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  • Better Off Dead [Discontinued]
    61.8K 1.6K 29

    She doesn't know she's beautiful. Because no one's ever told her so. And the demons that she hides are all she knows. And maybe she can fall in love with someone in her life that she could trust. And tell her she's enough. (Trigger Warning)

  • Mysterious life of Bechloe
    71K 1.3K 45

    Welcome to Beca and Chloe life they both started off having sex until something horrible happens and they are never the same again

  • Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 Continuation)
    303K 8.3K 60

    Highest Ranking: 1# in Pitchperfect (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect2 (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect3 (01/8/18) 1# in Bellas (26/7/18) 1# in ChloeBeale (11/8/18) 1# in BrittanySnow (01/8/18) 1# in AnnaKendrick (1/10/18) 1# in Sendrick (7/10/18) 4# in Lesbian (15/11/2018) Spoiler Warning: (WARNING: THIS BOOK IS A CONTINUATIO...