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  • Ash's Little Sister [Pokémon]
    7.6K 126 6

    The four-years-old Riley Ketchum is Ash Ketchum's little sister, who went on her brother's journey with him. Riley is Ash's all world, and he's not about to let anything happen to her on their journey.

    16.7K 461 21

    6 years. That's exactly how much time has passed since Serena and Ash have heard from each other. Scarlet, Ash's younger sister, notes that her older brother has been acting a little different after they moved to Kalos. In the same way, Levi, Serena's brother finds Serena missing the boy she loved. Can the two bring t...

  • Pokémon : New Adventure: Aloha! (Book 3)
    3.5K 38 19

    Emily "Isabella Satoshi" Ketchum and the gang are back, with new rivals and new adventures in a new region, Aloha Region! But as they arrived in this new land, Ash discovers a darker secret that he intends to keep from the people he loved. I don't own Pokémon, but I do own Ocs.