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  • Never Without You-Kidge-Harry Potter AU
    16.3K 436 35

    @TiliaFangirlsAlot Created the beginning then I adopted it This is a Kidge story where Pidge gets accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and meets friends along the way including a particularly cute one named Keith. Cover is not mine apparently it's brobuddypal's

  • Disguised; A Kidge Story
    2.6K 52 7

    A college version of Voltron, Keith and Pidge finally started dating. They kept it a secret from the group, until a skating tournament revealed their identities, and love for each other.

  • He's way out of my league (Voltron Kidge, Miraculous crossover)
    5.8K 168 13

    Katie is the bakers daughter. Kind as one can be. But she has been bullied majority of her life by a certain Lotor Boujua. His father Zarcon is the president of Altea meaning Lotor is pretty full of himself. Especially when Keith Kogane, Krolia Koganes son is enrolled in their school by his request. What happens when...

  • Kidge: Green and Red
    11.3K 294 38

    ((Yes. I did draw the cover. Please don't steal art. I did sign it. So I can prove it's mine. )) Highest ranking: #1 princessallura Katie is a fifteen year old girl, who's going through a lot after her dad and brother were lost on a mission to space. She cut her hair, and went undercover to get into the Galaxy Garriso...

  • Garrison High AU - Kidge Voltron
    25.3K 474 19

    Art isn't mine . Highest score #2. Comments for new ideas are available.

  • Pirates (Voltron)
    588 21 4

    Years of the Pirates pillaging. Years of the pirates capturing. Years of the pirates killing. This is where it ends... Katie Holt is a girl who lost it all. Her home, her family(friends) and her emotion. Lance is a Pirate, on sea fighting the Galra with his best friend Hunk and his enemy Keith. Shiro is the newest yet...

  • Kidge
    6.9K 103 7

    Well, first story..but umm... I owe this story to a youtuber called AcerInAHoodie, I saw their 'Ship list video' On Voltron so I thought I would try watching it myself!