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  • Souls of America
    4.1K 259 11

    In 1967 America, the Sons of Liberty (SOLs) are desperate for change. Gang members are leaving left and right, whether they're being drafted to fight in Vietnam or are being killed by other gangs. Things look bleak, and they've resorted to kidnapping potential members. Their newest in the New York headquarters is Al...

  • ~You'll Blow Us All Away~ LAMS Hamilton
    10.8K 274 25

    Modern college AU. Probably cringey but hopefully not. Includes more ships but mainly focuses on LAMS. ...what else am I supposed to put here..... Ugh I wrote two other books so far.... There is a sequel called story of tonight ~ Lams

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost John [Lams] *Complete*
    10.4K 319 18

    Modern au Years ago Alexander Hamilton lost his dear friend, John Laurens, in a bar fight. This left Alex alone with there "son", Philip. After John's death Elizabeth Schuyler helps Alex raise Philip. One day Alex catches Philip talking to someone... but no ones around.

  • The monster in him || Lams fanfic
    7.9K 449 39

    What if he hates me if I told him what I was? What if he leaves me?. I can't tell him. It may ruin everything and I can't lose him I just can't. Alexander thought as he was predicting on telling John that he was supernatural. What happens next? Read to find out. this book originally has 31 parts ~COMPLETED~

  • Shatter Me (Lams Highschool Modern Au)
    1K 69 7

    ⚠Warning!⚠ story includes: •Homophibia •Abuse •Suicide [Attempts,Mentions, and Commitments] •Depression •Drugs •Alcohol •Offensive Language •Smut[soon mah children] •Rape Story by: SmolGayTurtle Some art by: SmolGayTurtle

  • I'm stuck with you (Hamilton fan story)
    650 53 17

    Hello yes hi I'm new to wattpad and wanted to write some lams crap so here we are. (Cover art is mine) A smol summary of this abomination of a story is PSYCH you gotta read it, my dude!.....ok, actually, here's a for-real summary of my story so you can see if it's the story for you. Ok. Here goes nothing. John Laurens...

  • Ballerina Boy || Lams
    1.9K 79 2

    Hamilton|Modern AU|Dance AU In a town of gangsters and crime lay a dance studio for ballet. Almost everyone in this small town knows how to do some type of dance, including John Laurens. Most people in this town do hip-hop, jazz, tap, etc. but John is the only ballerina. Oh, and did I mention that Alexander Hamilton h...

  • If I Could Tell Him... [modern LAMS AU]
    37.3K 1.1K 41

    Alexander Hamilton. The new boy in high school. Pracrically scared of people, meets John Laurens and his whole life changes. _If only I could tell you... Okay people! I couldn't resist myself! Sorry for the spelling mistakes but I'm from Argentina and most people who actually knows Hamilton is from the states or some...

  • Purple Is Not A People Color (Lams)
    63.1K 3.2K 38

    I won't bother to explain who I am or where I am from. Frankly, you won't care. I am not saying this because I think I'm 'worthless' or 'stupid'. I'm saying this because I'm constantly at the edge of being erased from existence. ••• John is a high schooler with an extreme case of Raynard's. He's already dealing with s...

  • Rapunzel: John Laurens And Alexander Hamilton
    26.5K 851 9

    John has wasted his whole life inside a tall tower, only doing chores and reading the books Mother Maria had bought him. But one night, a man had climbed into his tower to escape the locals. This man's name was Alexander Hamilton.

  • Only a Matter Of Time // Lams
    97.4K 4.4K 36

    Where two students experience the last two years of college with Dr. Pepper, musicals, sass, and maybe a little love. But who would fall in love with their roommate? ~laurens x mute!hamilton~ ~collage au~ -any french is from google translate- [potential trigger warnings & it could spoil the chapter if i put on...

  • Orphanage AU: Lams
    14.7K 1.1K 71

    Alexander Hamilton was adopted into an orphanage when he was younger and now, 20 years old, works there. John Laurens was raised in a homophobic household and signs up for a stay-away job as a teacher at an orphanage... in New York. Both from unhappy pasts, these two find solace in each other and the community that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret Signs *||Lams||*
    6.8K 238 38

    The world was separated by Zodiac signs, there's a country for each sign and the law only allows you to fall in love with those with your Zodiac sign. Anybody else is forbidden. So What happens when people fall in love with opposite signs? Lams, Mullete, Mariza, and many more

  • Heartthrobs ||Lams||
    53.3K 1.7K 75

    *collab with AesthetiCris* Every school has their own cliches.. well except Aaron Burr he alternates. John Laurens, the rebels "leader". The boy your parents tell you to stay away from. For he smokes and skips school nearly everyday, such a bad influence. The perfect nightmare. Alexander Hamilton plastic, (althou...

  • Satisfied(Lams/Modern AU)✔
    6.9K 280 14

    Alexander has a brilliant three year long marriage, it thrives until he comes to the sudden realization, that he's in love with someone else.

