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  • Ninjago Husband Scenarios!!!
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    Alright hey everyone PixaneFangurl here, and im back to bring you.... NINJAGO HUSBAND SCENARIOS!!!! I cant believe this actually went so far, let alone i completed the boyfriend scenarios in the first place. Remember i am a very slow updater due to school and other issues, but it doesnt mean i wont stop the book compl...

  • Ketchup, Rainbows, and a Wonderfully Stupid Ship: Sans x Mabel ONESHOTS
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    Welp, you guys asked for it, so here it is. Sans x Mabel Oneshots. Its been about one year since i started the "Underfalls" series, and to everyone who enjoyed it, a lot of you said you liked the Crack Ship Sans x Mabel. And a lot of you also said that you were dissapointed when the series ended. Well, here to satisf...

  • Book of Artz! 2
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    More artz, since I filled up the last book. Hope you enjoy!

  • PixaneFangurl's Book Of Tags! (and some other stuff)
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    Cuz why not? Here you go (this was originally just a book made for tags, but recently, Ive been adding other things besides them, like original works that come out of nowhere. So yeah, its some stuff that i hope you like)

  • Just some random one shots (REQUESTS OPEN)
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    Lets just see how long this lasts... Hey guys, PixaneFangurl here, and this has been a huge request from my friend! She said i should do this since i wont be restricted to one fandom, and i wont have to worry about much plot. This is more of a multi-fandom one shot book, and since i only have one other oneshot book ou...

  • Warriors: Brightheart's Dream
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    Brightpaw is young and strong, and almost too ready to become a warrior, along with her fellow apprentice and friend, Swiftpaw. But it seems when a pack of dogs attacks the two cats, kills Swiftpaw, and rips half of her face off, it seems that Brightpaw's life will never be the same. Will Brightpaw ever get the chance...

  • Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios :D (Reboot?)
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    Just a reboot of boyfriend scenarios I got rid of a year ago, due to threats and self embarressmant. Enjoy!

  • Anime Reviews: My thoughts on every anime I have completed thus far
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    Just as the title says: I'll be reviewing every anime I have completed thus far. I won't be doing requests at the moment, because I have a huge to-watch list, so just hang in there until I get it down a little. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

  • Underfalls: Story of the Souls: BOOK 1: Paitence is a Virtue
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    "Hey," Sans reached a bony finger out to lift the girl's chin. "Make sure you come back and see me, alright? After all, we still have the -" "WHAT ABOUT OUR DATE! I STILL OWE YOU THAT!" Mabel giggled as she gave us one last hug. "Ill miss you guys too." As the twins went to go board on the bus, my brother stopped Dipp...

  • Drabbles
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    Just a place to drabble stuff... Just as the title suggests