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  • Outside The Box Awards (open)
    3.2K 236 8

    Hello Fellow writers. How are you today? If you can think outside the box, this award book is for you!!! Please step here and Read On to see how you can enter to gain some good Prizes!!!!!

  • Story Promotion
    27.7K 1.3K 60

    Highest rank: #1 ❤ (Shout Outs are now OPEN! Check out the last chapters!!) Can't get many readers for your story? Well, never mind. Promote your story by commenting here..! There are many chapters with amazing ways to promote your story and get follows. So don't forget to check them all! Check the table of contents...

    18.6K 1.2K 27

    The Black Ink Awards 2018 is here to find hidden gems in the sea of Wattpad works. Read the book for more information. CONTEST STARTS: MAY 25th 2018 CONTEST ENDS: OCTOBER 30th 2018

  • The Chaos Awards 4!
    19.3K 1.3K 61

    This is the forth Chaos Awards! If you enjoyed my previous three then please join this fabulous contest as well!! <3

  • Burning Passion 2018 Awards
    15.3K 1K 32

    Open (❌) closed (✔) judging (✔) Welcome to the Burning Passion Awards 2018! All genres are available! But for each genre, there are judges. Please follow he rules and regulations! We take in judges too! Participants will be having a sticker as well. Which you will be given by the main admin, @CharlieJayHana Thank you~...

  • The Novelty Awards 2018 [CLOSED]
    6.4K 375 8

    Welcome to The Novelty Awards! We're looking to find and give recognition to the best Wattpad has to offer! Help us out by submitting your work to be reviewed by our (semi) talented and qualified judges.

  • The Galaxy Awards |2018|
    1.8K 126 7

    OPEN Accepting all genres... The #1 to get yourself discovered...

  • Sunshine Awards 2k18
    5.2K 335 17

    If you are a new writer and wants to be noticed then you came to the right place. Sunshine awards will promote books plus you can win exciting prizes and get a whole new exposure. Welcome to the first ever Sunshine award 2018. Cover by: @catastrophe275

  • The Golden Pen Awards - 2018 Edition - Closed
    1.7K 163 6

    Wattpad competition Closed Cover by @PMStephens

  • The Nefarious Awards 2018 | Judging
    17.8K 1.1K 30

    The 2018 Nefarious Awards are currently undergoing judging. Winners will be announced in December. There will be one winner in every genre. All genres (including LGBTQ+ and mature) are allowed. Book cover design © Eva Jandová/@evatheartsy

  • SAFARI | Book Club [OPEN]
    2.2K 117 12

    Welcome to SAFARI Book Club! SAFARI is entirely dedicated to giving members personal autonomy when choosing their assignments. SAFARI works on a non-committal point-based system where members choose the books they want to review in exchange for points, to which they can then use to post their own book.

  • The Crimson Awards I OPEN I
    10.1K 614 19

    Welcome to the Crimson Community. A place for both discovered and undiscovered writers to get a shot at recognition. Come in and find out! OPEN!

  • The Night Time Awards 2018 [CLOSED]
    2K 189 16

    I would like to try out these awards. Here they are! The Night Time Awards! Open [❌] Judging [❌] Closed [✔] Cover by Howlova

  • The Fiction Awards 2018
    309K 1.2K 2

    The Fiction Awards are back for a third year in a row! All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Best of Summer Awards [CLOSED]
    7.3K 485 27

    This event is meant to find the best stories in multiple genres to give its audience an exciting summer read. CLOSED & WINNERS ANNOUNCED!