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  • §hðr† §†ðrïê§
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    •One Shots and Short Stories• §hðr† §†ðrïê§ åñÐ Öñê §hð†§ ð£ Lðrñå ßê¢khåm, †hê £å†ål Wðmåñ

  • A Man In Black
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    Spies are everywhere. Whatever country you go to, you are watched, whether you are in an airport, park or mall. Spies come in all shapes and forms, the Marfia, the FBI, ISI, RAW and so many others. But no one has a group of spies like ISIA; International Society of Intelligence Agents. They have their fingers in every...

  • The Few Things I Love
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    Well, I really don't love anything, but I do like somethings...