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  • Verbiages
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    Collection of my writings (autobiography, Poems.,Quotes)

  • Her Sunset of Letters
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    My mind is a road that goes to nowhere so I just watch the sunset. Hopefully someone will sweep me off of my feet and save me. but that will not be enough. SOME OF THESE PICTURES I DO NOT OWN Made in 2018

  • The Sins Of The Past
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    Rachel fell madly in love with Ares Niarchos when she was eighteen. She thought he was her future... her forever. Despite others saying Ares would never even notice a low-class girl like her, she refused to listen. For her, Ares was different. He was a real prince charming, a perfect guy with a beautiful heart. What h...

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  • Story of my life...
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    Good luck. It's not bad, but at one point it could get kinda depressing.