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  • Endless War (Complete)
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    The age of Enlightenment meant no more war, and entry into a 500 year peace between nations of Earth. That was until the Fallen came from the sky, an alien race bent on taking over our world. Tessa is now to join in on a war that has lasted 200 years, now that she is 18 and old enough to receive the military training...

  • Short Stories by Amaranthean
    25 6 5

    I would like for you to sit back relax and read over a collection of Short Stories and Poetic Prose that I have written. Most stories are 500 words or less. I will add more stories from time to time. The picture on the cover was taken and edited by me and is my property.

  • Anne's Ghost
    42 6 1

    Anne Danford, returning to her coastal childhood home after her mother's death, goes on a night out with her vivacious best friend from the past. A detour to the abandoned old house on the cliff threatens to bring back memories of long past summers, a disturbing secret, and history repeating.

  • Demon Beauty
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    A dark fairy tale beauty and the beast retelling. Completed and now an illustrated book on Amazon. Find solace in strange places. Fleeing a war, having lost everything, Rosalin finds herself in the forbidden forest. A dark place where creatures and magic dwell. In the home of a monster, Rosalin finds refuge, but an...