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  • Fine Apple | ✓
    195K 12.3K 50

    ❝HELP HELP HELLLP!❞ ❝Hello, this is the Fine Apple market, and no, we are not an Apple knockoff store; how may I help you?❞ ❝Well, someone just stole my phone.❞ ❝Sorry, what?❞ ❝You asked how you could help me.❞ ❝...Oh.❞ ◽︎◾︎◽︎ in which a jittery workaholic who realizes she needs help and an antisocial beach bum who do...

  • Little Bird
    93.5K 4.4K 7

    "I'm never going to play fair when it comes to you, little bird," he pressed his lips onto her crinkled forehead. "Hide, pretty girl. I'll find you." * Alpha Murdock Boudreaux only possesses one weakness: the young human Dove, his seventeen-year-old daughter; the only surviving blood of her maternal family. Her fa...

  • A Tale of Two Opposites [COMPLETE]
    174K 9.4K 59

    Both have Alpha blood. Edith Silva is on a mission for one thing: get her pack back. Can she take it back in time? West Stryder is on a mission for proving himself to the entire world he can be an Alpha. Does he have what it takes? A story of a hot-headed impulsive West and the calmed and controlled Edith. There is on...

  • I Made A Bet With The Bad Boy ✔️
    2.7M 81K 45

    He stares right at me, "You eat like a pig." "You look like a pig." I rolled my eyes, continuing to eat. "A pretty damn sexy pig." He winked. "You might be a sexy pig, but you talk like a donkey." "Are you agreeing that I'm sexy?" He narrowed his eyes, smirking. "No...I didn't mean it like that. I just..." I blushed...

  • Captured Hearts Book 1 in the Heart Series - Wattys 2015 Winner
    3.2M 189K 56

    Jenna Yousuf has everything all girls envy. A mansion, fancy cars, diamonds and jewels, closets filled with clothes, shoes and purses. A hot husband. But she isn't happy. Who could be when you were forced to marry a man you don't love just to save your family? She doesn't want to give him a chance, nor does she want t...

  • Young God
    728K 14.1K 31

    He was a monster, even as a young boy people knew to stay away from him. Yet, he was still gentle with her, and only her. Or in which a feared boy falls in love with an innocent girl. Sequel called "Young Queen" is out now.

  • The Demon Alpha [COMPLETE]
    2.1M 72.2K 70

    Are you tired of werewolf stories where the Alpha yells out "MINE" and practically kidnaps the main character? Are you tired of Alphas being too possessive and too jealous? Are you tired of seeing all the signs of an abusive relationship glamorized here on Wattpad? Are you tired of the way the main character is shy an...

  • His Game
    1.5M 83.2K 33

    Author of Silently Falling, I Fight For Her, and Love, Anonymous ---- To be considered a player, you have to create your game. It must be played by your own rules and on your own terms. The most important part; you can't lose. His game was easy to play. Until she came along. -- REVIEWS: "I'm starting to fall in love...

  • Saving Annalise | ✓
    105K 3.8K 41

    Annalise Fall seems to have everything - she's the smartest girl in her sixth form, has the perfect teachers, the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend. The perfect life. So when everything is so perfect, why change anything? Unless the changes are out of your control. ════════ Exiting from the practice rooms, I li...

  • Accidentally Kidnapped
    5.7M 311K 54

    When 17 year old November Jones accidentally burns off her left eyebrow in a freak accident, she brushes it off. Nothing a bit of makeup can't fix, right? But when she finds herself shoved into the backseat of her own car as a couple of very big, very bad, and very dangerous-looking men drive off with it, things can...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Touch of Grace
    3.1M 151K 28

    Sometimes, guys tease you because they like you; and sometimes, they're just jerks. And in Gracelyn's case, Phoenix is just a jerk. Or at least, she thinks he is. Cover by Wattpad user @escapists

  • Once Upon a Kiss
    12.8M 219K 67

    "Kiss me a hundred times when you come back, pinky swear?" Daniel and Kristina were best friends ever since they were five. When his dad suddenly decides to move to Europe for his new job, he says goodbye to his childhood friend. Kristina made him promise to kiss her a hundred times when he comes back. Twelve years la...

  • Dancing With The Player | ✓
    2.2M 80.3K 31

    When Brielle's dance instructor gets mad at her for missing yet another rehearsal, she gives Brielle an ultimatum: lose her solo that she needs to get into Julliard, or teach Christopher Russel, the school's quarterback, ballet in two months. With no other choice, she begins the hard struggle of trying to teach a 6'5...

  • Hideaway (Being Edited)
    4.4M 170K 40

    (Previously known as The Cinderella's Bad Boy) ------- "Be your own kind of Cinderella" ............ (Extended Summary inside) All Rights Reserved. (Cover by : -infinities) (IMPORTANT: This is NOT a re-telling of Cinderella. It is a pure work of TEEN FICTION AND HUMOUR.)

