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    WARNING UNDER CONSTRUCTION - [REWRITING/EDITING] With the exception of Mirabella Plunkett in the 1800s, the idea of merfolk and wizarding kind mingling together was unheard of, and otherwise, considered to be taboo. Up until she the age of ten, Nixie Dover believes she is nothing more than a regular witch living with...

  • Count The Stars
    200K 11.3K 43

    Elijah Rosen, an introverted seventeen year old with a love for football, sneaks out almost every night to get away from the problems he faces during the day. He feels like his anxiety is taking over his life, and the only place he can go to escape it is the pitch black night right outside his window where he can be...

  • Breathe [bxb] ✓
    22.1K 2.1K 26

    A lot has changed since Kiri has left to go back home, and Asher finds himself struggling to move on. Tired of battling his demons, he secludes himself from everyone else, promising never to let someone get that close again. Not finding peace at home, Kiri makes the sudden decision to come back and spend the summer w...

  • Misfits [bxb] ✓
    60.2K 3.5K 29

    Life is full of surprises - and not all of them are good. Kiri Yan has learned that the hard way when his parents announce their sudden divorce and that they need a little time for themselves, sending him off to live with his biological father for a year. What starts as a temporary solution to a permanent problem turn...

  • Feral (Book 1, the Feral Series)
    145K 10.2K 35

    Stripped of his identity and branded a "feral" shapeshifter, inmate C41 fights to gain his freedom - even if it means hunting those who are just like him. ***** Inmate C41 is the youngest registered "feral" -- someone unable to control his animal ur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Knight
    2.4M 100K 55

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] Mason Maloney has lived his whole life in the shadow of his twin brother, Nathan, star quarterback of the football team. While Nathan impresses everyone in town with his athleticism, Mason spends his afternoons working at the local bakery. His rather mundane life becomes more interesting when his...

  • You Can't Choose (BoyxBoy)
    98.2K 5.8K 35

    Collier has never needed many people in his life. His two best friends had always been there for him, and his father made up for the support that his mother lacked, but when both of his friends find them self's in serious relationships, and his mother forced Cole to live with her after his parents divorce, Collier fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Luck of Ezra Graham ✓
    142K 8.1K 35

    Ezra Graham is unlucky. Especially in the relationship department. He's always told by his exes that he's "too cold," "seemingly uninterested," and other variations of those excuses. No one really understands him except for his best friend (and only friend), Colin. And when Colin invites him out to pizza as consolati...

  • A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Love Conquers All series) ORIGINAL VERSION
    324K 25K 84

    NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL version. The revised version, which includes multiple added scenes and extended storylines, will be published on amazon as two separate books (A Thin Line Between Love & Hate / A Short Distance Between Heaven & Hell). The revised versions may or may not be uploaded onto wattpad, I haven't ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Freedom's Ascension [LGBTQA] ✓
    43.8K 3.9K 67

    Book II of the Libertas Series. Kit Derore, brother of the Chosen One, has returned to the city in disgrace. Standing against charges of arson, desertion and murder, Kit must choose whether to go against everything he knows and wants in order to save his own life. Even worse, there is a series of attacks on those that...

  • From The Other Side ✓
    247K 15K 40

    Isaiah Carr's day-to-day life went like this: wake up, go to school, then eat, sleep, breathe baseball. He didn't have time for relationships or going out over the weekends. His life revolved around keeping his grades up and playing the game, striving for a scholarship to get away from Texas. He never thought he'd fi...

  • A Woman's Best Friend
    1.6M 72.4K 78

    When Allie is in need of a new seeing eye dog, she is set up with one that nobody else wants. He's big, scruffy, playful and very intuitive. And from what she can feel and her friends tell her, he looks like he should be an attack-dog for the police, not a guide dog for a blind girl. It's a dog that will change...

  • After Midnight
    1.3M 2.3K 1

    A con-artist witch joins forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom. GENRES: Fantasy // Mystery // Romance

  • Freedom's Pyre [LGBTQA] ✓
    69.4K 3.4K 48

    Book I of the Liberia's Series. Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. When his brother finally starts to face his destiny. Kit starts to realize what he's been told all his life - about proph...

  • Shooting Hearts
    377K 19.8K 53

    Two teens rival love and basketball in the buzzing city of Akron, Ohio, where the love of the game is the greatest source of pride for two enemy high schools.

  • The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers [PUBLISHED]
    1.7M 67.5K 46

    PUBLISHED ON AMAZON AND ON TAPAS! **NEW EDITED VERSION** Coral Peterson suffers from an abusive past and is living in an area ruled by two rival gangs. The Simpsons and the Santiagos. Each of the seven Simpson brothers are influenced by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it was just by chance that one night Coral happ...

