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  • Dream Writer » Larry AU
    126K 7.7K 67

    [completed] "Why a butterfly?" "'Cause you're picturesque. Like a kaleidoscope." *** Louis Tomlinson, a film enthusiast with poor self-esteem and lack of social competence, finds his entire world flip upside down when he starts having amorous dreams of his newly gained friend, Harry Styles.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Influence - Boyxboy
    167K 7.7K 23

    It's no lie that Harry Styles has had a major crush on the bad boy Louis Tomlinson for quite a while now. Even though he knows he has no chance with the punk, it doesn't hurt to dream. But only now, it's not a dream, and he really wishes it was.

    Completed   Mature
  • Nobody, Nobody L.S./ Marcel Oneshot
    3.1K 151 1

    The one where Louis, a slutty cheer captain, is not pining after Harry but pining after his insecure brother. But he couldn't resist any of the Styles twins, could he? Warning: Smut Word Count: 7,004

  • Animal // Larry Stylinson
    111K 3.4K 36

    Stockholm Syndrome or Capture bonding is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy, sympathy, and have positive feelings toward their captors. Sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them. Harry Styles falls in love with his captor, Louis Tomlinson. And Louis might just have the sam...

  • Room Mates (Larry Stylinson)
    104K 5.2K 42

    It is Harry styles' freshmen year at uni and he is excited for the new year. That is, until he meets his room mate, Louis. Louis Tomlinson is a cocky fuckboy that Harry can't help but fall for. Background information: Niall and Harry have been friends since they were two and went to high school together. Liam, Zayn, E...

    Completed   Mature
  • SPACES [Editing]
    381K 23.7K 134

    Louis Tomlinson finds himself in a hotel room in Las Vegas with a ring around his finger and a marriage certificate which states that he's married to a man named Harry Edward Styles.

  • CamBoy (Larry Stylinson)
    141K 5.8K 15

    Harry is the biggest nerd at his school by day, but the most famous camboy by night. No one else knows about his after school hobby except for his mum, his sister and best friend Liam. Louis is the most popular person at school and is known for bulling the gay kid, Harry. No one but his best friends Niall and Zayn kno...

  • Mr. Coach (Larry)
    143K 7.4K 22

    Coach Louis Tomlinson is the head Soccer coach at South Bay High School. Mr. Harry Styles is a new math teacher. What will Louis do when he realizes he's falling for Harry? What will Harry do when he realizes his best-kept secret will eventually come out? Cover by @Annie-Joyce

    Completed   Mature
  • A Little Too Much // l.s.
    485K 21.7K 27

    ❝Marry me.❞ ❝What?❞

  • Falling For the Bad Boy (Larry Stylinson)
    595K 23K 49

    Harry Styles is a loner. He doesn't have any friends and is bullied frequently. Louis Tomlinson is a different story. He's popular, mainly because everyone is afraid of him, he has three best friends and girls falling at his feet. The only problem is Harry has a massive crush on Louis and frequently asks himself "why...

    Completed   Mature
  • Southside Serpent || Larry Stylinson AU
    47.6K 2.1K 24

    "They say all good boys go to heaven." I state, looking deep into the latter's green, lust filled eyes. "And the bad boys bring heaven to you." Harry growls into my ear, leaving me whimpering and shivering at the feeling of his minty breath mixed with nicotine on my face. "I want to show you," He states, looking int...

  • insane | larry (COMPLETED)
    8.3K 562 19

    [ completed ✔️ ] ❝ Did you hear that? ❞ Truth or dare is said to be a fun, innocent game played among children and young adults at parties or with friends, so no one expected two high-school boys lives to be at risk all because of one stupid dare. Or in which Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are two dim-witted, drunk...

    Completed   Mature
  • Atlas At Last
    29.5K 1.1K 10

    He doesn't know what he had been expecting out of the road trip itself besides burping contests and too much shitty gas station food with Oli and Stan, but in the brief moment before Harry ambles up his driveway, Louis idly wonders if this is about to become some sort of Gay Coming of Age story. Maine to California in...

    Completed   Mature
  • how to: steal someone's boyfriend. [larry stylinson] ✔️
    440K 23.9K 21

    harry is supposed to have a smooth year in college, but he can't help but pine over a guy that probably doesn't even return the feelings. ( BEAUTIFUL COVER MADE BY @-capetown THEYRE WONDERFUL )

  • courage // larry au // COMPLETED
    19.7K 677 32

    ❝You're so uptight all the time.❞ ❝If your pants weren't so tight all the time, resulting in me having to look out for you, I could actually have some fun myself.❞ Or the one where Harry is incapable of commitment and has new company every night which annoys his best friend Louis player!harry/bestfriend!louis au start...

  • take care of me // larry au
    8K 397 17

    ❝Take care of me.❞ ❝Only if you return the favor.❞ ❝In that case, give me a blowjob.❞ Or where Louis breaks his leg and ends up being stuck in the hospital with a stunning volunteer who is hurting behind a beaming smile patient!louis/volunteer!harry au started: 01/03/18

  • You're An Asshole (But I Love You)
    749K 29.9K 17

    College AU where Harry studies law and psychology. Louis is a philophobic frat boy who's majoring in acting, plays footie and needs tutoring in psychology. Of course they hate each other but that doesn't stop them from having a ridiculous amount of sexual tension. or Louis is a frat boy with a drinking problem who doe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cocks & Cocktails // l.s
    9.9K 615 10

    Where Liam is whipped, Niall is a sassy bartender and Zayn goes by the name of Kitty, but mostly where Harry likes Louis' cocktails, but Louis just wants his cock. Until he doesn't. Larry Stylinson (with a side of Ziam) Short story ©️ larry_smilinson With moral support of @princessblou, can't believe I put up with you...

  • Hairy Stylez | l.s
    297K 13.7K 40

    where harry is a hairdresser and louis is his client ♡

    244K 12.6K 77

    Where Louis is a naive sixteen-year-old sophomore with an abusive boyfriend.

  • You Think I Hate You? (Larry Stylinson AU) Stepbrothers
    1.8M 70.9K 46

    Louis Tomlinson is the most popular guy in high school. Everyone worships him and the fact that he is the captain of the football team doesn't make matters worse. He's cocky and knows all too well that every student at school adores him. Well, except for one person that is; Harry Styles. Harry is quite the opposite of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Back Home | Larry Stylinson ❀
    103K 4K 14

    After three years of Harry Styles traveling the world of being the rising pop star from the X Factor, he finally comes home and faces what he left behind; who he left behind.

  • One Way Or Another || Larry Stylinson FF
    398K 23.2K 82

    stranger: Hi :-) Louis: who the fuck is this? Louis: and nobody does this :-) put the nose away you weirdo Or where Harry is a teacher and in love with his student Louis. The story is pure fiction. I do not presume that the people used as characters have done any of the things going on in the story, nor do I want to...

  • The lonely Starbucks guy L. S. Mpreg ✅
    194K 10.5K 104

    Au where Louis has been single for quite some time, he's fed up with being alone when all his mates are seeing someone or even married. He had been with his best friend Niall who spend the entire day nagging about how Louis should find someone and find a date to the wedding he needs to go to in a month from now. He...

    Completed   Mature