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  • X•Letter•X {suicidal deku au}
    117K 2.7K 10

    Bakugou picked up a letter- almost exploding the crumpled up paper when he spotted the four letters 'deku'. But then he read it-... "....d-dEKU!!" ... *i update every 1 to 2 days depending on how long the chapter is ;)*

  • The Wolf Demon's Story (Kiba Inuzuka Love Story)
    74.5K 2.5K 21

    Kimiko Hatake was kidnapped as a child by Orochimaru and was made an experiment. She soon escapes and somehow wanders back home. With the wolf demon trapped inside her, she faces many dangers along the way.

  • Rock Lee x Blind!Reader Beautiful
    98.3K 4.8K 17

    You weren't born blind. But by the time you were four your vision was completely gone. Most people think that you won't ever become a ninja. They don't say it to your face, but you know. One boy, however, has the utmost faith in you. His name is Lee. And you love him more than anything.

  • A Little Too Late | BNHA
    301 16 2

    He wanted to ask what happened, Tell him he was sorry, Ask what he could do to make it better, If there was anything he could do at all, But as he watched him laugh, Watched him smile, Watched him look so much happier than he ever did with him- He saw all too clearly that is was, In fact, 'A Little Too Late.' ...

  • 'My Assassination Academia' BNHA X AC CROSSOVER
    108K 2.3K 15

    Two popular Anime's crossover in the most unlikely of times. In Tokyo, Japan, Government officials have been secretly experimenting with reality class Quirks. But due to a malfunction to their equipment, a dimension merging Quirk was accidentally... {Assassination Classroom and Boku No Her...

  • A Ghoul at AU Academy (My Hero Academia x Male Ghoul Reader)
    19.7K 343 4

    y/n l/n was a normal student with no quirk, until one day he got into an accident, which caused him to lose a lot of blood. He was saved when a ghoul give him some blood to survive. When he woke up, he notice that he have become a One-Eyed Ghoul.

  • Mutation [Boku no Hero Academia]
    41.3K 1.2K 8

    [Boku no Hero Academia] [Various X Reader] She was normal, until she was forced to undergo different experiments in order to be the most powerful villain there could ever be. Her hopes for the future was slowly being pulled into darkness until she met them, Heroes. She entered U.A High in hopes of restarting for the b...

  • Crazed » BNHA Fanfic
    103K 3.8K 17

    "She was a lost cause, Deku." Calling her crazy is an understatement. That's all you need to know. ~ Cover by @xxxRavenKnightxxx ! Tysm, check her profile out, her book is really good!

  • Here Comes The Meme: My Hero Academia - Meme Reader
    148K 4.2K 25

    (Y/N) is one to live above the law for fun, and being born into a dangerous life, he is recruited by the League of Villains... for a chapter or two. Warning: There's a whole lotta memes here buckaroo.

  • Odd One's Out [Boku No Hero Academia x Reader]
    104K 2K 22

    (y/n) is cute, pretty, and powerful. The only girl who's a multiple quirk yielder, makes her better than the rest. All too powerful. But, what if this 'perfect' girl has a history with the 'League of Villains'? How will Class 1-A and B, help her? How deep will they be able to dig? (under some heavy editing)

  • Suicidal
    7.6K 238 33

    She can't decide. She can't think straight. She's lost and alone. And she wants to remain alone. Not until the most popular guy in her school decided to follow and interfere everything she do just to make sure she's not taking her life. "I'm not!! Okay?!" Is she really a suicidal? Or not? [Thanks to @myshatae for the...

  • Suicidal girl
    9.2K 213 13

    He saved me from suicide. He was Jeon Jungkook.

  • Sayonara ♤ MYG
    81.3K 2.9K 57

    mariah go away ◆completed

    Completed   Mature
  • 7 Days // min yoongi~ ✓
    28.5K 1.1K 7

    She took a deep breath, and put one leg from the bridge when she suddenly heard out a cry. "Stop!" A booming but deep voice cried out. She turned around shocked to see Yoongi grab her hand and pull her away from the edge. 안녕 this is my 2nd story ever so its still gonna be bad 😂 but please tell me your feedback ❤ #wat...

