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  • The Green Mountain Awards (Hiring!)
    1.2K 120 6

    Open(🌲) Judging() Closed() On Hold() Welcome to The Green Mountain Awards! Are you looking for something to promote your story? Or to perhaps even win a contest and prizes? Well, you have finally found it! Here you can submit up to two books each (one in each genre) and you have a chance to win! Please come join me i...

  • Bits & Pieces
    10 3 2

    The pastas has done it. They have defeated Zalgo. But many lives were lost all that's left is two souls. Wishing to meet in the next life. "I'll see you soon." "See you." "I love you." At OakBirch Academy, an introvert is quietly enjoying her peaceful scenery. Until multiple transferres start appearing and bits and pi...

  • Daughter of Aphrodite
    28.9K 946 6

    Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl. Normal life. Until the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was. *The daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty.* Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea. "My dear Nella, your father doesn't know you are his daughter. Al...

  • Queen of Hearts [Hiatus]
    99.8K 3.5K 13

    Lilith Sawada remembered dying. Lotis Everclaine remembered being born. Rebirth is never an easy thing - especially when it's into the body of a villainess. -•- [ORIGINAL WORK] -•- Highest Rank in Original: #106 ▶ 16 / 12 / 18 Highest Rank in Romance: #180 ▶ 23 / 04 / 18 Highest Rank in Reincarnation: #78 ▶...

  • Jack the Evil Goddess
    145K 4.4K 43

    Jack Hasegawa, that was my name until I rescued a girl from falling down a mountain and instead I fell down. It was the end of my life. Then I met God or at least I thought I met God but he was not God. He was an angel working for God. He told me that because of my good deeds and I was supposed to be reincarnated into...

  • The Rival Queen
    420K 16.5K 46

    When I found the newest Otome game by the famous game company Hugot7, I was crying tears of joy. It was utterly beautiful, the scenery, the kingdoms, the cute outfits and most of all, the boys. But when I finished gaming, I was fuming in anger. How come those four hot boys were falling head over heels for such a hea...

  • Rejected ? Um okay (Editing)
    153K 5.8K 34

    I Mathew Hayes Future Alpha of the Catern sion pack Reject you Casey Dawson daughter of demon queen and werewolf father Um okay I say shrugging my shoulder not really caring for the rejection but my mother she was livid WHAT my mother screams letting her true form show mom chill I Casey Dawson daughter of the demon...

  • The Fifth Element
    4.5M 252K 101

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Long sleeves hide scars ** Hoodie x reader
    324K 9.6K 39

    All I can really say is Long sleeves hide scars @uselesstwink for the cover tysm Also HERE IS YOUR TRIGGER WARNING. SELF HARM SUICIDE GORE ETC ITS A CREEPY PASTA BOOK IDK WHAT YOUR EXPECTING.

  • Miss Matchmaker (Yandere Simulator x Reader)
    544K 15.2K 36

    (Male Rivals AU) "If you want you're crush to accept you're feelings, ask Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan. Anyone she helps ends up together with their crush." Oh how rumors spread like wildfire... Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan, aka (Y/N) (L/N), has a reputation for matchmaking people at Akademi High School with a huge success rate...

  • Empress of Dragons ( Lucy Revenge ) [UNDER EDITING AND SLOW UPDATE]
    147K 3.2K 45

    The Lucy we know, The friendly, cheerful and a kind girl. But now she is the cold, kind, vengeful, and a powerful lucy. The one who made her become like this??? The one and only Natsu Dragneel.

  • The Club's Assassin Friend (Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic)
    248K 8.1K 35

    Natsu's been through a lot in her life and is sick and tired of losing her friends so she just stays away from everyone but, when she starts to attend Ouran Academy will she stay that way?

  • Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Justice x Avengers crossover} (Under editing)
    235K 6.1K 83

    This is a story of Captain America's daughter crossing over to another world by accident. But they soon found out that she wasn't the only one who cross over. She is now trapped in the DC universe with a Loki on the lose. This will be a trilogy. I don't own any of the characters.

  • The Perfect Lie [Diabolik Lovers]
    76.9K 2.6K 12

    Ayano Komori is the sister of Yui Komori both who are the same age, except that Ayano is three months older than Yui. Ayano is anything but her adopted sister. With midnight purple hair, and red eyes, her whole life, Ayano was a liar. Due to her life before she met Yui and Seiji, Ayano learned to lie. Her nickname was...

