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  • Field Trips to Stark Industries One Shots
    272K 5.6K 31

    Peter and his class go on field trips to Stark Industries and well they never go as Peter planned.

  • Peter + Memes = Confused Avengers
    73.1K 2.7K 17

    Title says it all previously was Peter and Shuri being memes

  • Safe and Sound -Superfamily
    40.2K 821 20

    Steve and Tony were married after the fight in new york and other missions Nick Fury had for the team. Now Steve wants to adopt a child so after a day or two of figuring out what to say to Tony he said that he wanted the same thing, when they got to the orphanage they saw a cute kid named Peter Parker with his brother...

  • Baby Spider
    631K 14.8K 98

    Peter gets turned into a baby and the the Avengers take care of him. I suck at descriptions but there is gonna be a lot of fluff also Dad! Tony soooo yeah The cover was made by @iiwolfed they're extremely talented and so so so sweet go read their book!

  • You Can Let Go Now Daddy
    407K 14.1K 36

    After finding out 5 year old Peter Parker has been alone and molested most of his life, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to be the best parent the kid has ever had. Luckily there's no competition because parenting is harder than it looks. Featuring 5 year old Peter Parker, Dad Tony Stark, Mom Pepper Potts, Uncle Happy...

  • Peter Parker. Red eyed boy....
    84.4K 3.9K 15

    Peter turned 16... and let's just say some weird things have been happening. Why are his eyes red?? So I started this out in my one shot book but decided it would be super fun to do separately as it's own book... Started updating again! Please read lol

  • Marvel One-Shots
    336K 11K 45

    A book full of Marvel One-Shots. Most of them will be about Peter Parker, as he's the most precious cinnamon roll. Will have loads of ships, there's something for everyone (I hope). Don't copy without permission and/or credit. That's all, have fun!

  • spiderson oneshots
    1.9M 66.2K 181

    cringy ass one-shots starring peter parker and the mcu cast warning ⚠️: VERY mature content this whole book is a massive trigger warning |#1| in #aou |#1| in #avenging |#1| in #infinitywar |#1| in #monsters |#1| in #headaches |#1| in #triggerwarning |#1| in #pepperpotts |#1| in #depression [all characters unless state...

  • Star Crossed Enemies - *Published and Updated*
    1.6M 17.8K 20

    NOW PUBLISHED! Find it on Amazon (paperback and ebook) and Barnes & Noble (paperback and hardback). TOP 100 in Barnes & Noble's Romance Bestsellers List! This is an excerpt of the published book which is an updated version of the original Wattpad story. New content and a new ending to go with the sequel, Star Crossed...

  • Little Spy | Peter Parker ✓
    2.2M 78.5K 58

    [unedited/written several years ago] ❝SOME WOULD SAY I'M POSSESSED, YEAH, BUT I'll CONFESS I'VE JUST BEEN OBSESSED WITH LIFE AND DEATH AND THE EMPTINESS INSIDE - CAN'T YOU SEE A CHANGE IN ME?❞ | How does one find a balance between finding yourself and being who everyone wants you to be at the same time? Freya Knight...

  • Peter Parker, Spider-Man one shots
    496K 15.1K 43

    Just a bunch of Peter Parker/Spider-Man oneshots that include: -IronDad -Mama Spider -Bullies -Field Trips -Avengers family! -crushes! -friends! -and a bunch of cute fluffy things (And angst of course) Completed book (unless I suddenly get motivation and ideas again) <3 The cover art is from @Meltyartz instagram I...

  • The Red Door
    509K 20.6K 28

    When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ***** Since she was seven, Mollie Cutright has known two truths: she loves Howard Flynn and...