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  • hospice » h.s
    74.2K 731 2

    [ongoιng] ѕнe volυnтeered тo нelp тнoѕe wнo were goιng тo paѕѕ away. noт тo ғall ιn love wιтн one. © sarah

  • blunder » h.s
    4.6K 149 1

    [COMING SOON] a murderer of two found innocent in the eyes of the law

  • empire » h.s
    39.4K 1.2K 7

    [ONGOING/UNEDITED] ❝lιĸe тнe eмpιreѕ oғ тнe world υnιтe. we are alιve❞ © sarah

  • 007 » a.i + l.h
    1.9K 91 3

    тнe ѕтory oғ noelle joneѕ, тнe ѕole ѕυrvιvor oғ ғ l ι g н т 007. (Fluffy Ashton and Dark Luke) © sarah

  • alone » styles
    8.1K 317 23

    [don'т read! carroт dayѕ] wнaт нappenѕ wнen нarry ѕтyleѕ ғallѕ ιn love wιтн one oғ тнe тop ѕιngιng coмpeтιтorѕ on тнe aмerιcan х-ғacтor? ιғ нe ĸnew тнaт ѕнe waѕ тнe one, вυт тнen нe вreaĸѕ нer нearт? can нe ғιnd a way тo wιn нer вacĸ вeғore нιѕ вeѕт ғrιend тaĸeѕ нer ғιrѕт? © sarah