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    [ Highest Rank #1 Boyfriend ] [ Highest Rank #2 Demons ] [ Highest Rank #3 Psycho ] [ Highest Rank #5 Husband ] [ Highest Rank #5 Boyfriend ] [ Highest Rank #7 Stephen James ] [ Highest Rank #8 Demons ] Daewon Zale She looked at my demon in the eye and smiled. He bows down to her. She calms him down. He will kill for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsession
    76.9K 1.5K 30

    🌹Augusta, Western Australia, Australia 🌹 Alexander (Alex) Volkov,19, was born into the rich world and always got what he wanted. No one ever said no to him. He wasn't exactly a jerk but wasn't afraid to put you in your place if you stepped out of line. He was rather hard to resist with his brownish black hair, impre...

  • The Lone Survivor
    850K 39.5K 50

    "You sure he's here?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Can't you smell him? And haven't you heard about the young leopard shifter who's been spotted around these parts? Talk is that he's the lone survivor, and he's going to be ours" ~~~ My name is Fabian Davies, and I am a rogue leopard shifter. But it wasn't always this way. I used...

  • My Mate Is My Devil Of A Boss
    63.5K 1.8K 18

    I walked into The Anderson Corporation of Finances Building smelling a lot of humans but a hint of werewolves. I became scared of the thought of werewolves here and almost turned around. Thora said there is no way we are going to run away just because of a bunch of dogs are here and after all of those late nights s...

  • The Dark Alpha
    752K 21.5K 30

    "Worlds change when eyes meet" ~ "He is powerful. And he is beautiful. He is The Dark King." A King. Ruling a powerful kingdom. A revered and feared King. Who has the world at his feet. The most powerful shapeshifter to ever walk this earth. The Moon Goddess's greatest creation. But behind his cold facade lies a l...

  • My Mate Is Daddy
    4M 100K 47

    It was the most delightful smell I could ever smell right there behind that door. Suddenly everything stops and the only thing that I can see is that door. I swiftly open the door to meet the eyes of the most handsome man I've ever seen. "Mate," I whisper hypnotized by his darken almost black eyes at the sight of me. ...

    Completed   Mature
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    **Now adapted into a game in Chapters!** "We need to talk," he said. I looked at the floor. "No we don't." "I need you to look at me," he whispered taking a step towards me. "Nathan-" "Look at me," he interrupted. He was being so demanding, why was that so hot? I sighed but forced myself to look up and meet his gaze...

  • His Angel, Her Devil
    231K 7K 18

    What happens when your worst nightmare becomes the thing you love most. Well that's what happens to Ali Winters when she moves to New York for Uni. She didn't expect her life to be turned upside down by one person 'him' Damian Knight is prince of darkness, he is heir to the most feared and dangerous mafia in America...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thea & The Wolf
    735K 27.7K 33

    ✔ Completed ✔ A walk in woods could change your fate. After a brutal attack Thea wakes up in a dream world, but not all dreams are sweet. Mature content⚠️, Romance, alpha male, Innocent heroine Not fully edited

    Completed   Mature
  • Isabella
    339K 6.7K 24

    Isabella, The definition of innocence The light in everyone's darkness The only one pure enough to save a monster herself But who knows? What if she gets swallowed into the darkness as the saves everyone What if she becomes the monster she was meant to save? Who knows what could happen at this point. Read to find o...

  • Dragon's Treasure (Book 1)
    1.2M 42.2K 19

    "She was the girl who longed for the freedom of the dragon, and he was the dragon who longed to be a man." A heroine reclaiming her fate. A dragon with a secret. A prince on a quest. Olivia flees to the forest seeking freedom from her family's demands. She finds refuge in a cave, only to discover it is a dragon's lair...

  • My Angelic Mate
    35.7K 765 11

    Ethan moved to a new town for a new job, only to get fired the second day when he refuses to go on a date with his supervisor. Once he realizes he has no idea where he is in town he decides to explore, only to find more than he could have ever asked for. Not a normal story, dominating female and submissive man. Most...

    Completed   Mature
  • Older Brothers | ✓
    2.6M 105K 41

    1st Place Teen Fiction in the Earnesty Writer's Awards 2017 ❝Some people aren't meant to be saved.❞ Aria has grown up all her life with abusive foster parents. Living with the feeling of worthlessness is all she has known for the past fourteen years. As her fosterers drag her into a new community after running away fr...

  • His Best Mistake (Devils #1)
    14.8M 423K 50

    When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be found 6 year later, fate brings them together Joe "Devil" Collision is the boss of the biggest dangerous mafia in the world, he has no time for romance...

  • Rejecting the Alpha
    24.6M 775K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • The Alpha's Kitten
    266K 5.3K 15

    One day I was playing on the the swings all alone, when I feel off them. I start to cry, but I feel two strong arms pick me up cradling me to a equally strong chest. I look up through my tears to see it's none other than Alpha Hunter, I freak out trying to get out of his grip. He growls and I instantly bare my neck i...

