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  • Sensorium
    27.2K 1.4K 50

    What if you forgot the last few years of your life? Would you recognise yourself? Would anyone else? **A Wattpad Featured story - March 2018** After waking from a coma, things are not as they should be for Hannah Eisner. A famous therapy child claims to be her best friend, an impressive article she was writing has mys...

  • Mr. Alpha
    4M 127K 73

    Alanna Evans is ready to accept her fate as a spinster, unwilling to let herself fall for another man again. After going through a messy break up with the local Alpha, she's left with a tattered reputation and the prospect of seeing her former flame, newly mated and madly in love. I mean -- what else could Fate possib...

  • Till We Pretend
    1.4M 25.5K 9

    She fell a little in love that night, not realising a single kiss would change her life. *** If one word were to describe seventeen year old Ella Nichols, it would be responsible. Between juggling school, extracurriculars, her job and a mother who is more child than parent, Ella has her plate full. But when her be...

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    5.4M 388K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • Best Vacation Ever
    2.5M 112K 29

    Due to last minute circumstances, best friends Laura and Fayanna get to go on a trip of a lifetime to Cuba, with Faye's older brother and his four charismatic friends. Having just graduated high school, Laura is ready to relax and read on the beach, while Faye's ready to party. Of course, neither is ready for what act...

  • Flames Of Wickedness #Wattys2019
    192K 6.3K 39

    "You know what? I'm saying this even though you are not doing it but.." I paused and looked straight into his eyes."if you ever did love someone in your life... don't." I continued. "Don't because even your love is as hateful and terrifying as your soul. Don't love because you might kill that person. Don't love, do y...

  • The Boy With The Accent
    951K 29.4K 37

    Highest Rank: #1 in Action #58 in Teen Fiction #225 in Romance ========================================================================= Cathrine Blackwood is the outcast at school. Hated by everyone she knows with the exception of her best friend. Her double life Black Widow attacks underground fighting. ...

  • Wake The Dead
    159 18 5

    A high school senior named Ritika Meldavesh accidentally wakes the dead who save her life from a violent gang. She is then indebted to them for 50 days and forced to cooperate with the creepy Rex Loker, the local gothic school outcast and freak. But Ritika's prejudices are soon put to the test, both when it comes to t...

  • The Girl and The Storms| ♛ ✔️
    4.1M 122K 33

    They had it all. The cars, money, girls, the houses. But the one thing money can't buy them, they can't get. Happiness. Here's the prestigious Golden Lake High, where only the wealthy have the chance of attending, is as cliche as it gets. They have their usual jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and so on. But what others s...

  • heartbeat ✓
    1M 46.2K 32

    Living the numb aftermath of his brother's death, seventeen-year-old Thomas Hart returns home and tries to build a life for himself after spending six months institutionalized for attempting suicide. _______ °2019 WATTYS WINNER | Literary Fiction °1st Place Winner Story Crafters Awards (General/Teen Fiction) °1st Pla...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bite of an Alpha
    37.2M 1M 92

    Eden is about to meet her mate. Too bad for him she isn't really what he expected to find in a mate nor she in him, but since when has that stopped fate. After all one single bite is all it takes.

  • Prom
    149K 3.5K 37

    "I just want them all to rot in hell,Daddy." "We could actually make that happen." A story where Lana and her sugar daddy ruin prom night.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate Decides
    482K 22K 34

    (Book #1 in the Unusual Fate series) Liam, an Omega, has been living on the pack compound with his sisters ever since a deadly disease had infected humans and werewolves alike. Forced to go through the mating ceremony earlier than expected, he ends up mated to a surprised pair of twins, the future Alphas, Erik and Eth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Perseous's Human Mate
    2.1M 51.4K 59

    Max was perfectly human. Loyal to family. Strong and passionate. Curiosity equal to her shyness. Percy was anything but human. An over bearing Supreme Alpha who's only anchor is a human girl. He keeps secrets well, almost as well as he keeps the pack bowing at his feet. How do you pair two completely different peopl...

    Completed   Mature
  • 10 Traps To Avoid As A New Author
    26.9K 2K 12

    Discover some of the writing tips from Wattpad Star and formerly featured author of 'Trapped'. I have completed my share of beta reads and critiques for new authors on and off Wattpad and many of the points I have noted are often repeats - something that I used to find in my own writing as well, but have stopped (or...

  • Road To Redemption (The Conclusion to 'Living With The Choices We Make')
    7.5K 346 2

    THIS IS BOOK III OF THE "LIVING WITH THE CHOICES WE MAKE" SERIES. THE BLURB BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE BOOKS IN SEQUENCE. It has been seven years since that fateful night that ended Brent Park's live and things have finally fallen into place for Rena Cooper. Her son is thriving, she has...

