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  • Midnight Advisor | Jungkook [√]
    2.8M 196K 58

    [PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER] "Hello, this is midnight advisor! Having a problem getting it up with your boyfriend? I'm always here to-" "I just wanted to say that I was trying to kill myself a few minutes ago." "Oh, shoot!" Highest: 1 IN FANFICTION [COMPLETED]

  • Alpha Faye
    1.2M 72.7K 48

    *BOOK EIGHT* (Can be read as standalone) *Mature Content Involved* "Caught between two lovers, but which one is real?" Alpha Faye is the only female Alpha to exist, and with that, comes problems. Problems such as secret assassins referred to as Silents that want her dead. To defend her, a Huntsman is hired, however...

  • Every Little Secret | BTS ✓
    1.1M 58.9K 77

    [TFA 2017 Winner for Best Fanfiction] Tired of living a robotic princess life, Kim Jinhee runs away from the presidential residence and stays hidden in the world of Korea's rich and elite, in hope to shame on her family's name and honor. However, under an unforeseen event, she met seven young lads and get distracted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything For Rachel
    4.2M 232K 56

    ***Sequel to 'Roses for Rachel'*** Everything has changed, and the stakes are twice as high. Rachel's story continues.....

  • Vampire's Pet
    51M 2.1M 88

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • idk
    4.2K 106 9

    You just had a one night stand with Jeon Jungkook of BTS.

    1.3M 9.1K 4

    the tragic story of taehyung, who must face his dilemma against his father, lucifer's, plans to rid the world of humanity or abandon the realm for his home in heaven. ― © TAEKURAI

  • Ivy Gates || PJM || Ivy Book One || ✔
    2.7M 163K 86

    *winner of iconic author of the year award* A womans job was to serve in any way told, and to produce healthy children. . Any women that disobeyed, would be punished severely. . The story of a poor girl who was purchased by the General, and how they changed each other and began to fight for the freedom of women ©chimc...

  • perfect | taehyung
    4.5M 160K 24

    》i can taste her lipstick 《 (extended one shot) (completed)

  • ✓ dirty dancing|park jimin
    2.6M 94.4K 77

    'She only moans for me.' Jimin boasted. 'That ends tonight.' Jungkook said, taking off his shirt. Abuse, heartbreak and dance, follow Rose through her upheavals in life. •small chapters •completed • #3 in jimin • #1 in kpop • #5 in fanfiction • #4 in jungkook © @jimindigo

    Completed   Mature
  • The Young Luna (A Luna Chronicles Novel) [Completed]
    12.8M 396K 50

    - "I understand that you want me you just won't admit it" - "No, Mabel, you don't understand anything. I don't want you. I want to fuck you senseless, there is a large difference. I don't want to see you face, I want your face pressed into the cushions as I fuck you from behind. I don't want to speak to you, I just w...

    Completed   Mature
  • My One and Only | COMPLETED
    22.2M 168K 45

    "Everyone knew she was his." ~ Ava and Lucas have been best friends since Lucas saw Ava at the playground when she was 4 years old. She is innocent and shy where as Lucas is more intimidating to everyone other than Ava. Despite this, they do everything together. Where ever one went, the other followed. Never go...

  • My Little Mate
    34.3M 988K 34

    Alpha Darren Hale of Moonstone Pack has been searching for his mate for four years, he's beginning to lose hope. Little does he know, he'll soon find his mate, tiny brunette Blaire. But she turns out to be hard to handle for her tiny size. Highest Ranking: #7 in Werewolf

    Completed   Mature
  • Immature || Park Jimin
    514K 20.6K 30

    "We have been dating ever since we were 6 years old." _ Everything changed between Yeseul and Jimin once adolescence kicked in. _________________________________________ Genre- Romance, Comedy, A little mature

    Completed   Mature
  • New 새로운 // BTS
    3.6M 142K 101

    What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but with her heart. But not even RaeJae knew of this until she met Seven new boys. Seven new boys who showed her the world in color, And perhaps even saved h...

  • invisible crush
    1.8M 120K 35

    You, a fan, are dead and haunt BTS. Being involved in an accidental hit-and-run by the boys' tour bus on your birthday wasn't how you planned on dying. But it happened. A confused ghost you were, failing to find its place, you did what you could do and followed them back. You don't know why, but you targeted your bia...

  • Rush
    1.5M 98.8K 64

    "Being bad feels pretty good, huh?" multifandom racer!au © SugaWithThatTae 2018-2019

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong number 》jjk
    18.5M 685K 75

    the text messages between a girl who doesn't care for labels and a boy who is labeled worldwide as the hottest male alive and it all started from a simple wrong number situation READ AT YOUR OWN RISK LOL

  • Restricted to Love ➳ J.J.K
    433K 16.1K 47

    i love you. -don't (jungkook)

  • custody | kth (wattys2017)
    1M 57.7K 43

    Best Ranking: #4 "You don't strike me as a professional criminal" "That's what makes me so good at it" -- Kim Ji Yeon; a newly appointed police inspector at Daegu, manages to arrest a lawbreaker- Kim Taehyung. Will the jailbird fall in love with the lady officer or worse, will Ji Yeon let the thief steal her heart...

  • Fetish➳j.jk
    195K 7.2K 34

    ❝My lips on your body trace the story of my love❞ ... ... ... Aria Michaels worst enemy has always been Jeon Jungkook . The hot basketball player while she's the cheerleader and a girl that every boy wants, the two hated each other more than anything they were rivals but what happens when she finds that her so called...

  • what is love | junmyeon
    157K 8.4K 38

    she sold her body in order to survive, emotionally and financially. Started - June 2016 Finished - July 2016 [1k - 15 July]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Claim ✔️ *Editing*
    8.5M 220K 51

    Brinn has known Alpha Titus as a close family friend since she was ten years old. He was like a big brother to her. Right before her first shift, her parents decide to ship her off to live with Alpha Titus and his pack due to her reckless behavior. Brinn soon finds out the secrets that have been kept from her since...

  • Blood Alpha (Chosen Mate Series 1) [Complete]
    19.4M 586K 32

    Now available on Amazon (paperback & kindle) as well as the three sequels. Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Gemini Burn turns eighteen she instantly catches the eye of the most infamous Alpha of all - Alpha...

  • despondency |
    36.3K 2.5K 11

    in which she tries to keep everyone else happy, but herself. |oh sehun|

    Completed   Mature
  • psychopath | park jimin ff
    264K 11.4K 20

    psy·cho·path /ˈsīkəˌpaTH/ (informal) an unstable and aggressive person. - a s.s. - lowercase intended - started: 24.04.2016 - ended: 27.04.2016 (book one of bts short stories series)

  • Falling ( EXO Kai ) [Part 1]
    176K 6.7K 35

    What if happiness brings you down?

  • transformer | jongin
    76.5K 3.7K 28

    i wanted to end my miserable life and i found myself walking towards the dark waves that formed the ocean. i didn't expect anyone to stop me, but i also didn't expect anyone to arouse my suicidal thoughts. started - december 2016 finished - december 2016 [3k - 1 jan]

  • thunder | baekhyun
    112K 5.6K 31

    its all in your imagination, chee ha. started - september 2016 finished - november 2016 [1k - 9 Sep]

    Completed   Mature