  • My Brother is my Mate
    2.6M 62.4K 37

    [grammar mistakes are included... Sorry, working on it] "This doesn't make sense." I whispered, my hand on the door knob. "We can't tell mom and dad." He whispered back into the darkness. "You can't be my mate!?" I hissed back "your my brother." "I'm not going to resist the Sparks April," He growled, but continued "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Consigned
    784K 23K 34

    Erin Thomas is 23, and expecting. She lives with her boyfriend,Dean, and cannot wait to bring her baby into this world and live happily ever after. Dean has no desires to be a father. When Erin tells him she's pregnant, he begs her to have an abortion, but she refuses. He gives her an ultimatum, the baby or him. Enzo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cursed Rogue Alpha (EDITING)
    742K 19.8K 58

    Amma Martin runs away from her pack to flee from the Alpha her parents promised her to. she accidentally enters the nightwalkers territory a Rogue pack that is cursed by the moon goddess for all the war and destruction they've caused. she knows the scary story of the nightwalkers, of the bloodthirsty Alpha who is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Protector #1
    2.7M 82.9K 41

    *UNDERGOING EDITING* *COMPLETED* HIGHEST RANKING #14 TEEN FICTION/ #5 HUMOUR/ #2 CHICKLIT/ #1 CLICHE "Your skin is so soft." He muttered trailing his lips down my neck. I gulp as his hands grip my small waist. He moved his hands down to my bum and put me so I was straddling his hips. My hands lay on his chest as he k...

  • Delicacy [EDITING]
    2.5M 67.6K 43

    Coming from an abusive household, Meredith Hill makes up her mind to finally escape. She runs till she meets a family friend who decides to take her in as one of her own. When high school is added to the mix, she must learn how to cope with her past as well as making friends. The bad boy of Woodland High, Reid Taylor...

    Completed   Mature
  • His One And Only Queen🌌🔱.(1st Book)
    75.1K 1.8K 31

    Lilly is shy and most of the time quiet.When her mother dies her father starts to drink and starts to abuse her.what will happen when she meets Alex?. Alex is the next alpha to be.Always the best of the best can have any girl he wants.But what will happen when he finds out Lilly is his mate?.Will he accept her or reje...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Possession | #1✔
    4.9M 153K 53

    |HIGHEST RANK #1 IN TEEN FICTION| * When a Good girl meets a Bad boy, things are about to get cheesy and cute* when Amelia Greene heard the rumours about the new Bad Boy in town, she was curious but what she didn't know was that her dog Hulk would work in some twisted way to make her path cross with the Bad Boy it...

  • His Flower
    6.3M 172K 52

    Copyrighted 2014 #1 in Teens ~In the process of rewriting~ ~CHECK OUT THE REWRITE, its written far better~ Seriously the writing in this one is SO bad. "I will always protect you, Roza." Having a normal childhood was completely foreign to the two polar opposites Rosalyn Summers and Rex Turner. Both grew up with ter...

  • Tutoring the Bad Boy
    6.2M 143K 59

    [#1 in Fiction][complete] Kaitlyn MacDonald. Your typical nerd. Shy, smart, and more than a little bit awkward. Tutors for extra credit, even though she doesn't need it. Drew McCarthy. Your typical bad boy. Basketball jock, extremely attractive, and has more girls' numbers than missing homework. And he never does hi...

  • Beauty And Her Beast
    1.9M 62.9K 44

    He never wanted to be good, until he met her. He liked the feeling of fighting, until he met her. He liked being feared by everyone, until he met her. His favorite game was Russian Roulette, until he met her. He was who he was and never felt guilty about any of the horrible thin...

  • Thorn (Carmichael Series #5)✔️
    2.6M 91.8K 35

    THE FIFTH AND FINAL BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES - CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE (MUST read Scar On My Heart first) Growing up in a house torn by deceit and disaster, Tansy Nicole didn't believe in love. She'd only seen two examples of it in her entire life until now. On one hand was her mother, who had her heart t...

  • Miracle (Carmichael Series #4)✔️
    854K 32.6K 11

    FOURTH BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES Brock Carmichael has been wandering through life (and more specifically beds...) ever since he was a senior in high school. Against his parents' wishes, he moved to upscale New York right out of college to get a fresh start. But then a few years later, life decided to throw him a h...

  • League of Her Own (Carmichael Series #2)✔️
    5.2M 162K 38

    SECOND BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES Troy is just like his dad in the respect that he goes after whatever he wants, and he always gets it. He's been struggling in school ever since he was a kid. With having dyslexia, it made making it to college nearly impossible, not to mention along with being the top athlete at his...

  • Knox's Girl (Carmichael Series #1)✔️
    21.5M 519K 42

    "Get the fuck out of my house!" my dad shouted. "Gladly. But, before I go, I have just one thing to say; you've never been a good father. You've always treated Poppy and her mother like absolute shit." "You know nothing about being a father, you little prick!" "Yeah? Well, your innocent little girl calls me daddy w...

    Completed   Mature