  • Chasing December (#wattyawards2015)
    3.4M 92.4K 41

    There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but he ran into it; literally. He liked to hide in trees, irritate me, and read books; despite the fact that it went against his image. He was more than meets the eye. Although at first I didn't want to know more. He lur...

  • With You ✔
    2.3M 76.4K 48

    My life felt incomplete, like there was a void. I felt like a stranger to myself, like I was always hiding parts of myself from the world. I thought that I was boring, insignificant, and in no way special. Everything was falling apart or blurring into something I didn't recognize. And then I met Kit Kennedy. I never h...

  • Fight For Her
    13.7M 675K 54

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Scarlet has it all-status, money & a loving quarterback boyfriend. Why then can she not keep her eyes off Elijah, the school's outcast hiding a dangerous secret? ***** Scarlet Tucker attends Royal Eastwood High: a high scho...

  • The Troublemaker's Ghost | ✓
    1.4M 70K 37

    What would you do if your apartment is haunted by a smoldering hot ghost, who is planning to make your life a living hell if you don't move out? RUN! But Grace Summers is determined not to. Possibly because she's broke and her only choice lies in living in her father's apartment. In one night everything chang...

  • Falling Perfectly [BOOK TWO COMPLETE]
    983K 32.9K 41

    "The moment I met him, I hated him only because I knew how hard I was about to fall..." The continuation of Falling Helplessly, the story of how Miles and Isabella rekindle their relationship. What will the future hold for them? [THIS IS AN OPTIONAL BOOK BUT DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST BOOK, FALLING HE...

  • My Alpha Black
    3.4M 111K 17

    Nineteen year old, Ali happens to be the only daughter of an alpha - also making her the gifted Mother Of Luna, the most peaceable being of the werewolf world. Kind and gentle, Ali tries to live her life diffusing hostility and avoiding confrontation that goes against her very nature. Alpha Black is notorious for his...

  • The Gangleader's Broken Angel
    247K 3.9K 13

    Broken and just barely surviving, Angelica Reese has overcome various obstacles in her life. The only reason she still fights for her life now is because of her little brother, Wes Reese. After meeting a notorious gang leader, Beck Black, Angelica's life flips upside down. Beck Black is the gang leader of the infamous...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Cursed Monster | 18+ chapters
    33.2K 829 2

    18+ chapters of my story 'Her Cursed Monster'

  • Lovers (Lycan Series: #3)
    896K 43.8K 29

    ❝we'll go down in history, remember me for centuries❞ Their love was destined to doom They were life, she was death. But this lifetime was different- Their love would transcend Challenging the anger of the gods ~ Jazz and Draver have waited impatiently for twenty one years as their mate g...

  • Luna (Lycan Series: #2)
    6.4M 292K 48

    ❝see I've come to burn your kingdom down❞ With the threat of Orion growing bigger each day and the prophecy looming over her, Katya has to work through her advantages: one of them being that she's the long lost daughter of the one of the five branches of royal werewolves: The Anosovas. Being forced into a family that...

  • His Flower
    6.9M 182K 51

    Copyrighted 2014 #1 in Teens ~In the process of rewriting~ ~CHECK OUT THE REWRITE, its written far better~ Seriously the writing in this one is SO bad. "I will always protect you, Roza." Having a normal childhood was completely foreign to the two polar opposites Rosalyn Summers and Rex Turner. Both grew up with ter...

  • Perfect Girl
    502K 24.4K 50

    Copyrighted 2016 *COMPLETED* ~Highest Ranking #18 in Short Story~ I never realized how much I needed someone. Until Him. -&- A story where a boy wants to share the world with Her. ~Story told through text messaging~

  • Stealing Kisses From The Good Girl.
    3.8M 113K 55

    Highest ranking: #6 in the Teen Fiction section! "Just one kiss, everyday." "Just one?" "Just one." ***************** Sarah Michelle Jones Good Girl in every sense of the word, whose interest in life is to get good grades, get her dream job as a cook, and fall in love. Her friend(s) describe her as the little ra...

  • I'm The Gang Leaders Possession
    21.6M 949K 54

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Humor || Aria Daniels has one of the most vivacious personalities ever. She is a crazy teenage girl that is impossibly hard to drag down. So what happens when she finds a letter telling her that her brother has been kidnapped and won't be returned unless she pays sixty thousand dollars? She do...

  • It Started With A High Top
    14.3M 591K 29

    Anne De Ville accidentally drops her new shoes down the stairs and they hit Hunter Denegan's head - will the bad boy become her prince charming? ***** Anne De Ville is in no way exceptional - or so she thinks. On an ordinary sunny day, Anne decides...

  • Bad Things
    2.9M 124K 34

    Alicia hates Jake more than she has ever hated anything and anyone in her life. The hatred started at a party one night, when Jake gave her a fake number after sleeping with her. From there, everything goes downhill as she starts to learn who he is and what he does. Of course, with Alicia's luck, he turns out to be...