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  • Runaways [MikaYuu]
    148K 9.2K 31

    Yuichiro Ichinose thinks life isn't that significant. As the soon-to-be prince of Drelacia, his days consist of making the best possible grades in school, obeying his parents' every wish, and living in the shadows. To Yuu, all he can do is sit up, shut up, and don't speak unless spoken to. Yuu is sick of royalty lif...

  • "Tedium in Blue" Bakugou x Reader Merman! AU
    189K 8K 17

    The monotony of routine, as familiar and predictable as the ebb and flow of the sea. An expanse of blue, wide and endless and vast. Red eyes do not turn purple within the blue. Reader is gender neutral throughout the story. Cover art by lawv-no on tumblr!

  • Trouble Maker (Hiro Hamada X Reader)
    166K 5.9K 41

    "I'll keep shaking your heart, so you can't escape me. I will steal your lips, and run far away. I'm a trouble maker." You are a fifteen year old teenager with a deep love for advance technology, robotics, and bot fights. You are not a typical girl next door, you are far from that. But your life took a big twist when...

  • A Taste of Winter ~Jack Frost x Reader~ [✔]
    297K 8.7K 58

    One of the oldest Spirits, the Grim Reaper, likes to keep a low profile. The Grim Reaper knows everything there is to know about each and every of the Spirits and Guardians. The Grim Reaper thinks it'll stay like this, lonely and quiet, until she opens up to the Spirit of Winter, Jack Frost. All Rights Reserved to Dre...

  • You're Never To Old To Believe(Jack Frost X Reader)
    57.2K 1.7K 17

    As a kid, you've always dreamed of having adventures and exploring the unknown. You were a very curious young girl with an iron will, and almost nothing scared you....almost. That is, until one day, you were 15 when the unspeakable happened. Just when you thought you had nothing left to live for. A young boy came in...

  • Beauty and The Beast (Natsu X Reader)
    2.4K 71 9

    Characters: • Reader Chan as (y/n) (l/n). • Zeref Dragneel as (Y/n)'s father, Maurice. • Mavis Vermillion the enchantress who cursed Natsu and Zeref. • August Kanji as (y/n)'s brother. • E.N.D. (Natsu Dragneel) as the beast (Prince Adam) who imprisoned (y/n). • Bacchus as the one who keeps proposing (y/n) only to be r...

  • Dragon Takeover Mage [Natsu x Reader]
    2.5K 86 15

    I'm no good at descriptive stuff so read and enjoy XD

  • Our Love Story [Gray X Reader]
    674K 21.3K 31

    This story is for all those Gray Fans! Put your hands in the air if you like Boys who strips without noticing, has ice magic, and has a kind heart? Well lets read about it in the story! Aye sir! ©Do Not copy my stories, if you do you will be reported immediately I Do Not Own Fairy Tail

  • I can't be without you (Natsu X Reader)
    62.8K 2.5K 16

    Ever since I saw you through that store window, in a cardboard box protected by a force field of plastic in front of your muscular figure, your salmon pink hair, and bright smile. I always wanted you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (y/n) is going off to college and decides to leave her Natsu Dragneel doll behind. She claims that she...

  • Driving you crazy✔️(Edolas Natsu) (Natsu x Reader)
    26.6K 864 33

    Modern day magnolia you request a ride home from Zoomer (it's like Uber) and get picked up by Natsu Dragion. You feel a instant connection with him and want to see him more. A date turns into a relationship which draws negative attention from jealous ex's. Can you and Natsu's relationship withstand the problems that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fire crazed Beast | Natsu x Reader
    431K 11.5K 28

    ((I do not own any of the pictures used in the book. Credit to the artists)) (Y/N) is friends with Lucy and one day when she goes to visit in Fiore after hearing she joined the notorious Fairy Tail guild you go to meet her where she pressures you into joining the guild and you become friends with everyone, like fa...

  • Love between worlds (Mystogan x reader)
    16.5K 581 6

    I mean, I don't know why but I just had to make this. I have this weird thing for Mystogan that I for some reason don't have for jellal. I don't know why. Well whatever. It's a Mystogan x reader. For those who don't know him that well: He is the hooded S-class wizard from fairy tail, And if you don't know him that wel...

