Tell Me You Love Me. And now he's back. And so is she, Allyson Cassidy. Adam Murray fell in love with Ally at 19. The summer they spent together was the best summer of his life - until it ended with Ally leaving him heartbroken. "You were fun for the summer. But did yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dancer's Body
    239K 8.5K 35

    A shy, virgin college dance major. A domineering new director. And a carnal performance that just might push them over the edge. Olivia Baker is thrilled when she earns a prestigious internship with the city's biggest dance company. When she finds out the artistic director has been replaced with the brooding, domineer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never with Me (Book 1)
    1M 35K 29

    For five years, Alpha Damien Blackstone has been committed to his chosen mate, Rachel Smithson. She was everything he had ever dreamed for and wanted in a mate, and he had chosen her. But Leilani Storm is his true mate. He knows, and doesn't care. What happens to your soul when your mate loves someone else?