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  • Incognito (Larry Stylinson AU)
    110K 5.9K 13

    No one knows what he searches up when he opens an incognito tab, when a certain TommoTops' voice at makes innocent little Harry whimper out daddy every time he listens to an audio. Maybe he isn't so innocent after all. But of course, no one will find out. ©NovocaineLarry 2016

  • Mine (Larry Stylinson a/b/o)
    718K 26.7K 25

    Louis is the new kid at school. He's a tiny blue-eyed male omega, in a predominantly all alpha school. Finished: March 8th, 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • "T'ank You." | (boyxboy) | L.S. ••EDITING••
    287K 10.1K 39

    Basically Louis is a young kitten hybrid who was separated by his siblings and now he was the only one of them left to sit in a box in front of a pet store until someone decided to want to keep him. Harry is a rich twenty three year old who was walking down the street when he saw a box with a sign that said 'PLEASE TA...

  • Alpha to Mate, Larry Stylinson
    357K 18.2K 73

    AOB MPREG. TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. "you're an omega, he's an alpha, it'll work out perfectly!" "Nialler. I'll never get a chance with him." "chonces are for losers Lou, just go for it." ----------------- Louis, born as a small omega, loves his time in the ballet studio, working on the choreography for their nex...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Girl ❀C.A.L.M❀ {completed}
    287K 8.9K 34

    Having three dominates wasn't common but it wasn't unheard of, and Michael became another case when he stumbled onto the stage in his pretty lingerie and knee high socks, making Ashton, Calum, and Luke's hearts skip a beat.

  • Michael isn't Talking ➵ Muke [Hybrid]
    182K 10.4K 31

    ❝Michael isn't talking.❞ © Princess5S0S. All rights reserved.

  • Domination || Muke
    412K 12.8K 53

    At the age of sixteen, everyone is required to take a test. The test determines if you get a 'S' tattooed on your wrist, or a 'D'. Those with S's are submissives, and those with D's are dominants. At the age of eighteen, they're paired up. Michael is a shy kid with an S on his wrist and Luke is a sex crazed, dominatin...

    Completed   Mature
  • crucio ↠ billy hargrove
    197K 5.9K 77

    [BOOK 1] ❝She grew up in an Indiana town, had a good looking momma who never was around, but she grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on an Indiana night. ❞ Charlotte and Billy were best friends for many years. But one drastic event split them apart. After four years, Charlotte escapes the lab, bu...

  • |If You Love Me|✔️
    208K 9.2K 41

    >>5SOS Ot4<< On your 13th birthday a mark would appear on your wrist. Initials to be exact, of your soulmate. Once you met your soulmate, the mark would turn the color of their eyes. It was almost impossible to resist your soulmate. It's very rare to have more than one pair of initials on your wrist, let alone 3. But...

    Completed   Mature
  • girly ::cake
    196K 8.9K 28

    calum may be girly, but luke likes him and his pink little skirts.

  • Daddy said no, Princess. (5sos ot4 bxb)
    10.7K 347 10

    In a world where you adopt your submissive once they come of age (12) Ashton adopts 3 subs. The first is Michael, the second Calum, and most recently a small boy by the name of Luke. Trigger warning may apply, but some of these might not end up being in it, I'm just making sure everyone is safe. gay(duh) boy x boy...

  • you put the O in disOrder ➢ (l.s)
    1.9M 100K 50

    Orgasms. You see that word and you think it's hot...right? Wrong. What if you had them multiple times a day? In front of your class. Your teachers. Your friends. ... Your mom. Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy from England, he was recently diagnosed with RGS (Restless Genital Syndrome) And guess who's d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Time
    460K 17.3K 45

    "That's the thing about time, you don't think anything is changing until you look back and realise that nothing is the same."

  • 3 Things // H.S.
    546K 23.6K 31

    There's three things you should know about Harry: 1. When we were in ninth grade his biggest aspiration in life was to start a punk ukulele band. 2. Once I made him a bracelet with plastic beads that didn't have a pattern in the slightest, and he wore it for years until the pink string holding it together couldn't tak...

  • Impudent [Jasper Hale]
    849K 23.7K 27

    ❝I'd like to keep that instant and hold it still, forever and always.❞ [[book one]] [[twilight]] [[jasper hale a.u.]]

  • Wanting the Bad Boy [completed]
    261K 6.7K 39

    Alex Walker, better known as Walker, is known as the bad boy in town. He has never felt wanted by anyone and doesn't think he ever will. When the new girl, Colbie Miller, moves into town everything changes though. Colbie takes a special interest in Walker and he doesn't know why. Walker hasn't had a strong connection...

