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  • 𝗕𝗢𝗨𝗡𝗗 𝗧𝗢 𝗬𝗢𝗨 ; ᴛʙʜᴋ ✓
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  • Gream Oneshots
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    Gream Oneshots Requests closed

  • Dreaming ~ Dreamnotfound/Gream
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    Two homies turn homo What else is there to say No smut I do not write smut I cannot write smut I will not write smut Warning ⚠️ This story has non consensual kissing, please don't read if that's triggering for you

  • If Only You Knew
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    Dream and George were best friends, nothing could separate them. Though when Dream's little sickness causes him to do something unexpected, too unexpected, it causes their relationship to become strained. However, Dream's little secret may be the key to fixing their relationship...and turn it into something more. *PLE...

  • The Transfer Student | Dreamnotfound
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    george x dream highschool fanfic here's where the previous/original cover is from!: @4oh3-dot-zip check them out! they also have dreamnotfound stuff! since then i have changed the cover to be my art :))

  • Minecraft, But You Can't Leave - DreamNotFound/Gream
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    "Today, we play a coded version of Minecraft VR in our minds. Our goal is to survive as long as we can and beat the game. Enjoy." ❗️❗️This is a SFW strict story, aside from these various warnings:❗️❗️ -Strong blood / violence / character death (virtual) -Strong language -Alcohol use -Themes of depression/ suicidal ide...

  • Stuck With Me (Gream/DreamNotFound)
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    Clay and George are somehow sucked into Minecraft. While trying to figure out how to escape, Clay is taken over by a strange force. George is left to fend for himself, his only hope being that defeating the ender dragon will take him back to real life. But what about his best friend (who might be more than just a frie...

  • It's a Dream Team one shot book!
    11.1K 222 8

    A collection of one-shots featuring our Minecraft Dream Team: Dream, George and Sapnap. Some stories will include ships, and I will mention the ship at the start, and some stories will just be them hanging out. I will also do Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur, Fundy and Techno because I like them :) [Requests are open, though not...

  • Tyan Oneshots
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    oneshots about the ship tyan (ryan and tina) from ryguymedia! hope you enjoy :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Light In The Darkness
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    "Mom...I know it's not right, but I can't do it anymore. The children, they' him more and more every day. And Shouto...his left side. Sometimes I look at him and hate what I see." Shouto drew closer, just enough for his left side to be seen by the door noticing his mother clutching the phone tightly with her...

  • L.I.F.E. Academy short stories and fanfictions
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    This is just little short fanfictions based off of different episodes. Please enjoy! <NO CHARACTERS ARE MINE! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RYGUYROCKY!>

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    Art! I promise it improves later on I know the early art is bad. Do not trace copy take steal claim or edit my art in ANY way shape or form. DM me for information about commissions!

  • Ryguyrocky Texting Stories
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    This is NOT my story I'm publishing this for a friend who can't get a Wattpad account. Enjoy!

  • Change [Depressed Izuku (BNHA/MHA, Tododeku)]
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    [no quirk AU] (WARNING; story contains triggering themes such as self harm, suicide and abuse {TODODEKU}) After a fatal accident with his mother, Izuku Midoriya is taken in by his uncle. He transfers to a new middle school, where he decides to work as hard as possible. Midoriya Izuku has gotten into the prestigious hi...

  • Art Dump #2
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    Oh yeah, I'm back >:3 ₳₦Đ ł₮'₴ Đł₲ł₮₳Ⱡ

  • <>-~•Art book•~-<>
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    Woo an art book because I've seen some people do this and I'm like "hEY I KINDA KNOW HOW TO ARt" so yea Also that cover art is the first digital drawing I drew and it is gARBAGE-

  • I Can Hold You When No one Else Will
    11.4K 475 8

    {part 2 to, 'Love Is Deadly'} "Who are you?" "Who do you think I am, birdbrain?"

  • Love Is Deadly
    26.7K 1K 10

    "Please, please no, I don't want to do this.." "It's okay, we all need to let go at some point, and now is that point."

  • just an Edit/Art book
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  • Because I Love You
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    -COMPLETED- "You don't have a choice." "Are you threatening me?" Love, Threats and Lies. Maybe if you love someone enough it should be easy to let them go.

    Completed   Mature
  • Eye Colors 《TodoDeku Soulmate au ||Depressed Todoroki|| 》
    9.5K 330 20

    !¡Cover is not mine!¡ ¡!My Hero Academia does not belong to me¡! ⚠️WARNIGS⚠️ Self harm Abuse Mentions of suicide Philophobia Swearing The desc is kinda in the prologue 😅 Hope u enjoy tho!

  • Where Fault Lies; kiribaku angst (Compleated)
    29.3K 758 13

    there is a villan invading town...bakugou and kiri are unable to make a decision about what to do so bakugou charges towards the villan. but what happens when kiri tries to stop him and bakugou lets his anger take over? this is an idea I had and I couldn't let it go to waste. I only write as an occasional hobby so it...

  • .·°·°·. Deep in love .·°·°·. TodorokiXDeku Mermaid AU
    55.2K 1.9K 19

    ((I'm sorry if I get any names wrong, this is my first ''offical'' Bnh Fanfic!)) I do not take credit to this drawing! The lovely person who made this drawing is cainternn on instagram! Todoroki is a isolated boy, he wants nothing to do with his father and he hates to see what power he has inside of him. He oftens vi...

  • Kid, tell me what happened: The Sequel
    176K 8K 154

    ["I'm only one call away, and I'll be there to save the day. Superman's got nothing on me.] This is the continuation of my previous oneshots book "Kid, tell me what happened". I write Irondad and Spiderson. And some with other Avengers too. If you are from my other book, nothing has changed. welcome back!!! Cover w...

  • Accident
    155 11 1

    ~Oneshot~ It wasn't suppose to end up this way. Everyone was suppose to be fine after they one the fight, but everyone wasn't fine. In no way shape or form was everyone fine.

  • Ask/Dare The MC Daycare Kids! (and me!) 2!
    35.8K 1K 97

    So this is a thing where you ask or dare something for the mc daycare kids, and the au character's I made! except Derp! XD (If you want you can tag me on twitter/wattpad/discord/etc is you have a dare or question)

  • I think I love him... [KIRIBAKU]
    164K 4.8K 44

    Eijirou Kirishima, struggles with an abusive dad and horrible depression and would get bullied just about everyday at his old school, but it all slowly starts to get better when he gets accepted into UA high and meets one spikey ash blond hair boy, "Katsuki Bakugou" they share a dorm and chemistry starts to form maki...

    Completed   Mature
  • ☼Goodbye, Sunshine☼【 Kagehina 】
    247K 10.1K 33

    ≪ ANGST ≫ ≪ TRIGGER WARNING ≫ Hinata Shōyo has always been a happy person. So why did his smile turn into a frown? Why did his bright eyes grow dim? Why did he seem to grow more tired? Why did he stop playing? "Why?" That was the only question going through Kageyama's head as he read the note over and over again, tear...

  • Mini Au's for MC Daycare
    5.4K 131 8

    The title says it all. Every chapter is a different au I thought of, or maybe a short sequel of another au.

  • I Will Find You...///KiriBaku
    25.8K 879 8

    Kirishima didn't show up to class one day. Bakugo tries to call him, but he doesn't get any response. What happened to the boy he loves? This is an AU with quirks, but no heros.