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  • O, Fair Gondorian Star (Faramir Fanfiction/Stardust Crossover)
    1.2K 51 31

    In which the fair Prince of Ithilien is forced to weigh his duty against his love for a fallen star. (Set at the end of the Third Age and beginning of the Fourth Age). Crossover between Neil Gaiman's Stardust and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings/Peter Jackson's Film trilogy.

  • The Return
    10.5K 764 27

    Forty years have gone by since the beginning of the Fourth Age. The time of peace is falling away as Orcs are attacking villages in Eryn Lasgalen and Gondor, killing aimlessly. Legolas receives a strange letter from Aragorn asking him to meet in Imladris. But something happens on the road and Legolas and his captain...

  • Wanderlust (Legolas LOTR)
    22K 2K 33

    What if Legolas hadn't always been the amazing warrior we all know and love? What if he was a little...dorky? Fed up with being stuck in the halls of the Elvenking Thranduil, Legolas runs away from Mirkwood, meets a girl, and catches a desperate case of 'Wanderlust.' This is THE story of how the prince goes from "ze...

  • What Happened Thereafter {A LotR Fanfiction}
    6.7K 390 27

    After returning to the Shire from their long and life-changing journey, the four famous Hobbits must learn to live again, as they did once before. But it is a difficult thing, to go back to an old life, and the four hobbits soon realize that no matter how hard they try, they will never be the same again. This is What...

  • The Bone Witch- A Legolas x Reader LOTR Fanfiction
    6.7K 282 6

    Once upon a time, little girl stepped out of the White Tree of Gondor. She was adopted into the Steward's family, and earned the title of The Bone Witch. She became a legendary and dangerous villain to the elves and a well-respected hero to Men. She joined The Fellowship of the Ring with her brother, Boromir, and slow...

  • Building Ithilien [Legolas] LOTR
    19.5K 1.3K 53

    Legolas/OC Romance/Adventure. Even after the Ring's destruction, evil still lurks in Middle Earth. Legolas uncovers an ancient threat, one that could spell the doom of men and elves. Legolas promised Aragorn he'd start an elven colony in Gondor...only leadership was never Legolas' forte. He's recruiting elves from...

  • The Silverleaf (LOTR Fanfiction)
    45.1K 2.6K 39

    Perhaps the best of tales are the ones that might have been. The ones that delve into the depths of lore and grasp something unexpected, something that should've remained hidden for all time. Perhaps the tales left unexplored are the ones that need to be told the most. "I'm enchanted! I don't think I have read anoth...

  • The Unexpected | LotR Fanfiction
    60.9K 2.4K 76

    "King Thranduil's voice rung out again, filling the area, 'And Legolas? Do not fail, she could be the tipping of the balance that Middle-Earth needs.'" Lumornel Tree-Shade was always a shy girl, especially being surrounded by her fellow elves in Mirkwood. Being the only human in the kingdom can be hard at times but no...

  • A Small Problem
    4K 212 19

    What happens when the wrath of Gandalf's cold seems to target the smallest member of the company? Well, to say they've gotten themselves into a small problem would be a big understatement Or The one where Bilbo gets himself turned into a kid, and gains 13 overprotective uncles

  • The Edge of a Knife
    23.8K 2K 26

    After leaving Lothlorien, the Fellowship of the Ring continue their journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. But when the Fellowship is betrayed and the Ring is stolen, everything they are fighting for is threatened. Now the Fellowship is scattered and the Ring is nearing the hand of the enemy. Loyalties will be tes...

  • Warriors of the Twilight
    1K 167 28

    "Khelek," the wizard reached from his horse and placed his hand on the young man's shoulder. "All the darkness and gloom on this Middle-earth, and the earth below, and in the night sky above cannot extinguish the light of one candle." "Lord Mithrandir...there is small hope and comfort to be found in one candle. Again...

  • Høød ➵ Lord Of The Rings
    186K 8.3K 59

    You've undoubtedly heard the tale of Robin Hood, but what if I was to tell you they got it all wrong? First of all, Robin is female. {All characters other than my own belong to J. R. R. Tolkien}

  • In One Day, I Promise (Legolas FanFic)
    123K 4.4K 63

    After many years of solitude, one loses hope to ever see daylight, ever have hope again. Duathiell has been alone for as long as she can remember, and any hope of being free has long vanished. With each setting sun, each lost day, she draws away from the outside world, trapped by her father figure in the dark prison o...

