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  • Male Reader X Blake Belladonna (Vol 2) - Falling Petals
    519 37 2

    Second Semester at Beacon Academy, Team NOVA was still being closely monitored by Ozpin, but the headmaster seemed to have his eye focused on one face out of the five. Just who is Y/N L/N, realistically? What is the truth of his past, of his parents and their own stories? It seems as if the mysterious headmaster had t...

  • Twice as Bright (Haven Arc)
    526 30 3

    Fourth part of Twice as Bright After the tragic fall of Beacon, Y/n travels back home to Mistral accompanied by Ruby Rose and the remaining members of team JNPR. But what secrets awaits him when he get there?

  • Ruby Rose x Male Reader - (Vol. 3) - A Silver Gambit
    827 44 1

    The vital festival is here, but Y/n is more concerned with more pressing matters. Family is something he has been fighting for since his mother and brother were taken from him. But now things change. His brother Desmond is on the side of evil while his father comes back into his life. Life becomes hard and complicated...

  • Weiss Schnee X Male Reader - (Vol. 2)
    5.3K 268 10

    A second semester begins at Beacon, and the bounty hunter Y/n has been sent on a new mission by General ironwood and Professor Ozpin. Can the bounty hunter capture Roman Torchiwck, or will he slip through his fingers again? And can the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company get the ice-cold man to open his heart for the f...

  • RWBY Vol 7 Male Reader X Ruby Rose
    8.4K 299 10 really has been a while. After much time away from this series, trying new things and thinking of ways to make this story stand out, I have come back in hopes of continuing it and improving on my previous format. Keep in mind that from this point on, I do hope to stray a bit from the source material here and t...

  • The Wolf and The Kitty - (Vol. 7) - Homecoming
    9.6K 322 6

    Y/n has fought hard alongside his friends to bring the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas, the northernmost Kingdom in Remnant. However, the futuristic urban-sprawl may hide just as much danger as the Grimm-infested tundra that surrounds it. Enemies and allies will collide as our heroes fight to stop Salem's forces, but band...

  • The Wind Beneath My Wings: Blake x Male Reader
    595 65 2

    Born and raised in the White Fang, (Y/N) has grown up along side Blake Belladonna. Once young and passionate about the group, the two of them trained to be beacons of hope for the oppressed fanus...while blocking out the flaws that it held. Now, older and wiser, the wrongdoings of the organization start to bleed throu...

  • Male Reader x Yang - (Vol. 8) - War To End All Wars
    6.8K 239 4

    Salem is here, and the timing couldn't be worse for the divided Kingdom of Atlas. . . With both Salem and Ironwood stacking the odds against them, and the fate of Remnant at stake, it's up to team RWBY and Y/n Nikos to make their play before Salem starts the war to end all wars. The clock is ticking. . . and war is c...

  • Lost In Memory - Yang (Vol. 7.5)
    3.2K 154 3

    Y/n is alone and scared in an unknown world. Old faces keep appearing as he is chased by his worst nightmare. Can he escape and get back to the ones he loves? A three-chapter short story in between Vol. 7 and 8 of the Yang Xiao Long storyline

  • RWBY Blake x Male Reader Volume 7
    2.2K 77 5

    Upon arriving in Atlas, not everything goes so smoothly at first. But things quickly pick up, and all seems good. But the tide takes a quick turn when you discover a dark secret. Meet new faces, see old ones, and more in Volume 7 of Blake x Male Reader!

  • Male Reader X Blake Belladonna (Vol 1) - A Chance
    8.2K 306 11

    Enrolled to Beacon Academy by force, Y/N L/N, a popular playboy that lived a life of crime was given a choice. Rot in prison, or put his abilities to better use at Headmaster Ozpin's school. There, he would meet a group of individuals he wasnt exactly fond of, but if he was to escape prison time, he'd have to play nic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Educating the criminal- Blake Belladonna X male criminal reader
    68.2K 653 11

    Y/n grew up on Mantle, in a small town tucked away on the corner of the known kingdom. When his father died, his world began to fall apart. Now three years on he's an orphan and a criminal. After a chance encounter with his aunt Glynda during a dust robbery, he is given the choice to join Beacon and do something with...

  • S.P.D.R 3: Vigilante (Spider-Man RWBY Crossover)
    4.7K 143 17

    Once Spidey and his friends reached Atlas he is framed for a crime he didn't commit, so they were separated, some being detained in the flying city of Atlas while the rest form resistance in Mantle, while being hunted the 8 of the most deadliest assassins on Remnant, while can Y/n and his new lawyer try to clear his n...

  • Descent into Shadows (Atlas Arc)
    6K 176 5

    Y/n and his friends finally arrived in Atlas, but are they truly as safe as they'd hoped? And how will the death of his brother affect him from here on.

  • An unbreakable will (Diamond is Unbreakable x Male reader)
    62.5K 2.2K 36

    A crazy Noisy Bizarre town indeed...

