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  • Silence
    76 49 6

    Ashley was just a sixteen year old girl who like any other high school girl desired popularity, fame and most essentially, BOYS. But unfortunately, she was gifted with social anxiety and suffered panic attacks very frequently. She was subjected to attending the local teaching centre situated on her street and was just...

  • Whispers From A Shadow
    21 6 3

    Listen closely to the whispers of a fleeting shadow. Listen to the stories it has to tell from its years of wandering the earth. Listen to the songs it has to sing after years of being unable to speak. A shadow, who is determined to be heard before he is forgotten. Whispers From A Shadow is a collection of short stori...

  • At The Bottom Of The Cesspool
    17 6 1

    Probably like every writer or poet out there, when Reva finds herself sinking, she writes. From the pain of the past to the waters of depression to the whispers of demons and the uncertainties of the future, each poem has a voice, and it wants to be heard.

  • Kidnapped By The Not So Bad Guys
    447 42 10

    I got kidnapped by not so bad guys ..need I say more?

  • Lima's Diary.
    1.3K 384 32

    This is a book; it's a diary to be precise,where after each day,I sit down to write how it all went. It's nothing really special;at least not to me😂😂. I just write it so I won't have lots of things in my Head. I can't deal with too many stuffs abeg. So.... that's pretty much it.

  • Conversing Feelings(On Hold)
    1.7K 474 15

    Wonder what it'd be like if you were in my head? Well, reading this book would give you a glimpse of what to expect. I think I have multiple characters inside of me, so of course, I get a whole lot of thoughts. Instead of thinking out loud, why not pen them down? Since I have too many thoughts in my head, I thought it...