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  • I'm Here || BakuDeku/KatsuDeku
    1M 35.2K 51

    [Ranked #1 in 'Katsudeku'&'Bakudeku' 23/6/18] [Ranked #1 in 'Deku' 1/7/18] [Ranked #1 in 'KacchanxDeku' ??/??/19] "I'm here." Midoriya Izuku, an ordinary boy. Too ordinary. In a world full of people with extraordinary powers, being 'quirkless' is the worst! With his schoolboy crush on his bully, Katsuki Bakugou, Midor...

  • Broken || Neito Monoma X Reader
    193K 7.7K 37

    "We're both alike, just face it. We're pretty broken on the inside." "Maybe. Maybe you're the only broken one here."

  • Why does LOVE hurt. . .??
    86K 2.7K 22

    Disclaimer: I had edit this story for it had been such a horror looking back at it since it is my first ever story I wrote but please bear with it or maybe don't read it since it is kind of embarrassing ;( !!!!!!! (Join another POTATO story I love this ship and this story might be a little harsh you guys know anyways...

  • Durarara Boyfriend Scenarios
    22K 412 13

    Within Ikebukuro, there lies a lot of secrets... and beautiful anime boys. If you've always wanted to date one you've come to the right place!

  • Mixed Feelings||KatsuDeku
    191K 8K 21

    Izuku loves Katsuki and knows that he hates him to his core but that's actually not the case, Katsuki hates the fact that he loves Izuku.

  • My Pain is My Pleasure (Depressed!Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugou)
    171K 4.1K 15

    Izuku Midoriya. A young boy, who didn't seem as happy as he let off. His fake smiles seem to fool all those around him all except one.... Katsuki Bakugou, his bully. Izuku never wanted to be like this, but the abuse, the bullying, the constant feeling of being worthless got too much and he started to cut himself and...

  • ALTIVOLUS (Ereri)
    843K 37.7K 32

    Walking down the street, you'll notice that everyone- no matter the age, sex, or race- has wings. They're meant to be extravagant, beautiful, stunning, all so you can attract a mate. They'll both be the same colour, same pattern, same shape, and the same size. Eren Jaeger isn't as fortune. With one green wing and one...

  • Blue Rose Petals (Shizaya)
    10.6K 338 10

    A vase with a blue rose stands on Izaya's desk. It means a lot to his lonely heart, but what could it possibly represent and how is it connected to his big love? Read to find out~ Hope you find it interesting! Enjoy ~ ! Warning: contains suicide attempt, self-harm, depression, rape !

  • Yuri One Shots 4
    494K 7.6K 48

    I'm fvckin' back~!! Ah yeah, time to start again~!

  • Rise of the Phoenix Izaya x OC
    7.9K 229 12

    Izaya x OC You are a young mercenary living in Ikebukuro. As you become a popular, high ranking member of Ikebukuro's most dangerous list, some people want to know more about you.

  • {completed} one-shots 》anime x reader
    283K 6.2K 50

    because there are too many hot anime boys and girls out there for me to write individual books for. 🌚🌚🌚 {i do not own any of the anime nor the characters used in these one-shots; all credit goes to their rightful owners.} 🌚🌚🌚 @nishinoooya #14 in anime girls (10/05/18)

  • Durarara - All Of My Dumb Ideas (And Other Shit)
    98.6K 4.8K 198

    Everything stupid I have come up with about Durarara!! while writing or doing something stupid. *Shizaya in a way.* *And some random other shit*

  • Diabolik Lovers Scenarios
    334K 7.5K 77

    • Ayato Sakamaki * Ruki Mukami • Reiji Sakamaki * Kou Mukami • Shu Sakamaki * Yuma Mukami • Subaru Sakamaki * Azusa Mukami • Kanato Sakamaki • Laito Sakamaki SMUTS ARE ACCEPTABLE! ❤️

    Completed   Mature
  • Finally Caught You, Flea
    164K 7.4K 103

    Shizuo and Izaya are both always fighting. It's always the same. Shizuo gets angry, and Izaya always gets away. So what happens when things turn out differently? [I do not own Durarara]

    Completed   Mature
  • Various Anime Oneshots || requests are closed. hiatus.
    351K 7.8K 127

    DISCLAIMER: I do not, I repeat, do not own any characters that I use or unless I state it after the oneshot is finished. Cover done by Polariodbooks Requests are now open. Please view my first authors note. Also everything that is published is pretty unedited, unless stated so. All oneshots have been alphabetized by...

  • Even God has an Angel (Izaya X Reader)
    222K 7.8K 60

    Izaya x reader ((Currently being edited! The edits stop after "Special Delivery" so the story does NOT flow with the current edits after that point. The story will be fully edited within the next few weeks and this note will be deleted once complete))

  • OHSHC Boyfriend Scenarios
    722K 12.7K 156

    Because why not.

    Completed   Mature
  • EGOiST (Ayato K x OC)
    55.6K 2.1K 20

    When night falls in the 11th Ward of Tokyo, nothing can be hidden from Aogiri Tree; not even those that want to hide are safely concealed by the darkness. High-schooler Anri Katsune is among the individuals that strives to hide her identity -- her true identity. She lives a normal, desirable life with successful gra...

  • Key (L x OC)
    126K 6.3K 29

    Twenty-year-old Kaori Inoue recently graduated from a local Japanese university after completing an accelerated coding course, proving extremely helpful to her infamous role as a hacker using the alias 'KI.' Only one person knew this secret -- an elusive character using the name 'Lawliet' who she only knew through h...

  • Element of Danger (Izaya Orihara x OC)
    88.1K 3.2K 18

    Both of the two were renowned in Ikebukuro, and both could be significantly dangerous. That fact could either draw the two together or force a wedge of bulletproof metal between them. Now, what do you think Izaya Orihara is going to think about this interesting human? This human who can even surprise him with her unpr...

  • Deep Secrets
    93.2K 4.1K 19

    Izaya questions all he ever works and lives for. Then when finding the answer he looses himself completely. Spiraling into a depression he can't pull himself out of. He laughs at himself when found at his lowest point by the last person he wanted to be seen by Warning// deep fanfiction. Trigger warning for some people...