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  • Not over you
    17.3K 418 31

    This story is set after 7x15. What if Ezra took the plane and left Aria? What if Aria left Rosewood after that? What will happen to Ezria? Will they make it through?

  • If I Live
    4.6K 182 23

    On a very snowy day, Rosewood High decides not to cancel school. Aria's father gives her, Mike, and her mother a ride to school. When a semi truck tips over, killing her parents, will Aria make the decision to stay?

  • Lost In Translation & Out Of The Woods (Sequel)
    12.2K 659 42

    Lost in translation; A former lover, an undying love and 12 seconds that will change their lives forever. Out of the woods; Sequel to "lost in translation" After not leaving for Iceland, Aria moves in with Ezra. Maybe they will finally get their happily ever after? Or has it been just too lucky for them already?

  • Till The End Of My Days
    11K 496 19

    "I'm dying but the only thing I can think about is you." Aria Montgomery is given only a certain amount of days to live yet she cannot face the truth of it all.

  • Ezria | Short Stories
    17.7K 696 32

    A series of short Ezria stories, be sure to request some and tell me what you think!

  • Echoed Corridors
    18.8K 578 14

    [Set after Season 6] Aria and Ezra finally find that what they need is each other and maybe this was a fresh new start for their future. However, things start to change when Nicole returns to town and they end up in the mess they were in so long ago.

  • The Mistake (An Ezria FanFiction).
    10.2K 184 29

    Aria is with Jake but she doesn't really love Jake. Jake has been abusing Aria for months. What will happen when Aria and Ezra sleep together? What will happen a couple weeks later when aria finds out she is pregnant? How will Jake react? How will Ezra react? Will she tell Ezra? What will happen later on when someo...

  • Ezria: Alternate Universe
    12K 273 12

    an assortment of ezria AU's i wrote based on songs

  • ezria :: remember when [EDITING]
    30.5K 176 12

    in which a man betrays the girl he loves to protect her from himself. [ complete, but story is undergoing editing. parts are missing ]

  • ezria::forget me not
    24.6K 644 23

    in which a girl is in love with her best friends husband who forgot about her.

  • Secret Baby (An Ezria Fanfic)
    120K 3.2K 27

    Aria Montgomery is now 21 years old with a 3 and a half year old daughter. 4 years ago she left Rosewood behind. She left her friends behind. Her parents behind. And Ezra behind.

  • I needed to come back/ A Ezria Story
    15K 770 49

    I have a secret that nobody knows of. But I can't stay the lies I have told the last three years. It's been three years since I left Rosewood and never came back. I haven't told anybody where or that I am going. But it was the best to keep him save. Yeah I left Rosewood because I found out und that I was pregnant. I c...

  • Ezria/ 5 years later
    5.1K 118 25

    I am back since five years now and our live can't get any better. Ezra and I got married two weeks ago and we have a beautiful ten month old daughter. But like any other couple we have our ups and downs and with -A here again it dosen't make anything easier.

  • Aria's pregnancy/ sequel
    6.8K 223 31

    Warning: If you haven't read the first book you should at first read the first book. So Aria and Ezra have four kids but then they will deal with a lose from someone who is close to them. How can they manage this all? And what will it do to their realationship? This book only continues 26 chapters.

  • Arias pregnancy
    53.7K 1.3K 66

    I had the perfect life. Loving Friends and one great Boyfriend. He is six years older and was my englisch teacher but we managed to keep our realationship a secret only my three best Friends know about us. But now that I'm pregnant everybody will know about us.

  • bruised (an ezria fanfic) {student/teacher}
    62.7K 1.5K 48

    Aria Montgomery isn't your typical teenage girl; she's careless, sarcastic, and the biggest trouble maker at school. Her family recently moved from iceland back to rosewood. what will she do with her abusive boyfriend and stepdad? Her family, friends, and A. what will she do when the only person that can save her from...

  • We'll Get Through This Together an Ezria story
    22K 419 13

    This story takes place after 7x08. When Ezra leaves to go see if Nicole is really alive Aria finds out she's pregnant. When Aria gets shot instead of Spencer what will happen? How will Ezra deal with the news when he gets home, and what will happen with the baby? (Finally finished)

  • Homeless:Ezria Fanfic
    24K 511 17

    I heard the keys being placed on the table and that's when I knew she left. When Aria finds out at the the mere age of sixteen she is pregant with Ezra, her English teacher's, baby she tells him. Ezra immediately rejects her and she leaves immediately and leaves no traces behind. Ezra plunges into a cycle of depressi...

  • Ezria: a new era
    10.6K 232 13

    Aria and Ezra have both been fighting to find happiness the past three years without each other, failing miserably with every bad date and wrong move along the way. Aria, feeling done with being beaten up and torn apart by her previous boyfriends, she finds herself unable to cope with the possibility of stabilising he...

  • Define Ezria
    103K 2.7K 46

    Aria Montgomery's life turns upside down when she finds out that the guy she met at a bar and took instant liking in,is also her English high school teacher. Is their connection enough to overthrow that factor and make her the word's best pretty little liar?

  • Lost Without You
    5.3K 96 14

    With Nicole back in Rosewood, what will happen for Ezria?

  • EZRIA| One Shots
    6.8K 166 15

    *Sequel to A-Z One Shots*

  • Forbidden Love (Ezria Fanfiction)
    541K 7.1K 28

    Aria Montgomery is in love with her AP English teacher, Ezra Fitz. But that isnt easy when Aria and her best friends Emily, Spencer and Hanna have a stalker who goes by A and knows all their secrets and is more than happy to use them against them. [based off of the tv show series Pretty Little Liars, just a fan fictio...

  • Ezria Endgame
    109K 2.9K 122

    A series of one shots which will include the past, present and the future.

  • See Life In A New Light (Ezria/PLL Fanfiction)
    6.4K 264 14

    A novel about Aria and Ezra from the TV series Pretty Little Liars. Aria has moved away from Rosewood with Liam. Some shocking news bring her back to Rosewood and back to Ezra.

  • Eternal Flame
    6K 298 26

    Set after the finale. What some call their "happy ending" is just the beginning of their new adventure. How will Aria and Ezra deal with the ups and downs of their marriage? Will their love survive?

  • To my B-26
    3.7K 58 15

    Aria is seventeen, and pregnant. What will happen when everyone turns on her?

  • 2:38
    4.1K 95 10

    2:38. The time that Ezra lost Aria to a drunk driver. The moment that everything changed.

  • Letting Go
    8.7K 478 15

    "Falling in love with her was easy, but letting her go was easily the hardest thing I've ever done."

  • Ezria; Gone Girl
    17.6K 735 19

    Aria, eight months pregnant, gets snatched off of the streets by a man who goes by the name Damien, who does horrible things to her. How does Ezra learn to cope with Aria and their daughter being gone. How does Aria and her daughter survive being held captive? Will they ever escape and be reunited as a family again?