  • Beautiful Monster
    11.7K 278 11

    Standing out from your town, wanting such a fantastic life from what you have now everything was about to change. Just not in the way you expected. Natsu X Reader AU

  • Jerza: Babysitting?!!??
    61.9K 1.5K 11

    When Jellal turns into a baby by some spell that attacked him while he was in battle, its up to Erza to babysit him! Problem is she knows nothing about babys...and the spell lasts 2 days! Find out what happens when erza has some awkward yet cute situations with baby jellal as she tries to baby sit him. -COMPLETE-

  • Fairy Tail various x reader
    212K 5.5K 36

    All your favorite boys (well most of them anyway) from guilds and you ;3 :)

  • Naruto In FairyTail
    54.2K 980 26

    When Naruto was fighting Kaguya, he was sucked into the vortex with her. But, instead of being sealed with her, he was sealed into a clock puzzle. One day, a women with red hair finds the puzzle and wants to solve it. But once she did, she was in for a big surprise. ...

  • Ascending (Sequel to Rock Bottom)
    118K 5.7K 34

    It's been two years since the Danzo incident. Two whole years since the members of Team 7 have had any interaction with one another. But when an emergency letter is sent from Suna informing them that Gaara has been kidnapped, they are quick to return to the Sand village to save their Kage. One thing leads t...

  • To Kill A King - (SasuNaru)
    9.2K 403 5

    Sasuke Uchiha is the king of Konoha. All his people worship him and believe he is a great king but within those people are individuals who want Sasuke dead. There are enemies in every corner, lurking around waiting for the next opportunity to take Sasuke out. Naruto Uzumaki is a amateur assassin. His mission is to tak...

  • I hate my ex.
    19.8K 726 4

    When Naruto and Sasuke are 19, Sasuke gets Naruto pregnant somehow. When Naruto confronts Sasuke to tell him, Sasuke was cheating on him with Ino. He runs off and leaves a note for Sasuke that says 'We're done'. Leaving America with two friends and goes to Australi where his family is. Who are the two friends? Will...

  • Please Forgive Me (Itanaru)
    45.6K 1.6K 8

    Naruto decided to go home early for his 2nd anniversary with his boyfriend, Uchiha Itachi. And he had good news as well. He's pregnant!! But when he arrived home his boyfriend was laying in bed with someone else on top of him. His distant cousin, Uzumaki Karin was having sex with Itachi. Immediately he bolted and neve...

  • The Difference
    45.8K 1.6K 6

    Naruto was an ugly-duckling back when he was 16 years old. Being a nerd and a bit on the over-weight side he got bullied like no tomorrow. Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, and the rest of them being his bullies. Well except Kiba, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Shino, Choji, Rock lee,Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. Having enough with it, he...

  • Don't Leave Me On Read Bitch| SasuNaru Kik
    9.8K 396 11

    "Get On Kik" is how this book even became a thought. This book with all new conversations and more. We got irl shit going down too. Get ready for some more crazy ass conversations. (If you haven't read "Get On Kik" although I recommend reading it, it is perfectly fine to read this before you read it.) •Warning: Contai...

  • SasuNaru - Stockholm Syndrome
    213K 4.4K 13

    When Naruto and his team goes on a mission to find Sasuke, only to be ambushed by the Sadistic uchiha himself.

  • Crazy Love
    333 24 2

    "All these years, I have been living with lies." He muttered absent minded. Naruto crumbled into pieces after processing the words that left his mouth. He doesn't know what was true or not from all those years anymore. Two questions remained. What should he do now that he knows the truth? Who should he stay with? 8/2...

  • Mr. Uchiha
    54.8K 1.9K 21

    Naruto and Sasuke met when they were younger. An experience Sasuke was never going to forget. When they meet again it's as teacher and student. Will a romance arise? Will someone get in the way? Will this story be better than my last ones? Most likely no haha. Anyways read, please ~(*o*)~ "You're nothing to me neve...

  • Naruto Kik...Adventures?
    3.9K 184 8

    I don't fucking know. Wild shit. Please help me.

  • Kik, or Nah? [SASUNARU] || [BOYXBOY]
    51.7K 3.4K 19

    'so if I was with you rn, what would you do? ;)'

  • The Heir Of Uzushio: Naruto Fan Fiction (Up For Adoption)
    145K 4.5K 31

    The Uzumaki clan isn't extinct, they have been in hiding rebuilding their village and now they are ready to make a grand entrance.

  • Defectors of the Leaf
    129K 4.5K 9

    Hiruzen Sarutobi is furious. He's done! The Citizen Council has taken it too far this time. When he finds out that Naruto had been living on the streets for a year after getting kicked out of the orphanage at five, he's ready to take action. But when it comes out that the citizen council has been going behind his back...

  • 《こんいちわ》「Naruto Fanfiction」
    5K 209 2

    [Please comment in the comment section about if I've improved so far or not ^^. Warning; Sasunaru, Yaoi, Seme! Sasuke, Uke! Naruto, etc. This plot belongs to Ciel_Rider. Do not take away credit if used, ありがとございます♡] Naruto isn't what people think he is. He's human, yes, he's no demon, yes, he's a one of a kind, definit...