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  • Teen Titans
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    First in series!

  • BBRAE one-shot collection
    47.6K 1.2K 42

    This is my dump of short little stories that feature the pairing BeastboyxRaven.

  • Truth and dare with the Titans
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    #funny #speedy #bumblebee #Flinx #BBRAE #Terra #Cybee #Robstar

  • TT random pics
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    all in the title

  • BBXRAE Oneshots
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    Love BBXRAE?Love sweet,funny,cute,teasing, flirting,and just weird oneshots between our two favorite titans?Of course you do!All the oneshots you could imagine!The sweetest,the sadest,the funniest,and the best oneshots ever!BBXRAE!Find out when it comes to Pillows and Distractions,and singing to Jason Derulo songs!One...

  • Teen Titans Boyfriend Scenarios
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    --Fanfiction includes-- :Robin :Cyborg :Beastboy --I don't own the Teen Titans, no matter how much I beg--