    118K 2.3K 23

    Ranking #1 Johnny Test I've looked for hours for Johnny Test x readers and out of the whole Internet I only found one it was pretty short so, I thought I'd make one~ ahem so without further a do let's begin! Ps. This is the very first Johnny test x reader on wattpad!!! YAY!! 🎉

  • The Playboy of Fairy Tail High
    2.1M 77.3K 50

    AU/OOC Natsu Dragneel is the well-known playboy of Fairy Tail High. But will his demeanor change when the new transfer with good intentions, Lucy Heartfilia, makes her way to his heart? What does Lucy think? "'Found a way to his heart'?! I wasn't trying to get to his heart! I was warned about Natsu, don't get me cau...

  • Nashi Dragneel... DRAGNEEL!
    73.4K 2K 22

    What if? What if Lucy left, What if she was pregnant? What if Natsu started dating Lisanna? What if 7 years later on a job he runs into a kid named Nashi? What if Natsu never knew? What if Lucy and Nashi get kidnapped? What if This ALL Happens in this story. btw i do NOT own Fairytail. but i DO own this story line. I...

  • Shattered Glass
    112K 4.5K 35

    Maria is a new Student at Ouran high school and she stands out because no one knows anything about her. She seems weird because she has a guard dog that follows her everywhere, she usually stays to herself, and she carries herself like royalty. One day she comes into the host club by accident and shatters a million do...

  • Sugar Rush boys x reader
    28.7K 404 45

    In this story you are Vanellopee's big sis after the cybug attack you were released by the chains and appeared in front of them what do you think happened next? (WARNING: 11 year old grammar coming through! Read at your own risk)

  • Alice O'Connell and the Mummy
    83.8K 2K 25

    Alice O'Connell, Rick O'Connell's younger sister. Along for the ride with a dead mummy on the loose. Along with unlikely companions. Ardeth/OC. First ever FanFic, let me know how it is! Thank you for reading!

    5.9K 137 30

    {They both had boyfriends but one cared the other didn't. After that night when they found out their boyfriends must not have cared was the night that ruined them.} {Cover by- @kadejadsenpai}

  • I love you| /// Shelby X Max
    29.9K 956 59

    Max and Shelby Fanfic. I know they aren't a thing. You never know though. Hope you enjoy

  • Between Two Worlds (Older Hiccup x reader) COMPLETED
    122K 3.3K 31

    this takes place after httyd2! It does not include spoilers for httyd3, I came up with this before the trailer of httyd 3 came out Y/n y/l/n is an 18-year-old girl who has a giant reading obsession. One of her favourite series includes the "How To Train Your Dragon" series. They've read all of the books and own every...

  • The little sister type
    180K 3.6K 34

    Hi, I'm Akari and I'm 16. I started going to Ouran high school. I meet a girl named Haruhi, and we go to an abandoned music room where we meet 6 boys. One thing led to another and we became host in the host club. Oh well. ||Highest rank in Akari|| #1 ||Highest rank in Mitsukuni|| #1 ||Highest rank in Tamaki|| #1 ||Hig...

  • The Song of Roses (OHSHC)(Complete)
    130K 4.4K 22

    Himiko Sukini is a talented singer, getting into Ouran Private Academy on a singing scholarship. She's an energetic girl who can easily make friends with others and capture the hears of many boys, even if it is unintentional. And after a year at Ouran Academy, she's earned the nickname "The Rose of Ouran". But even th...

  • The Scars Unseen (OHSHC)
    314K 9.2K 41

    Risa Soretzu has always been in the shadows, passed over at school and abused at home, she struggles to simply keep breathing at times. Ever since her mother and brother died in an accident, Risa's father has taken his anger out on her; sadly, this has been going on for so long that Risa has actually begun to believe...

  • The Broken Girl In The Host Club 《On Hold》
    79.4K 2.7K 25

    Yuri Fujioka (Ichinose) is lively girl with a dark past in the host club that not even kyoya knows about. A commoner. She is an honour student like Haruhi and never left her side considering Haruhi is her only friend who knows everything that happen to her life and still accepted her for who she really is. She was hav...

  • Haruhi's sister (OHSHC)
    161K 5K 36

    First off I do not own any of the characters or you! I only write what I wish with the help of the anime and will continue to do that. When there comes a time it is not from the anime then what ever is written aside from the characters is mine. Now I am totally hyped about this since I love it so much! You are super...

  • The Eclipse child- Vampire knight x reader
    110K 3.1K 30

    (Y/n) is a girl from our world, until two pistols opened a world where beast in human form roam. The Sun will show her path. The Moon will hide her demons. The Stars will conceal her memories. The Eclipse will be her awakening. Her path, is unknown. {Following the Anime, later on the manga series.} {Eve...

  • I am no monster (Vampire Knight x Reader) *UNDER EDIT*
    153K 5.9K 36

    Sequel to "I'm...not a monster?"