  • Battlefield •∆• Seth Clearwater [1]
    84.6K 1.3K 14

    "And I don't want this Love to feel like a Battlefield" Olivia Swan is the younger sister to Bella . She goes to Forks a two years after her sister . She is more special to the supernatural then you think. And a boy named seth imprints on her. He will protect her . As a friend , imprint, what ever she need he will be...

  • Howl / Black [book 1]
    556K 13.6K 15

    ho·wl noun 1. a long, loud, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a dog or wolf. [complete]

  • Bumper Cars//Jasper Hale[1]
    157K 3.4K 16

    Nina cativar has never known her father, except the two months when she was five that she spent with him, but she was five and only can remember her friends. After she left her father she spent two weeks with Bella and Charlie in forks visiting her friends not nosing her father was there but three years ago Bella deci...

  • Vivian Joy Darwin || A Jasper Hale DDLG Story
    506K 8.7K 58

    Alice isn't Jasper's mate. Bella and Edward have an unreasonable hatred for Jasper's true mate, so when Bella shared her story with the world under a pseudonym, she left Vivian out entirely. Vivian Joy Darwin is Jasper's true mate, and after nearly a decade of being together, his little. Jasper needs to be needed. Viv...

  • Beside You | Calum Hood
    82.1K 1K 44

    I never would've thought I would run into him 4 years later... Beside You | Calum Hood | COMPLETED (EDITING) Ranked #4 in New Calum Hood Fanfictions - Original Version on -

  • Salvation~ Jasper Hale [1]
    144K 3.3K 17

    Anastasia Cullen abandoned as a baby in the forest founded by Rosalie Hale and raised as a Cullen. She's Jasper's blood singer. Jasper has always been cautious with her as a young child but when she turns 16 he starts pursuing her. Anastasia never thought she'll have a human friend until the family meets Bella Swan. ...

  • Forever Yours 》Jasper Hale
    290K 5.7K 44

    "Forever?" Jasper asked holding tightly on my hand. "I'm forever and always yours" A smirk appeared on his pale white face from my responses. Suddenly his pink lips crashed into mine. ~~~~~~~~ Morgan moves to a small town in Washington called Forks, with only the population 3,100. After her father got a job offer as...

  • Skin & Bones ↠ Jasper Hale ✓
    1.1M 42K 51

    𝐒𝐊𝐈𝐍 & 𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒 | ❝You want to eat everyone you see and I don't want to eat at all. Sounds to me like we'd be great friends.❞ In which an anorexic girl believed losing was the only way to win the game. Or, alternatively, Rory Swan's road to recovery was going to take a lot more than half-assed sarcasm and yellin...

  • Lightning ➳ Jasper Hale ✓
    947K 31.6K 51

    A story in which Rae Hood gets put into the 'Twilight' universe and has a few shocking discoveries. ━━━━━━━━━━━━ "This is finally the start of your happy ending, Rae. Are you ready for it?" "Hell yes." ━━━━━━━━━━━━ AU CROSSOVER OF THE TWILIGHT SERIES AND MY FANFIC, "ECHO". © Cat_Archer Outfits/gifs found on Pinterest...

  • brothers' best friend ✽ h.s
    59.4M 1.4M 81

    [ COMPLETED ] "So what do we do?" "We can work something out. There's just one problem... We can't let your brother find out." Achievements: #1 in fanfiction ❁ ❁ ❁ Story may contain sexual content and vulgar language so read at your own risk! COPYRIGHT © 2014, stylescloud All rights reserved, please don't copy and...

  • Hurricane ► Jasper Hale [1]
    1.2M 38.3K 34

    ❝Interesting, the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.❞ Allison Christopher had seen many states. She had moved around for as long as she could remember and she had never lived in one place longer than three years. So when her mother relocates them for the umpteenth time to F...

  • Your World [Four/Tobias Eaton]
    165K 2.8K 19

    Tomorrow, Jessica will have to make a decision. Tomorrow, Jessica will have to change her life. With the pressure of her family's expectations weighing on her shoulders, Jessica struggles to find her way. Upon the results of her aptitude test, she feels even more conflicted and now has to go with her heart to figure...

  • How to Survive a Reckless Boy
    12.2M 424K 66

    The spark between Faye and her best friend's hot older brother, Miles, threatens to upend everything in her normal, stable life. ***** Shy and unassuming, 17-year-old Faye never thought she would catch the eye of her best friend's older brother. Stu...

  • Facade-[1]-[Steve Harrington]
    214K 5.5K 26

    To put it simply, Lennon Hopper had been through some shit. And that was grossly simplifying the matter. Even before her boring little town was ransacked by an inter-dimensional monster and a mysterious little girl, she had endured. She always endured. Being hardened from just getting out of an abusive relationship...