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  • Minecraft diaries lemons (NOT CONTINUING)
    18K 93 11

    Why am i doing this I have no idea. Read at your own risk. The ships can be. Girl x girl Boy x boy Boy x girl Boy x reader Girl x female reader I don't own any characters

    Completed   Mature
  • Mystreet Book of Lemons & Oneshots - ON HOLD -
    10.4K 52 10

    It's a book. Of lemons. With mystreet ships. What else do you need? Mature Content! You have been warned! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E X T R E M E L Y S L O W U P D A T E S ☆*: ☆。•* .☆。•:*☆ *: ☆。•* .☆。•:*☆ *: ☆。•

    69.3K 500 6

    Aarmau have a very sexy night only for Mature audiences.

  • Aarmau Fanfic/lemon
    70.5K 461 12

    This is an aarmau fanfic/lemon so read at your own risk

  • MCD AND MYSTREET ONE SHOTS (cough lemons cough maybe cough)
    53.1K 322 12

    you don't really need a description now do ya?

  • aphmau oneshots
    6.5K 97 3

    here to read but thats it. discontinued as I've left the aphmau fandom.

  • Aphmau and Aaron
    184 3 7

    Who gets who?

  • aphmau and aaron
    467 4 4

    aphmau get abused by Ein

  • Aphmau's high school life
    700 15 4

    So this is my first book i'm pretty sure it's horrible but you can decide. So aphmau finds out a lot of things about her like who her parents are and her past. And obviously this is Modern type book on aphmau. Tho the characters might act like there from the medieval times. HOPE YOU ENJOY KAWAII~DESU ^u^ :D Edit: The...

  • The Love Story of Aphmau and Aaron
    19.2K 298 22

    This is a fanfic about Aaron and Aphmau from Minecraft Diaries. It takes place right after the kiss in the neighborhood play in MyStreet.(Cover is not mine)

  • MCD LEMONS (Taking Request)
    18.4K 118 6


  • Aphmau and Aaron FanFic :3
    48 1 2

    This is a story that is about Apppppphhhhhhhmau and Aaron :3. Going to be finished when ever xP

  • Aphmau and Aaron's Love Story
    1.9K 6 7

    Aphmau and Aaron meet each other at Mystreet University! Will they be able to tell each other how they feel toward one another?

  • Aphmau Lemons
    3.2K 17 9

    A lot a lelemon stuff will happen! 16+

  • Aphmau Lemons(Complete) Dont Read
    475K 1.8K 28

    Don't read you will: Cring Want to rip out your eyes ..leave hate comments And get big mad Lol I was 11 or 12 I was stupid please forgive lol or don't.

  • Aphmau And Aaron~lemon
    342K 3K 51

    18+ please don't read if your not above these ages Unless you want to really read this than go ahead

  • Aphmau Lemons
    92.9K 491 71

    Book full of lemons. Hope you enjoy!

  • Aphmau and Aaron's Valentine's Day
    150 3 3

    This is a Romance story about MyStreet on Valentine's Day.

  • Aphmau lemons,limes, And Fluffs
    97.3K 493 27

    you know what it is

  • Aphmau Lemons
    25.3K 101 20

    This book is 18+ just a heads up

  • Aphmau and SirCutieYuki Pictures!!
    516 5 4

    These are my drawn and computer drawn pictures of the ships or just the characters of Aphmau or SirCutie! These aren't completely my designs... But I am the one that colored most of it! So no copy right! I edited it at least half of it and even though I used some peoples pictures... I edited it so it's not the same as...

  • Aphmau and Aaron
    105 5 4

    So Aphmau is walking and meets this guy Aaron she thinks he is so hot looking into his brown eyes a looking at his abs through his tight shirt continue to find out what happens next!

  • Aphmau And Aaron
    437 4 4

    The (fan fiction)^-^

  • welcome To Mystreet!{ended}
    1.2K 11 24

    WELCOME TO MYSTREET characters used My street series: Aphmau Katelyn Kawaii~chan Aaron Zane Nicole Dante Travis Garroth Laurence Cadenza Michi Lucinda Teony Vlyad Aphs mom Katelyns dad Jeffory Jenna Lilith Abby Yandere high (chrisandthecrew) Chris Ashley Carlo(carflo) Garlian Yandere high(itsfunneh) Funneh Gol...

  • Aphmau And Aaron
    568 6 1

    Aphmau and Aaron are a kawaii couple when fake aphmau(michi)ruined it all Aaron was trick by lucinda magic potion See whats next it has to say nya =3(emoji)

  • MyStreet OneShots
    19.3K 264 11

    ~-*. DISCONTINUED .*-~ Just some fluffy one shots of the MyStreet ships. LOTS OF FLUFF NO LEMONS NO SMUT JUST NICE HAPPY FANFIC ...for the most part... ANYWAYS I WILL DO AUs HAVE FUN READING ...yay for bad descriptions...

    26.1K 255 13

    Lemonz. Much lemons. Republished. I'm not into Aphmau anymore, but if you request I'll write it.

  • Aphmau and Aaron Fan Fic
    670 11 12

    A Fan Fic