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  • Damn Uchiha
    128K 4K 30

    Sasuke is a rich, good looking, emo, playboy at Konoha private academy. He's the "king" of the school. Everyone flocks to him, he even has his very own "royal court". What will happen when a certain geeky new boy with blonde hair is the only one to stands up to him? I do not own the cover photo or any of the character...

    Completed   Mature
  • my step brother 《SasuNaru》
    147K 4.5K 27

    naruto life is a living hell but of course no body knows that cause he dosn't let any one in, it honestly didn't really get worse until he got adopted by the uchihas when he was six. there father died two years later from a car accident. when he got adopted from them the mother never really showed any attention to hi...

  • Caught
    35.5K 1.3K 20

    Naruto enrolls into a new school after being home-schooled from his previous life, he enters the building hiding a secret about his true identity from everyone but his foster-father. But what will happen afterwards when Sasuke Uchiha finds out his big secret? [Editing&Continuing Writing]

  • Yandere Sasuke x Naruto
    151K 3.8K 59

    First boy x boy ill do my best This story does have some depressing scenes so please be warn and I'm editing this whole thing, hope it makes it to your best experience, enjoy

  • Komine~
    124K 3.2K 17

    (Lumine x Kody) (WARNING-THIS CONTAINS SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS AND RELATIONS WITH TWO GUYS.) Starting their sophomore year in joy, but ending in drama. Lumine has had the most innocent crush on Kody. Kody also has feelings for Lumine but in a not so innocent way. Lumine's best friend is madly enthralled with him, but the...

  • Lumine x Kody
    274K 6.4K 29

    Lumine has always been kody's bodyguard and will always be. But then lumine starts to get a weird feeling around him and it seems like kody is feeling it too. Warning: This may contain smut, cursing, and anything that is in this that I might not know about now. (Lol XD)

  • Sweaty Hands ((KatsuDeku))
    37.5K 1.2K 5

    A small KatsuDeku story about sweaty hands. I saw that fanart (the cover) and read about Katsuki's quirk and bang(!) this story was born! I was so happy I wanted to kiss my brain XD I hope you like it! -Armin- Characters belong to: Kōhei Horikoshi (in "Weekly Shonen Jump") Story: Mine Cover: rainbow_right (twitte...

  • Incandescent
    1.4K 50 1

    Military AU Riren Omegaverse

  • Impossibilities. (Ereri OneShot)
    1.3K 51 1

    An Ereri One Shot. Levi and Eren are happily together. However, will an a little impossibility strain their relationship. Can they get through this together?

  • Strange Thoughts & Actions
    1.9K 78 1

    Levi is starting to have some strange thoughts and about......Eren?! Why does he feel this way? What should he do? Levi tries to solve his Eren problem with a little help from his best friend Petra.

  • Understand Me [Ereri/Riren] [MAJOR RE-WRITING]
    107K 5.4K 41

    [Highest Ranking]: #941 in Fanfiction {Highschool AU} • • • • [CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR RE-WRITING] Like many High-Schoolers, Eren had a happy life. He got good grades, he was quiet, but he had a select few friends that meant the world to him. He was a well-behaved, attractive, talented person. He had recently moved to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maria and Rose {Mpreg}
    191K 8.7K 40

    There are two tribes, one called Maria, the other known as Rose. Both equal in power, both have an equal amount of members. However when the two omegan children of the Maria tribe become of age, they will have to be bred to take over the others tribes. Levi meets Eren, the soon to be pack leader, Mikasa meets Armin...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Killers Game
    159K 7.4K 34

    Killer!Levi x Eren Throughout Eren's life he has never, truly, had a father. His father was always busy with work, or so he thought. When Eren is 23, his life changes. It will turn from normal, to crazy and upside down. A raven haired man is forced into his life. Instead of killing Eren, the man will push him around...

  • Mechanical wing
    58.9K 2.5K 26

    The story evolves around young, 17 years old Levi and his life in school with a big secret only three people know. As the days of school went by a new student arrived called "Eren Jaeger". They soon seem to get well with Levi and starts a friendship. But how will Eren react when he will get to discover Levi's secret...

  • Eternally Eighteen
    58.5K 1.6K 3

    AU in which people stop aging once they turn 18 and don't start again until they meet their soulmate so that they can grow old together.