  • Hero by Day
    142K 9.7K 25

    Oliver Storm is just your average American teenager. Well, unless you count the fact that he's actually White Lightning, sidekick to the notorious superhero Captain Impossible. But after a faulty save that leaves Captain Impossible dead, Oliver is left to be his city's savior in spandex. And following in the footste...

  • The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓
    12.8M 584K 54

    "You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the insults, I choose one that makes the least sense? Damn it, why couldn't I just have been born normal... Wait, never mind. Psh, screw sanity. "Can we keep her?" Tyler sud...

  • The Warlock
    171K 10.5K 31

    Logain is dying. He knows that he won't be around for much longer because of his illness and his life has been more than unsatisfactory. He hasn't done anything worthwhile and he hasn't found true love. When Princess Selene asks him to find her oldest brother, he doesn't believe that things will get any better. ...

  • Boy/Boy Problems
    141K 6.5K 26

    [Complete] Australian Popstar Teddy King is faced with an impossible decision after his best friend Luke reveals a secret that causes people to ask Teddy questions he doesn't want to answer. Teddy doesn't know what he's going to do, but he knows his life is never going to be the same and all because of a simple tweet...

  • The Medium Kid
    627K 57.1K 78

    (BxB) "I don't believe in ghosts," Koda whispered. "Well," Alfie twisted the ring on his index finger. An excited shine returned to his eyes. His crush had never stared for so long, "would you believe me if I said that your mother is standing right behind you?" A week after Alfie's crush loses his parent, they are for...

  • The Time Traveller Next Door
    12.8K 473 5

    Clementine Hardy, a fifteen year old girl still reeling from the death of her mother, stumbles across the old house at Port Haven one hot summer's day and discovers that it's not as abandoned as everyone thinks... There she meets Rupert Holt, an accidental time traveller from the roaring twenties who is desperately tr...

  • Blind Attraction [one]
    4.4M 149K 34

    A car accident leaves Marley Lebeau with temporary blindness. For four weeks, she's stuck in hospital trying to learn how to eat, walk, and move without her eyes. Making the decision to stay, she's given a roommate as a clear distraction. Behold Blair Evans; a bubbly, over-eater who sprains an ankle from a little fal...

  • The Summer I Drowned (SEA GLASS)
    1.2M 61.4K 34

    [First draft. To be published by Wattpad Books in 2020. Shortlisted for the 2018 Watty Awards. Formerly known as SEA GLASS] It's been eight years since Olivia Catheart nearly drowned in the waters of Caldwell Beach, urging her parents to move her far away from the sea to the safe confines of the city. Olivia left behi...

  • Street Rats
    5.3M 166K 59

    Kelsie's family is taking in five brothers from London to help them get rid of their bad ways and re-start their lives as more polite and civilised young men. Kelsie being a well-off country girl with high standards and the boys being nothing like she expected, things go from bad to worse in the first few days. But th...

  • Once Upon a Bathroom Stall
    3.8M 274K 44

    ❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway to a good time, and unless you're trying to say that a bathroom stall is lying to me, I think I need a little more information to be sold. Do you have like a yelp page I could look up? Past customer review...

  • Oakleaf Academy For Boys [BxB]
    1.4M 84.9K 47

    Treat them like prisoners and they'll behave like prisoners. Oakleaf Academy was a prison. No matter how you described it, no one would believe it was a boarding school. The kids were running wild, fighting, dealing and screwing their life's up beyond repair. It was for the roughest and toughest boys in the country, c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rich Kids
    46.6K 1.3K 24

    When six college students win the lottery, their lives change. Food fights, weird marriages and death jokes are what these millionaires are known for. Follow the perfect couple, the good boy, the ex hippie, the opinionated redhead and the perverted hottie in their insane and funny adventures, just trying to survive w...

  • Adam and Evie (Rewritten as The Real Evie Chase)
    4.9M 22.7K 10

    **WARNING: This is the story's first rough draft, written when I was around 15/16. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THE REWRITTEN VERSION!!! It's "The Real Evie Chase", which you can find on Wattpad** What happens when last year's nerd becomes Hollywood's next superstar? Before she became Evie Chase, Hollywood's...

  • How to Punch Soren McKinin | ✓
    7.7M 423K 54

    Soren McKinin; the disappointment of the family, the child his parents wished did not belong to them, the type fathers warned their daughters not to date. Anger issues, a heartless brute that got into fights and saw the world as dark grey, helpless and pointless lump of rock. He was incapable of happiness, of love. ...