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  • Maze | ✓
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    (The Slices of Life, #1) For many years, one thing that always had been bothering her is the attempt to befriend a former childhood friend. She stares at him whenever he's around: at class, at lunch and even after school. She wants to talk to him again, just like back then, but she's nervous to make advances. They fi...

  • Growing Up Sucks
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    Growing up sucks. I can tell you that first hand. In fact, I could tell you that second hand. Anyone could tell you that growing up sucks. Once you hit 'that age', every birthday is just one step further into more responsibilities and stress. This book is here for you to read about my experiences growing up, the less...

  • Through Tainted Lens
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    when it hurts to move on, just remember the pain you felt hanging on

  • Blackout Storm
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    Fourteen years have passed since the storms began. No one knows how or why they started, but when they hit fear takes over. You better be inside and lock your doors till the blackout storm passes. If you're caught out in the storm you will either be found dead or you will never be seen again. Riz is sure something or...

  • One Day You Will Look Back And Laugh
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    Do you like stories that speak of love, friendship and boys? Well its best to go to another book then. This book contains suicidal thoughts and acts, several non-consensual sexual content and self harming. If you don't mind all these then I instruct you to go on ahead. Keturah Khomang is a university student with onl...