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  • Love in rodeo
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    April Tuner a four time national barrel racing champion and Nick Smith a four time bull riding champion had married and had a beautiful daughter named May. May being just like her mother she is wild at heart. She loves the rodeo and loves barrel racing just like mother. But one of the few things that are different bet...

  • Psychotic ✓
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    #1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me dangerous too." Copyright© liarsdiaries ™2016 ***will be edited soon***

  • A real CATCH (Garroth x Reader)
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    Y/N, a talented softball pitcher, joins her junior year of Highschool in a new school because of a scholarship. By chance her internet bestfriend, Katelyn, goes to that same school. The baseball Captain, Garroth Ro'meave, who also runs the school with his popularity and good looks, ends up head over heels for Y/N. But...

  • Cowgirls Don't Cry
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    #1 in Cowgirl #1 in Rodeo #1 in Cowboy Luke Anderson is a good ol' country boy, but also a professional bull rider. His life is devoted to the PBR lifestyle, but he also helps his mom at the family ranch. Jamie Jackson is a sweet, but kickass country girl, and one of the top five barrel racers in the world and she'...

  • The Last Virgin Standing
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    (COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the mysterious bad boy; Alec Jennings, the all-star athlete; Ian Jameson, the cocky rich guy; Beckett Cartwright, the renowned genius; and Lucas Chandler, her...

  • emo memes
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    just a bunch of emo memes so yeah

  • emo memes
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    Your typical emo dose

  • Depressed Poems
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    Depressed poems from other people, and me