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  • If This Isn't The Kingdom Then I Don't Know What Is
    852 15 1

    It's been almost a year and a half since the last time that Ryan just showed up like this, and you'd think that Brendon would be surprised, but he's not. Especially after news Ryan's new band "is on hiatus", as Jon had so diplomatically put it. In the world of Ryan-speak, "on hiatus" is just another expression for tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lichtenberg Figures (Frerard One-Shot)
    4.6K 330 1

  • Cemetery Eyes - Frerard
    6.2K 259 1

    "I believe you've grown tired with life Gerard. Please, let me show you some fun, let me show you what it's like to be alive again. I promise, you will not be disappointed." Gerard meets an amazing man that takes his breath away and brings back his fire for life, with a night to remember. But there just might be more...

  • Tragically, Poetically, Dramatic [Ryden OneShot]
    421 29 1

    It's almost been a year. "He would appreciate this. He was always a sucker for the tragically dramatic." ~~~ This is the sequel One-Shot to "Don't Let Me." The heavy topics will be death, grieving, and mentions of suicide. Anyone dealing with survivor's guilt, you are not alone. You are strong. You are powerful. And...

  • A Matter of Time - Ryden
    240 28 1

    [oneshot] 45 minutes. "It wasn't really that Ryan was worried Brendon would miss their set, but rather that he'd lost Brendon altogether."

  • The Delicacy Of Petals ♡ Oneshot
    8.6K 579 2

    After three years of delivering flowers to Gerard Way's flower shop, Frank concluded that he has most definitely fallen in love with the beauty running the store. And Frank had the most perfect plan on how to confess his love to the beautiful boy he delivers flowers to. ❀ { Flower shop AU ; 100% smut and trigger free...

  • Fuck Him Gently [standalone]
    1.4K 45 1

    This is pure sin. Go read the Bible after this you nasty.

    Completed   Mature
  • Handcuffs [standalone]
    1.5K 30 2

    " I'd do it to you like you'd do it to me if you knew you'd get away fine. "

    Completed   Mature