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  • Whipped (Book 1) ✔
    5M 269K 35

    When Sheriff's daughter, Maisie, is about to lose her grandmother's bakery, she enlists the help of four delinquents who are seconds away from prison.

  • Matthew McCarthy (McCarthy, #2)
    29.6K 1.8K 31

    BOOK 2 IN MCCARTHY SERIES [FEATURED #753] Life wasn't always like this for Isabella Gambini. She used to be a daddy's girl. She used to be a good girl and had straight A's. Until everything went downhill on her school day. Isabella came home from school to see that her father had left them. Leaving Isabella all alone...

  • Max McCarthy (McCarthy, #3)
    48.3K 2.8K 41

    BOOK 3 IN MCCARTHY SERIES [FEATURED #997] Life was like a fairytale for Max McCarthy. Married to her husband, Jeremy Johnson, the love of her life. Together they had a son, Dan Johnson. They were planning on having another baby. Everything was going perfect. Until everything changed. Max's husband of five years, the f...

  • Michael McCarthy (McCarthy, #1)
    133K 5.7K 38

    BOOK 1 IN MCCARTHY SERIES [#541 in Romance 6/7/19] Life was going smoothly for Nia Nicolette. Engaged to her High School sweetheart, James Jackson. The man who holds her future in his hands. The man who promised her to be always by her side. The man who loves her. Until everything went downhill on her wedding day. Ni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Story
    11.7M 421K 64

    I curled under the jungle gym and cried my eyes out. Suddenly a shadow hovered over me. I looked up saw a boy about my age staring at me with a Unknown expression. He bent down and wiped away my tears with the pad of his thumbs. I immediately stopped crying and looked into his bright Emerald eyes. "Why are you crying...

  • Untouched ✔
    16.6M 534K 35

    "Y-you," she stuttered, staring at the handsome man sitting on the sleek black throne, "you're..." He rolled his eyes, waving his hand impatiently and said, "Hades. Come on, say it with me. Ha-des." "Hades," Ariel breathed out, still not believing the sight before her. Every picture she had seen of the gods had no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucius
    15.3M 654K 51

    To save her brother, Veronica decides to dig up a vampire's grave and must grapple with the dangers that come with fraternizing with a killer. ***** There's a reason buried things should stay buried. Desperate to save her dying brother, Veronica dig...

  • The Mafia Saved Me
    1.7M 43.2K 56

    One trip of a lifetime to the city of love was all it took for Victoria's life to change but was it for better or for worse? Getting sucked into sex trafficking was not close to what she had expected on her trip to Paris. When all hope was drowned away by the drugs her captors had given her there he stood in all hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Persona⎪✓
    279K 9.2K 49

    "You're absolute poison!" I sneered at him, the hurt slipping through my voice unintentionally. "And yet you can't help the addiction." The smirk that reached his full lips, hit me straight in my gut. He knew what he was doing, why was I still letting this surprise me? ****** Skye Williams, a woman who had worked he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luciano⎪✓
    4M 117K 69

    "Mariella, I'm going to say this one more time, leave this fucking room." He said lowly, almost in a growl. His green eyes had turned darker, and he seemed on the verge of uncontrollable anger as well. That makes two of us. I liked it when I wasn't alone in this, and even though Luciano had graciously let me stay, he...

    Completed   Mature
  • A King's Promise
    3.9K 161 4

    "They want a monster, I'll give them a monster." Liam was one step away from having it all. The empire he had worked for was finally his to control, he had the love of his life by his side ready to rule as his wife, his Queen... then everything went horribly wrong and she was taken from him with his unborn child growi...

  • Dangerous Love - Complete
    214K 6.2K 33

    "If I do this, am I yours?" "Oh il mio piccolo, you always were." -------------------------------------------------------- Liam Raffaello had plans on taking the Mafia world by storm. He had everything in place ready for his take over. There was only one thing he didn't plan for, and that was a fiery redhead with a sh...

  • Mrs.Drug Cartel
    2.6M 59.6K 65

    A MAFIA ROMANCE ________________ "Mrs.O'Rihley take your clothes off" ________________ The wedding ring forced onto her slim finger and a new life thrown into her arms. Kiara was just in the wrong place;at the wrong time. Lucien O'Rhileys lust for revenge and power burns just a hot as Kiaras lust for freedom. His he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sparrow
    240K 8.9K 57

    Serina Accardi had everything, and wanted for nothing. Her brother gave her whatever she desired, but kept the parts of her destined world out of her reach. Until she lost everything in one night to a man who's eyes looks like the devils wrath. Thrown into the world that was always right In front of her, but kept ou...

