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  • *ON HOLD* The Guest [harry styles]
    12K 594 7

    *ON HOLD* Willa has more baggage than the hold of a Boeing 747; estranged from her brother and living alone in a house that's been lifeless since the death of their mother six months ago. All she really wants is some peace and quiet and for her best friend Tom to stop sticking his nose in her business. But everything...

  • Chasing Rainbows
    1.5K 48 1

    Coming soon. Riley has moved to London looking for new adventure until she re-discovers a bucket list of 'impossible things' she wrote with her best friend as a teenager. In her pursuit, she meets Myles, a flirty Englishman who shows her that when she changes her perspective, nothing is impossible. Chasing Rainbows i...

  • The Will to Live
    225 10 3

    23 year old Emma loves Jack, her boyfriend of four years. They're saving for their first house and have already picked out names for their three future children and the pedigree puppy they'll realistically never be able to afford. But when things get rough at home, it's an online chatroom that Emma turns to for suppor...

  • The Spencer Letters
    6.1K 1K 33

    Dear Spencer, I hate when people say you have to marry your best friend. I fell in love with mine, and how has that worked out for me so far, huh? Life has no order. But I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all backwards. Life is never easy. But if you were here, you'd be making it all make sense somehow. You need to find you...

  • How to Unlove
    31.5K 3.6K 32

    Nataley didn't plan to fall in love with Harry Styles. After all, she was a newly single parent recovering from a fresh divorce when they struck up their awkward friendship. Although they've captivated each other for seven years, Nat knows it's finally time. She needs to unlove him. And he needs to unlove her. Bu...