  • Mental (Lams)
    93.8K 4.3K 15

    Liar. Insane. Thief. Killer. Manipulative. All of these words have been used to describe, the one and only, Alexander Hamilton. "Beware, it goeth before the fall!"

  • I Don't Like Your GF (Lams//Modern AU) ✖
    2.4K 231 33

    Two happily married men. Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens. Accept- they're kinda dating and fucking on the side. Sure, there's love between the two of them but they're in intense politics, if someone were to catch on their careers would be over. They think their wives are completely oblivious- and they are-well...

    Completed   Mature
  • Home [LAMS! Hamilton, Laurens x Hamilton, I DONT OWN THE ART!]
    3.3K 182 11

    Home. Some people don't have one Some people consider a box Home. What is a home? Alexander didn't know John doesn't appreciate his home He doesn't care for people who don't have a home You see loads of fake homeless people on the streets of New York John doesn't pay attention to them What will happen when he reali...

  • I was told a lie.. [LAMS- Hamilton. (I DONT OWN THE ART!)]
    5.3K 234 29

    "Did you hear? That son of that whore is finally moving away! Good thing he is out of our lives now! Let's hope the other people in New York can tolerate him, but that would take a miracle... But hey, you know what they say, In New York you can be a new man..." Alex moves from his terrible life in Nevis to get a bette...

  • Isolated. {Lams}
    177K 8.8K 49

    Alexander Hamilton and jail should never be in the same sentence. And they never were! Until.. the incident. He did something awful and it landed him in jail. John happened to be his cell mate. Fun.

  • One Click //A Lams AU Fic//
    4K 134 33

    ××Lams AU Fanfic×× Ever since he was rejected on his date, Alexander was upset he couldn't find his "the one". Who knew a waiter spilling water on you could turn your luck around? ××STILL IN WRITING×LAST UPDATE~ August 7th 2018×× Can't say I am the best writer, but it is pretty simple :) enjoy! There will be other sh...

  • pretty when you cry--lams
    1.9K 49 4

    high school AU John laurens has powers his father Henry laurens test johns powers a lot and is secertery of state at school john a nerd he gets bullied alot not popular dosent talk much and gAy (OF CORUS) On tHe other hand alexander hamilton is popular friends with herc laff the schuylers smart all the girls love him...

  • new~lams middle school au trans!john
    55.9K 1.8K 54

    Jacky Laurens is a new 7th grader and Eliza is in 8th Peggy in 7th Alex herc laff are in 8th Jacky doesn't know how school really works since she was home schooled for her whole life herc Alex laff Eliza Peggy Angelica are like the cool kids they have rich family's and laff and Alex are adopted by the Washington who...

  • ℓσνєѕι¢к || Hamilton AU
    161 6 6

    The fact that John Laurens is a medical prodigy is known to nearly everyone in New York Central hospital, he graduates college at the age 20 and finished his medical training at 25. He now works at the hospital he had grew near as a brain surgeon for about a year, but, as John was being John again, he almost, or shoul...

  • Skirts [Lams]
    44.3K 1.6K 12

    THIS STORY PLOT IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO @PURPLE-Ryu12345 AND HER BOOK. thank you. John Laurens is finally escaping hell in South Carolina to go to Kings College. When he gets there, everyone is baffled by the new kid. Why is he always wearing a skirt? He says he isn't trans, so what is it? Wowe...

  • The innocent one's mad too
    6K 398 29

    A guy came in. I can already guess what his rolle is. He sits in the seat across from me. The small table is between us."Why are you looking at me like that?" he looked me, then at my file on the table that he sat down. He does look more handsome than my last psychologist. "Well, Alexander. Let's start, shall we? I'm...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dawn (a Lams Vampire AU)
    62.3K 3K 38

    (I wrote this goddamn years ago, it's horrible and probably one of my biggest regrets in life :) Just a warning that this is extremely bad, and I was very lazy when writing it. If something doesn't make sense, I know, you don't have to comment about it, my writing skills have greatly improved since I wrote this and it...

  • Game Over - Lams (Alexander Hamilton X John Laurens)
    2.5K 136 8

    theturtleboi: hey man, we should start that class project soon, when should we meet up? i think it's due on monday, and i think we will have enough time if we start this weekend. godhatesham: who is this? ~~~~~~~~~ One wrong number can be one of many things It can become the start of a friendship. It can become a game...

  • The Little Siren (Hamilton Story)
    133 11 2

    Hey guys! It's me again! So this is a story based off the little mermaid- Not the old Disney classic but the...well.. as the story continued you will see how different it is...

  • Cliche (Lams)
    241K 9K 39

    Alexander Hamilton moved in with Martha and George Washington and had a very hard time adapted, especially since he came from a place where abuse, torture and rape was normal to him. Alex meets his foster brother, Lafayette and his friends. One of Lafayette's friends caught Alex's eye. That one friend, Was John ...