  • Lost in Middle Earth
    1.2K 73 4

    Imagine being approached by a stranger who tells you that you are the only one who can save a magical faraway land you've only heard of in books. Now, imagine him taking you there and finding a world in trouble... and a Fellowship in need. Join Ana as she finds herself in a situation she'd never dreamed of, fighting f...

  • The Secret Weapon Against Mordor - Finished
    183K 4.9K 36

    Sarah can trust no one. Her secret about who she is, is vital she keeps it to herself. As the fellowship of the ring continues she realises what is happening to her. The lone ranger is falling in love. But is confused between her like-wise brother Aragorn or legolas greenleaf...

  • Of Wood and Water
    198 38 6

    A lonely Elven prince. A wood threatened by evil. A great and cold-hearted Elf King. Can an orphaned human child bring light to the dark and lonesome world of Mirkwood? Or will it be another love, lost and forgotten in the pain of grief? I own nothing! Enjoy Of Wood and Water.

  • The Silvan (Lord of the Rings-Legolas)[Wattys2016]
    41.6K 3.2K 68

    Legolas is a child of the deep, arcane forest. With the face of a Sinda and the heart of a Silvan, he struggles with the mysteries of his illegitimate past as he strives to fulfil his dream; to become a captain in the king's militia. Son of a Silvan mother he never knew, and an unknown Sindarin father, he finds the f...

  • The Dragon Charm (A LOTR fanfic)
    255 28 9

    Will write once the book is done Credit goes to @Avengers14 for letting me use her OC Phoenix CREDIT ALSO GOES TO @shethetigress FOR MAKING THIS AWESOME COVER!!!!! Highest rankings 87 in LOTR

  • The Lastborn: A Middle Earth Story(Book 1)(EDITING)
    15K 1.9K 48

    Sauron, the greatest evil Middle Earth has ever seen, has arisen once more in Mordor, the land where shadows lie. His reach extends far beyond Mordor itself, even into the North. His most deadly servant, the Witch-King of Angmar, has sent an ancient enemy to defeat the Dunedain, last of the race of Kings. It is up to...

  • Where Shadows Breathe [Legolas Fanfiction]
    13.3K 1.3K 27

    Hope suffocates in the place where shadows breathe. Mirkwood, once a great forest, has fallen into darkness. Thranduil and Legolas struggle to keep a failing kingdom alive, but they seem to fight a losing battle. What, though, will they do when one of those they strive to protect turns upon them? Corruption lurks in...

  • The Adventures of Bilbo and Tauriel
    3.2K 128 12

    The bits of "There and Back Again" which Bilbo never told anyone. Now that Bilbo and Frodo have set sale for Valinor, Bilbo resolves to tell him the truth...

  • Two Hunters (LOTR fanfic)
    422 50 5

    After the Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas leaves. To where, he does not know. All he knows is to head north and find the Dunedain, and amongst them, a man known as Strider. The winds are whispering, and fate is stirring - Legolas knows that the war is nowhere near over, and that this 'Strider' could play a big part...

  • Element of the Heart - A Lord of the Rings/Legolas Fanfiction
    254K 12.8K 57

    WATTYS SHORTLIST 2018 The heart desires the unreachable. A rare creature born of Middle Earth must undo the damage of her predecessor, who helped forge the Dark Lord's Ring of Power. Amidst her mental and physical weaknesses, she is challenged to become a warrior. If not, endless lives will be corrupted and extinguish...

  • Song of Change
    189 28 1

    Legolas' sea-longing and the War of the Ring from the perspective of a Mirkwood Tree planted under the Prince's window. Dissclaimer: I do not own any of Tolkien's places or characters.

  • Good Night Mr. Holmes
    123 8 1

    What did Sherlock do during his stay in the hospital? Surely people knew who he was and wanted to speak with him, after all, he is technically a London celebrity. This was a story that came to me while watching the amazing season 3 episode!

  • Everything to Loose
    9 0 2

    Sherlock and John race against the clock to save the life a young girl, trapped underground. They are given nothing but a cellphone link and a seemingly unimportant string of numbers and letters. Can they save her before she runs out of time...and oxygen?