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  • the hot bully // jungkook
    4M 135K 24

    "are you serious?" -in which a girl despised going to school because of one name. jeon jungkook.

  • Clarity || z.m
    2.3M 65.1K 53

    You don't know what's out in the world, until you witness it yourself. It may be hard to believe, but it becomes something you can't deny. He's not human. He's selfish, cocky and arrogant. She's human. She's guarded, hardheaded and stubborn. Her world was never supposed to collide with his. She was never supposed to f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Arranged Marriage)
    3.5M 70.1K 71

    You probably think getting an arrange marriage with someone you don't even know is a pain in the arse right? Well, no. Not for Meera Pray Rosselles. That's actually the best thing that has happened to her since her parents died. Pray is a beautiful 18 year old who is shy around people, only has one best friend and we...

  • Ugly Duckling || A.I
    1.2M 39K 31

    She tries her hardest to look good but she still gets called ugly and she believes them.

  • Aesthetic Words
    1.4M 7.8K 107

    a e s t h e t i c | words inside.

  • give me love ➳ zarry
    479K 21.1K 37

    ❝you know how they say, what was it? don't judge a book by its cover? well lad, this is a prime example.❞ zayn was your typical bad boy. leather jackets, motorcycles, and smokes. everyone seems to judge zayn quite quickly. they don't know the real zayn. harry is one of those people, although he absolutely despises zay...

  • one ➳ zarry
    214K 10.1K 12

    ❝...what's our ship name?❞ zayn asked quietly. harry tilted his head to the side. ❝aren't boys supposed to like girls?❞ ❝it's called gay hazza.❞ ❝gay means happy.❞ ❝no, it means two boys like each other!❞ zayn and harry falling in love over the years.

  • Ugly Wife
    233K 7.2K 21

    To Aslan Drilik definition of beauty was fair skin, big blue eyes, plump pink lips, rosy cheeks, big boobs, tiny waist, wide hip.... To sum it up, he only dated models with brain and perfection. What happens when brown skinned, shy, introvert, clumsy, softhearted Risana Milton becomes his wife. A girl with no curves a...

  • My Crush Got Me Pregnant (Not edited)
    105K 2.6K 26

    Isabella (Bella) Lee had a crush on Caleb Daniels since 6th grade. He was popular, nice, sweet, smart, and he was quarterback. Isabella was quiet, shy, smart, protective of her friends and family and she often daydreamed in class. Caleb Daniels was Isabella's best friend when they were kids, he liked her even before...

  • A tale of Missteps
    689K 24.9K 55

    Nikita is a strong and intelligent girl who has been through a lot after her parents' demise. She kept fighting with the odds to accomplish the life her parents wanted her to live. But her world shattered after a disastrous incident. She got raped by a son of billionaire and then told to marry her rapist. She agreed t...

  • Married To My Sister's Husband (ORIGINAL)
    974K 12.5K 13

    Olivia is a shy, reserved, and lonely 24 years old lady who had fallen in love with a man that ended up marrying her twin sister Sophia, right before her eyes. Since her sister was the exact opposite of her -fierce, loving, sociable, elegant, fashionable and bold- Livy's shy and timid nature didn't let her fight for h...

  • The Perfect Spiral (on GALATEA)
    23.9M 42.8K 5

    "Are you wet for me baby doll?" his whisper feathering my ear, while I could imagine the smirk on his lips. My eyes were shut, the more he teased me the more turned on I was. Stroking my inner thigh delicately with the tips of his fingers wasn't helping either. Sending a spark up my spine tingling my nerve endings in...

  • Billionnaire's Ex-wife (Knight family book#1)
    45.2M 1.4M 68

    "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? "Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started but he just cut me off. "DON'T CALL ME THAT." He said taking a threatening steps toward me. "You are so good." He said grabbing my arm harshly. I lowered my gaze. "I gave...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dil Jaanta Hai | ✔
    500K 47.4K 81

    ■WATTPAD INDIA AWARDS 2019 WINNER■ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▪︎● ● ●▪︎ For the Delhi Tycoons' kids, life has always been too challenging, and it's no different for Arvika Deewan. It's not everyday that her divorced mother remarries another business man, and there definitely won't be a day that she would be ready to accept that. The...

