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  • Marcello Mafia Series - Blood on the Moon
    532K 24.3K 65

    The saying goes when there is blood on the moon, the world will end. Hayley believed the world had ended, the mess she created in New York was over with. Unfortunately for her, no one escapes Mafia boss, Luca Marcello. Luca hated her, he should have pulled the trigger, but the coward in him didn't. For him the world...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Line Wattpad Rants
    652K 62.2K 110

    Psst...DO NOT read this book if you get offended easily. The rants written in it are some things that annoy me on Wattpad. DON'T READ IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. Phew! 'cause one time wasn't enough. Welcome to One Line Wattpad Rants ;) Cover by the one and only @supernovass ▶Highest Ranking:...

  • The Warrior Series - Blind [ON-HOLD/EDITING]
    1.1K 490 9

    {Highest ranking #40 in Fantasy} "Is it that obvious ?" "Oh yes, everyone can see that." "But -" "How can you be so blind ?" For Celestia Thora, life has always been smooth sailing. She is your most popular girl in high school,born with gorgeous looks, people hanging on to her every word. She is the one who gets every...