  • >[todoroki x suicidal reader]< -my hero Academia-❤
    3.1K 77 7

    i am a big fan of todoroki and his back story! <3 i thought it would cool to make a todoroki x reader! sorry for miss spelling this is my first time doing this so hope you enjoy! I would like to warn you though there is lots of cussing, blood and violence just want to make sure that you guys love you! ❤ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • [Rock Lee x Reader] Because You Are Precious to Me
    113K 3.8K 29

    You have moved from the Sound Village in hope for a new life in the the Hidden Leaf village. With Naruto being the first Shinobi you met you were excited to see all the other ninja around there. When Naruto brings you to a sparring match you agreed and he tells you watch out because soon you were going to meet the str...

  • Death's Front Door ((Shino X Reader))
    85.3K 4K 44

    It was all a wasted life since my dad left but an accident sends me to another terrifying world of ninja and fighting! This is all so crazy! Plus this guy can't make up his mind. First he likes me then he hates me! How can I survive all this? Oh yea... Plus the fact that I'm dead. ♚[© 2016 | @ApocalypticGameWriter]♛

  • Guilt (Karma x suicidal reader)
    31.4K 839 17

    Th moment she stepped into the classroom his eyes widen. It was the girl he had the hurt the most. The one who was done with the world and had tried to taken her own life But why was she still so kind to him?

  • Live On... (Rock Lee x Reader) {DISCONTINUED}
    44.9K 1.4K 24

    (Y/n) (L/n) is new to Konohagakure, and she meets some pretty interesting Ninja..! But one boy in particular perks her interest... Rock Lee. He wants to protect (Y/n) with all he has, with all his heart, with his Life. (Y/n) has a special demon inside of her, just like Naruto; and many Ninja are after that power... In...

  • Juuzou one-shots
    7.3K 89 8

    ~requests are open~ No lemons Have fun reading

  • Anime Characters x Reader [ SLOW UPDATES !]
    23.7K 286 11

    Hi and welcome.

  • Assassination Classroom X Reader
    493K 5.2K 65

    This is my first anime fan fiction so I hope you will enjoy.I am taking requests as to characters you want me to do.I will be doing lemon lime and fluff if asked as to so be brave and tell me who you want a story on.It could be any gender aswell.So it could be a guy x guy or a girl x girl

  • Secret [Jungkook x Suicidal Male Reader AU]
    13.8K 729 8

    Tomorrow, keep walking. We're too young to stop. * Jungkook is the new boy at Greendale Secondary school. And anyone can tell he's gay. But he thought he was transferring to a school better than his old one. But maybe he transferred to a worse one, because every boy is a bully, and every girl, a bitch. Jungkook is t...

  • Natsu X Reader
    7.4K 277 8

    Natsu is your lifelong crush but there. Are so many obstacles to overcome before you can be a happy couple

  • Deku (Villain Deku Fanfic)
    26.8K 789 7

    Deku a name given to Izuku Midoriya since childhood. A name meaning worthless. A name given to him because he was quirkless. • Years pass and the name had changed. Became something he wore proudly. The meaning of the name changed along with him. It became his hero name. • But who knew that name's meaning along with...

  • Are you bulletproof? | BTS
    224K 6.2K 28

    You're a girl member in BTS, finally able to make recognition after your Wings comeback. There were more negative than positivity coming your way, with hate from Fans and struggles in a group. Rumours and stress like any idol will go through, has now come to you. A fierce love interest and unknown friendships grows mo...

  • Is Anybody Home? [BTS Suicidal FF]
    613 8 3

    Hola. I'm not spansish don't worry. Dont critisize my gRaMMeR.

  • BTS X Deep Reader
    50.3K 1.2K 30

    When you see a member of BTS, how do you imagine they'll handle you being in a abusive relationship or starving or possibly trying to commit suicide?.. And that's just a few scenarios that this story holds.. Each chapter is a one shot for each member, ENJOY!

  • {Tear Stains} BTS x Male reader(suicidal)
    128K 3.3K 35

    Depression isn't something I can just get over. I swear I tried but they won't go away. Those voices. They keep telling me... telling me to jump. Not my picture. Credits to illustrator.

  • Run away//K.T.H\\BTS//FF\\
    2.2K 73 4

    When u have had enough When u want to RUN AWAY you right a letter And put it in the woods Hopefully someone sees it Reads It And Cares enough to respond Are they enough to help you Will they stick around Read the story to find out... ⚠️ suicide like my other stories Abuse suicide attempts thoughts and actions c...