  • Brother Of The Beast: Male Reader X Blake Belladonna
    118K 2.1K 25

    After your parents were killed at a young age, you were raised by your brother Adam Taurus. Under his guiding, you became a skilled swordsman, and together the two of you work your way up the ranks of the White Fang. After a clash of ideals, you leave the White Fang and seek out Blake Belladonna in hopes that she can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amber Eyes (Blake Belladonna X Male Reader)
    3.2K 58 6

    Y/N L/N. Just another member of the white fang. For a while, he's been planning on leaving the white fang, but never had a chance. How will he react when he finds out that one of Adam's closest agents is breaking free too? RWBY is not owned by me, nor are most of the characters or locations used in this story (There m...

  • RWBY Vol 6 Male Reader X Ruby Rose
    16.2K 310 5

    Another volume in one of my favourite stories to write that I know you all love.

  • One True Love
    289 15 5

    (An Old Friend/pt 1) You move back to the city, wishing to escape the country life. Soon after finishing moving, you save a old friend, Shino Asada, and after being reunited, you begin to grow feelings for Shino. Little do you know, she has a friend from her past who doesn't like that at all and will stop at nothing t...

  • A Rose and her Warrior (Ruby Rose X Male Reader Volume 5)
    3.7K 84 3

    Following the journey through Anima, Team JNRR and (Y/N) rest themselves after finally completing the trek to Haven. They are soon to find out that a certain enemy just won't die, and that trusts that were past established are soon to be broken. Meanwhile, Yang and Grey attempt to find Raven Branwen while Weiss and th...

  • Her. (An Overwatch Tracer x Male Reader story.)
    126K 1.1K 20

    After you discover something hidden from you since you were born, You join Overwatch to help the world and defeat Talon. You make new friends and fight old enimes, with also making a lover along the way.

  • Ribbons (Nino X Reader)
    67.7K 1.8K 54

    Nino and her sisters doesn't know it, but her tutor and his friend who is assisting him are ex-badboys. Fuutaro and (FN) aren't going to give up the full story as Fuutaro needs to job for his family. And why exactly? (FN) plays a role in that. As he and his brother stirred up a lot of trouble and now has come back to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Male Reader x Momo Yaoyorozu/My Hero Academia: Season 1
    17.7K 675 14

    Most kids dream of having a powerful quirk. They think it will help them get into UA High School and become a pro hero. But some quirks are more dangerous than others. (F/N) (L/N) knows all too well that the more powerful the quirk, the more control it demands. Follow (L/N) on his adventure through UA's Academia cours...

  • Glitch in the System (Male Reader x Sword Art Online)
    109K 1.4K 21

    Who is Y/n? Why does he keep appearing in the dungeons or missions that Kirito and his friends explore? Why is it that Y/N can see memories of a girl that talks to him so quietly yet so softly? Why does he show interests in the gamer Sinon? But most importantly, why is it that Y/N knows who Kirito is? I mean, he coul...

  • World of S.P.D.R: The Gunslinger
    2.9K 49 20

    18 Years before Y/n became Spider-Man, there lived a grizzled bounty hunter named Cayde Solo, a Beacon dropout, and leader of team CYAN. During his school years, he fell in love with a woman named Raven. After Beacon, he became known as The Gunslinger, but now his past has come crashing in with his present, as he tr...

  • The 'Best' Study Group Ever Made! The Quintessential Quintuplets x Male Reader
    11K 243 3

    What happens when a group of sisters are in desperate need of tutoring in order to keep them from failing high school? Obviously they'll need tutors, and what happens when the two top students in their high school are called in for the job? Futaro Uesugi, and Y/N Uesugi, the two top students among their grade and scho...

  • Sword art online: The Forgotten Hero - [Asuna X Male reader]
    134K 2K 30

    Soooooo....that is my first story here and I hope it won't be to bad, but I am positive. I am writting it because I think there is not that much stories about Asuna x male reader and those which are are mostly quite short (please don't judge me if I am wrong). I will try to update commonly, but I can't promise anythin...

  • (The Stolen Silver Eyes) Male Sharingan Reader X Rwby
    164K 2.7K 38

    Y/N L/N's dream was to be a hunter, like the stories he was told when he was still with his mother, the story of the silver eyed hunter's who could change the world and make it a better place for everyone. Y/N wanted to be like the hero's in those stories and thanks to a mysterious voice and with a silver eyed hunter...

  • Shizuka's Bizarre Adventure: Innocent Orphan
    778 45 4

    In 1999, Joseph Joestar traveled to the crazy, noisy, bizarre town of Morioh. During his visit, he adopted a strange baby with unique abilities and brought her back home with him. 16 years pass and the baby, now named Shizuka Joestar, is starting her junior year of high school. But what trouble awaits for her as she b...

  • Love Is Like A Bullet[SLOW UPDATES] (Sinon x Male Reader)
    47.5K 489 25

    Y/N L/N is the best player in GGO he has never lost. He was a SAO survivor one of the best in it to be certain. In SAO he was always at the top of the board in SAO. He disappeared after floor 97 due to some tragic events. He never thought he would find love again. But will this turquoise haired girl bring him back fro...