  • She belongs to the Mafia
    94.7K 2.7K 49

    "Do you know who I am?" "Does it look like I know who you are?" I slightly laughed. He simply scoffed in my face. "I can be your worst nightmare or- actually no," he grabbed my wrist and looked at my eyes with his cold. Dark. Murderous ones, "I am your worst nightmare." ---------- A girl, black-brown hair, light-tann...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guarded by Death ✔️
    262K 9.6K 50

    When Pierce - the Angel of Death - lands his emerald eyes on a beautiful girl named Scarlett, his mundane eternal life will change forever. For him, there is no greater purposes than protecting her from evil. ********* "You know, the Angel here." I trace my finger around the kneeling Angel that's tattooed on his arm...

  • In The Ring
    129K 2.7K 37

    Kace O'Brien. The name that all professional fighters and boxers feared. He has everything he ever wanted, money, cars, a nice house.. but there's one thing all the money in the world could never buy him.. When Lyra and her brother Jax move to Seattle together she never could've planned what was waiting for her. Two...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy Is Stalking Me
    2.7M 68.2K 45

    When Rory Vincent's protective older brother moves away to college her senior year, she decides that she is going to live life. She wants to date. She wants to party. She wants to lose her virginity. Just as she's finally making her way into the normal teenage girl scene, another obstacle is thrown her way. Sin Westb...

  • Delicate Heart ✓ (previously "Honey Hair")
    6.6M 141K 57

    [Greenville Girls: Book 2] Meet Aurora. She's kind, shy, and British. After going to an all girls boarding school for her entire schooling career, she doesn't know what to think of Greenville University. It's big, scary, and intimidating. Not to mention her overprotective big brother goes there. Agreeing to live with...

  • Candy Lips ✓
    5.6M 135K 63

    [Greenville Girls: Book 1] For Lexi Thompson, University was a fresh start, a way out. Only, Lexi didn't count on waking up the morning after a party next to a beautiful stranger who can't get enough of her. Chase Alexander. Golden boy. British Accent. The charming golden boy wakes up after a night of passion only to...

  • Unbreak Me
    13.1M 470K 64

    Avery Adley is trapped and broken. After losing her parents at the age of 8 she was sent to her Uncles family. She has been used, abused and degraded. When a business proposition arises, marriage is on the table. Will Oliver Black be able to help Avery? Or will he be another cruel man in her life? Trigger warning...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mrs. Mafia
    2.5M 55.5K 46

    Arabella Bianchi was born into the mafia world, she's 18 years old and a strong believer that women should at least have the opportunity to run the mafia. Apollo DiStefano is a ruthless, cold, sexist and arrogant man. Boss of the biggest and most feared mafia around the globe. He's 28 and his parents demand a heir. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Badass Mute✔️
    3.2M 57.9K 37

    {COMPLETED BUT UNPUBLISHED FOR EDITING & REWRITING.} Her father tells her she's worthless, but she doesn't know what she did to deserve this. She's fierce and strong as a street fighter but when she's home, she's nothing more than a mute frozen in fear. She's been mute for over ten years because of her father. Dami...

  • 27 percent ✓
    458K 12.7K 46

    completed: 08/27/18 -shortlisted for Fiction awards- May Springer enters her Senior year of high school with high hopes for her future, maybe she'll make some friends this year. Maybe she'll get higher than a -A on a test, and maybe just maybe she can get into her dream college. But dreams don't always come true, when...

  • Love at First Letter ✔️
    1.1M 32.5K 45

    Hazel Tate has spent the last three years of her life avoiding all things military. After the unfortunate deaths of her parents, she wants nothing to do with them. So she runs. Now she's a bestselling author, struggling to find inspiration for book number two. So when a random soldier sends her a letter from across s...

  • Living With The Gangleader ✓
    572K 13.7K 47

    It all pretty much started with one, a detention and two, a park bench. Baggy jumper, black skinny jeans, sits by herself at lunch, lacks friends and has an abusive father, that's Flo Adams for you. Ryder Fox on the other hand is the infamous bad boy in town who is about to be the leader of the towns gang. He has a m...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tampon Games
    853 57 12

    Have you ever wondered what the world of the hunger games would be like if it revolved around tampons? If your answer is no then you better start reading this

  • Ten Things
    661K 22.2K 41

    (TH#5)"And maybe in the end, in spite of all we said, all we did, all we met, we are only thoughts that evaporate into the effervescent whirlwind of time." Cole Winters is a perfect example of high school done right; star quarterback, good-looking, popular, he has the whole package. Things couldn't possibly go wrong...

  • His Little Devil
    1.2M 68.2K 48

    [SECOND BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Of course I'm just like my mother." I roll my grey eyes. "I popped out of her uterus." "Miss Paris!" "Ms Hayfer!" I mimic my History teacher. "Ms Hayfer, think fast!" Ms Hayfer turns her head just in time to get nailed in the forehead with a paper ball. "Mr TeNana-Williams!" She fum...

  • Silent But Deadly// COMPLETED✔️
    281K 7.5K 65

    Diamonds Illium moves to a new city because of her mom's marriage, and she's a silent sweetheart by day, but an illegal underground fighter by night. She's one of the strongest and even though she's gorgeous, her body holds more strength in it than you'd think. Her traumatizing past soon follows her into this new city...