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  • BRYCE ✓ (Under Revision)
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    "Why are they looking at me as if I grew another head?" I asked and looked at the students. I grabbed my phone and checked. Thankfully, my head is still intact, and thankfully, there's only one. "Because you're sitting with me." He snorted. "And your point is?" I asked. "Just piss off." He said and rolled his eyes. "H...

  • Damned Hearts
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    Maddie Haze is pretty much your average girl. Aside from the fact that her family died when she was little leaving her with her mother's former boyfriend. Her mother's past is unclear to her. She doesn't know her father or any family relatives. It's simply a mystery to her. A mystery she wants to unfold. On the other...

  • Sunshine ✓
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    Summer Williams is one of the well liked girls in school. She's pretty, cheerful and extremely friendly. She's smart and she's part of the cheerleading squad. Everyone loves her. The exact opposite of the four out casts. They aren't your normal badboy. No one likes them. Known for causing trouble and being troublesome...

  • His Sarcastic Cheer Captain ✓
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    "So you're the new cheer captain?" He said with the cigarette between his fingers. "No. I'm the new quarterback smartass." I said sarcastically and took his cigarette, stomping on it on the ground. "That was mine." He said and frowned at the crushed up cancer stick. "Not anymore." I said and grinned sweetly. Lexi Hal...