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  • 𝕃𝕆𝕊𝔼ℝ • conan gray (under editing)
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    "I'm such a loser." I mumble to myself, thinking he wouldn't hear. "Good to know you're aware." ☹☹☹ Nineteen year-old Prairie Taylor desperately searches for a job that could provide her enough money, and ends up going on tour with the one and only Conan Gray for his newly released EP Sunset Season. And it all start...

    Completed   Mature
  • CONAN GRAY SMUT // conan gray smut one shots
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    for you dirty hoes out there

  • honeybee - Conan Gray
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    the thought of moving 1000 miles away scared me. Scotland had been my home my whole life and within a week I would be gone. Austin, Texas. my new home. this is going to be a nightmare. or so I thought, before I met him...

  • lookalike ⌯ conan gray
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    "i know in your head you see me instead, cause he looks a lot like i did back then." in which after their breakup she finds a lookalike while he finds a way to win her back. started - 02|12|2018 finished - DISCONTINUED lowercase intended conan gray x oc social media fic not edited cover by @unexpectedsong

  • ★彡Treehouse☆彡 ♛︎Conan Gray ♛︎
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    So baby come with me now High above the leaves Bring Apple juice and freezys Relearn how to dream Make our little nest It's always the best. Back at the tree house

  • Checkmate
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    "You may think your winning but Checkmate" Used to be #1 in Conan Gray #42 in Culture somehow Conan Gray x Reader (fem) You, Conan, and Ash ah e been friends forever but the in freshmen year of high school something surprising happens

  • ChEcKmAtE
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    A Conan gray story. Started 7/19/19

  • conan gray x reader (fem)
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    a girl with a dark past, in love with the soft, half Japanese-half Irish boy she bullies. both pov's... my eyes clenched shut. my father burst into my room, the smell of liquor hanging off his clothes. yelling. punching. silent crying. *itll be over soon*

  • Conan Gray x reader gifs
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    In this book there will be: •GIFS! •Prefences

  • Conan Gray x Reader {In Living Color}
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    (Y/N) lives in a world that is completely black and white, until you see your true love, who is said to be in living color. Only you and that person see each other in color, and when you share a kiss, you're world erupts into stunning hues of vibrant color. (Y/N) is going on 18 and she still has not seen her soulmate...

  • ♡ c o n a n x y / n ♡
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    ➬ i haven't seen too many Conan gray x (female) reader stories so here i am☺️ ♡ ⤷ scenarios ♡ ⤷ one shots ♡ ⤷ mini part stories ♡ 〤WARNING: may possibly include soft lemon and fluff 〤