  • Rogue (Levi X Eren)
    79.3K 3.4K 60

    Ever since he was a kid, the same sentence had been drilled into his head over and over again, like a broken record: one day, you will find your mate and you will be willing to sacrifice your own life for theirs. And ever since he was a kid, he completely ignored the laughable advice and instead focused on his studies...

  • Pleasure For Eternity. •••EreRi•••
    41.9K 312 1

    Pleasure For Eternity. •••EreRi••• I had a Eren x Levi Vampire!AU dream so I made a starter for a RP, Me and My friend are continuing it. So I figured I would try it out as a FanFic. So this is it! I hope to make a fic that You all love~

  • The Raven
    15.4K 893 5

    I hunt for blood, while others fear it. (Vampire Rivaille x Vampire Hunter Eren)

  • Beauty and the Beast
    43K 1.7K 9

    Eren was a simple animal-lover, who also took pleasure in reading books of all kinds. Levi was a beast living in a dark world, nothing more. Can this beautiful young man be enough for the ferocious beast to fall for in order to break his one-hundred year old curse?

  • Ereri's I want your love (Attack on Titan/ Shengeki no Kyojin)
    51K 1.1K 6

    PARTS WITH ALOT OF LEMON/SMUT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (Unfinished) When Levi finds that he had gained feelings towards the young Titan shifter. He goes through a series of sexual intercourse to show his true love for Eren. Once more, this fic has be abandoned!

  • Stripper Levi X Bar tender Eren
    207K 4.7K 23

    This is a yaoi ereri fanfic There will be smut ;3 Updated at least once a month, until finished. May include male pregnancy, depending on how I'm feeling Chapter 5,6 & 7 are yaoi smut~

  • Tamed (Ereri)
    151K 6.1K 44

    Eren loathes alphas with all his heart and refuses to let his omega succumb to being mated to any, but what happens when the one thing he loathes turns into the one thing he lusts. *** Just a lil note I'm just editing the story a lil so be warned although I have no intentions of changing the plot***

  • Just some worthless omega. Alpha x omega, Levi x eren
    110K 2.9K 21

    This is a book about a youngish boy name Eren. He's a lonely omega, hoping to find his mate soon, just like the rest of his friends. ~there will be "be noted" chapters giving warnings about certain situations that might offend or upset some viewers. They will be posted before the actual chapter comes out. You may skip...

  • My favourite sickness|ERERI/RIREN|
    75.9K 2.1K 22

    This is an Ereri fan fiction in the Omegaverse. Tall!Levi x Short!Eren Don't like? Don't read c:

  • Meant To Be Yours
    51.8K 2K 9

    Levi x Eren Omegaverse and Soulmate AU crossover. 🌻Finished🌻 --- 18 year old Eren Jeager, a transferred student who moved from Germany to France due to schooling issues and his fathers work. His secondary sex is Omega. All his life he's all he's been able to see was black and white, sometimes grey; but nothing mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your my blood sources, only "MINE"(levixeren Yaoi!)
    59.2K 2.4K 10

    This man if he's Levi's friend then he's also a vampire like him "What do you mean you don't know ?" "Saddly no sir I' see Im blind" "Oh I see how sad and exciting" "Huh what" "What are you to him, you know Levi and your a human I can smell your blood and it's quiet sweet and I bet it will taste delicious hmm L...

  • Roommates (Book 1) (An Ereri FanFic)
    240K 6.4K 11

    Eren is a 19 year old guy who didn't have much of a social-life but when Eren's only friend Armin invited him to a party at the bar with all of Armins friends... Eren's life will be something he didn't ever think about...

  • Seeing Red (Vampire Levi x Blind Eren)
    138K 4.8K 12

    Eren has been blind for as long as he can remember. The only things he sees are dashes of white and red, and of course, black. Levi is the prince of Vampires, seeking out a mate and a meal of fine blood. One day, while Eren is walking home, a certain steel-eyed vampire catches him. How will things turn out?

  • One More Time. *Levi x Eren* (Boyxboy)
    354K 9.3K 14

    Eren is your typical teenage boy. Levi is......well he's Levi. Mix the two together and you get a little bit of mystery, confusion and love. Levi mustn't let his love life get the better of him. He has a troop to run. But sometimes you just have to let go. With Eren getting him off edge, will Levi be able to focus? W...