    630K 34.1K 89

    What happens when life gets two rivals- hitched? Saad Alam and Raabia Kaif were college rivals. They hated each other and were always competing against each other. Bigger than their hatred was their ego, which forced them to always try being on top, by any means. After their engineering college was over, they thought...

  • Beauties and their Besharams
    8.7K 773 46

    Something tells me, you're going to love this story! _____ How do you know what falling in love is until you actually fall in Love? Well, technically, you don't. But in reality, you do! The scent of love alerts you from afar that maybe your time to fall in love is already here. Can three sisters actually end up mes...

  • A Hardik Pandya/Shubman Gill Fan Fiction
    45.3K 1.9K 64

    A girl from a middle class family living in Mumbai has her life completely changed after she meets the famous cricketer at her friend's wedding who she takes an initial disregard to, and after being trapped in a problem together which eventually is solved, she realises that perhaps he isn't that bad after all....⛔️ co...

  • I Hate You Mr.Billionaire✓
    434K 3.1K 7

    Jay Verma, a arrogant and ruthless business man who is number one in position. He worked so hard to get into this position. Everyone knows him as a cold hearted business man but he has a secret which no one knows about it. Arushi Rao, a cute and bubbly girl who wants to live every moment of her life to the fullest. S...

  • The Client
    393K 17.6K 35

    This is a completed and a published Novel: It can be purchased on Amazon in the form of paperback and/or an eBook. The link for purchase is available on my bio. Mehr Dubey expected nothing but deception, disloyalty, and betrayal from men. They came to her just for . She was raped, assaulted, treated like a dog by h...

  • Bound To You
    504K 22.6K 67

    "I now announce the engagement of my son and to-be-daughter in law, Yumna!" Mr. Chatti said. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to see who was my fiancè and when I saw the man standing in front of dressed in suit with a ring on his hand, I was shocked. He was Omar Chatti! My biggest bully and rival in high school...

  • His Queen
    552K 22K 35

    He was the most powerful Mafia King of the world . He was the most cruelest and ruthless man on the earth. He never used to think twice before killing someone, it was his hobby, he loved to kill. He never trusted anyone except for his cousin brother who was actually his right hand man. His brother wanted to take his...

    1M 42.1K 43

    "What did you say?", he asked with quite surprise and amusement in his tone. "I love you aadi",i said feebly and weakly. "WHAT!!!",this time he nearly shouted..with a bit of anger in his voice . "I SAID I LOVE YOU AADI !! I.....LOVE...YOU(this time i shouted)!Did you here it properly now?", i said. Suddenly,he started...

  • The Scandalous Wedding
    232K 9K 31

    She knew that this marriage was nothing but a business deal. A deal which she had to agree to, upon obligation. For her parents, family legacy and of course the million dollar business empire. She knew he didn't love her, he didn't desire her, there were probably millions of other willing women he took home daily. And...

  • Yes, I Ran Away! (Now Available on Amazon)
    1.8M 28.8K 28

    Now Available on Amazon! Ebook : Paperback : --This book is just a Sample-- Yes, I ran away from my own wedding! But, I want to be more than a mere wife of a billionaire. Meet Ruchi Shah, a girl hailing from a middle-class family with a humble background. Trapp...

  • TES #2 You're made for me
    101K 5.7K 42

    Shayam Mathur A billionaire business man. Kind at heart but cold towards the one who messes with him. He shows them no mercy. But something unusual happens when a random girl humiliates him in a public place. Instead of getting angry, he smiles and gets attracted towards her. Shanaya Singhania A very straight forward...

  • Saviour
    5.9K 655 20

    Returning favours is not always that easy. This is the story of two brothers that came to Mumbai to look for employment, and ended up becoming part of one of the biggest sex rackets in Mumbai. Two girls that met in an orphanage after their parents passed away. The girls shared a bond of friendship that no one could e...

  • Clean Bowled
    569K 32.2K 70

    Viraj Singhania is a cricketer. Aslesha Mathur is a kathak dancer. He doesn't care about anything and anybody. She is really kind and helpful towards everybody. Parties, girls and scoring double centuries is his life. Papa, novels and ghungroos are her life. But even though they are so different, they have one thing i...