  • Patrice's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) ✔️
    99.2K 5.5K 18

    To an outsider, Patrice's family is the perfect image of the American Dream. Her stepfather is a successful lawyer, they live in a mansion and she has always had everything she ever wanted. But behind the well kept facade, violence and abuse dominate Patrice's life. Marcus rules his family with an iron fist and doe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brent's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) ✔️
    140K 7.6K 16

    My name is Brent Parks and I have just about driven my girlfriend Rena to her limits. In a few days, she will take my life. I can't necessarily blame her because I have abused her on and off during our relationship. Before I met her, I faced my own demons - for years, I suffered violence at the hands of my father. I...

  • Road To Recovery (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Sequel) ✔️
    352K 22K 41

    THIS IS THE SEQUEL OF "LIVING WITH THE CHOICES WE MAKE". THE BLURB BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE BOOKS IN SEQUENCE. The enemy is always just around the corner... After her release from jail, Rena is trying to piece her life back together. Just when things seem to be getting better, old wou...

  • Living With the Choices We Make (Domestic Violence / Abuse) ✔️
    1.4M 61.7K 45

    When Rena meets Brent, he is a dream come true. He is a real gentleman, funny, caring and even her overly protective father likes him. But then, she discovers a different side of Brent - a violent side that scares her. Promising that this had been a one time slip up, she forgives him. After all, he is the love o...

  • That Saturday Night [Multimedia Story]
    4.7K 510 17

    A small town is rocked when a senior of the local high school is brutally beaten and strangled. All his friends know exactly who killed him. No one comes forward. A multi media story inspired by true events. Cowritten with @JJ-Tale Copyright ©2019 by Sal Mason All rights reserved

  • Afraid (Trapped Sequel -- Coming Soon)
    2K 110 4

    One Will Do Everything to Protect Her & One Will Do Anything to Kill Her ___ After witnessing her boyfriend Malcolm brutally kill an undercover cop in a drug sting operation, seventeen-year-old Natalee Crogan takes refuge in small town Maine to wait out the days until her testimony. Her protection detail, US Marshall...

  • Dying Deep
    37 3 3

    Summer of 1999. Mabyn James. It happened by the lake. Not a body; not a trace. Summer of 2019. Morgan Jones-high school graduate and aspiring journalist. She's young stands at just 5 foot 2, but her avid mind and cunning wit surprise and impress all she meets. But when her dream school requires her to work at a summer...

  • Under Pressure
    39K 435 14

    When Everly is loosing her headspace she is forced to go and regain it. As days turn into weeks she is slowly regressed into a baby. First panties, then pull ups and finally diapers. As little Everly is about to finish up her treatment things take a turn for the worst. Will she remain little or will she loose her head...

  • A Touch of Heaven
    813K 21.9K 36

    But even beasts deserve miracles. #1 in Heaven - 12/11/19 #4 in King - 12/16/19 #171 in Romance - 1/1/20 #33 in Love - 3/21/20 #1 in Miracle - 6/13/20 #17 in Alpha - 6/27/20

  • With Eyes to See
    382K 11.7K 39

    Book #1 in the Human Mate Series "Excuse me sirs, but I think one of you dropped something." She spoke, her eyes not entirely fixed on them. Her voice was angelic, he already loved it. He found himself thinking that he would be content to listen to the sound for the rest of his life. "Thank you, beautiful." The Alpha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dreams, His Reality
    3.1M 87.3K 56

    I cleared my throat with more force. Harper opened one of his eyes and looked at me. He still didn't let go of her nipple. He raised an eyebrow but didn't stop thrusting. Oh God! "I, um, was j- just l- looking for some cleaning supplies." He didn't stop, instead just grabbed Maria and wrapped her legs around his wais...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bite-Book I
    21.9M 954K 91

    Charlotte is on the run from a troubled past to start a new life, turn a new page and begin again. Little does she know that the new life she is about to start, is one that is only supposed to exist only in fairy tales. What was a minor decision put her in the wrong place at the wrong time; a decision that will be bu...

  • Menacingly✔️
    19.9M 683K 50

    "Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because it was the truth. I was vulnerable and delicate, I was weak and let my guard down too much. "You put your heart on your sleeve. You are oblivious to evil and p...

    220K 7.2K 53

    [Highest Ranking #176 in Science Fiction] Asia Knight's restful Spring Break vacay in the woods turns sour when the jello shots stop flowing and bullets start flying. She's always felt different with her ability to withstand pain and lack of memory before the age of nine but in Tranquility Woods she'll learn just ho...